Friday, January 9, 2009

4 weeks really!?

I can't believe I missed 4 Friday Fives, I guess I have been a bit busy and it doesn't look like it is going to stop.  5 reasons for not blogging:

1.  I have had no less than 10 people sometimes up to 15 in my house for the past 3 weeks!  It was nice to have visitors but now it is time to get back on schedule.

2.  Because of the amount of people staying, I became a permanent fixture in my kitchen.  We need to eat it, right?

3.  I have had a curiously mysterious case of the tummy nasties for the past 4 weeks.  More on that next week. The kitchen is not the easiest place to be these days:)

4.  Oh, it was Christmas!  Who has time for blogging!  I can't believe how fast it came and went.

5.  Really, I am just beat! Vacation was most definitely not long enough!!!!

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