Thursday, April 30, 2009

Writers Workshop: I will take two 34 C's please

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2) Is plastic surgery an option? Without being vulgar, write about the body part still attached to you that you would most like to dis- attach and replace with a better one. 

This prompt hit close to home for Lady Di as well and is a conversation that we have had many times.  So she has inserted her comments as well.  Hers comments are in red.

2) So ya, I am a mom of three children all breast-fed. If you add up the time that I have had a kid on the boob (can I say that?) there is over a year of wear and tear on them babies. Plus I would like to have one more child and hope to be able to do the same so by the time it is all said and done we are talking 2 years of some serious usage. So you can probably guess what I would like to "dis-attach and replace."

I know what they say - that breast feeding doesn't change anything {it's lies, all lies}. Um HELLO, I am not stupid! I know that these body parts of mine did not look like what they look like right now - 10 years ago. I mean I never had big ones in the first place (thank the lord - I think that just makes it worse - sorry Lady Di) {you're telling me, I've got to roll them up like sardines and stuff'em in the ol' bra every morning.}  I don't want to replace them with big ones I just want them to be perky again - happy. You know- not so deflated. Yikes! yes deflated! Have you ever seen a (sorry for the comparison I am about to make) cows udder after it has been milked day after day, year after year. {If that visual doesn't help- think orange in tube sock!!} Empty - used up! In serious need of some love and repair.

So yes I am open to plastic surgery. BRING IT ON! I know I should be loving the body that Heavenly Father gave me, I shouldn't want to change it. I should be happy with what I got. Well if you really think about it, He didn't give me this body he gave me another one that was perky and uplifting and then he gave me the gift of children and you know the rest. Now that being said, I do have a problem: I am scared to death of surgery, general anesthetics, being cut open and sewed shut! Makes me sick just thinking about it. I am hoping that by the time I am ready (after my next child is done reaping the benefits) to make the decision I will have become accustomed to the whole idea of surgery. After all I will have been cut open twice for c-sections one I was completely knocked out for so I should be good - used to the idea, right? I hope so because the thought of having two happy perky full (not huge) breasts makes me want to jump for joy and you can't tell me that my husband wouldn't like them too! {You and I should make it a double date!! I'm ready to put "the girls" in their rightful place. I'll wait for you (I'm done having kids). I wouldn't want to "push" (so to say) my perky friends in your face while you had an attachment on yours. }

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This is my second prompt of the day. If you would like to read my other one go here.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Writers Workshop: Today

I am doing to do two of the prompts for Mama Kats Workshop. My other one will be a different post.

( I thought this would be fun - kind of like a day in the life of Amy )

5) Today I will..........

wake up @ 5 am (it is 12am right now) to work out to the hardest workout on the face of this planet with my husband. Ooh that could be taken wrong - we are actually working out to a video. Ooh that could be bad too - a legitimate work out video (p90x) its hard.

Once finished run/walk 3 miles on treadmill.

Shower because it is guaranteed that I WILL sweat buckets. 


Check Blog (post and link up my second promt post) try to resist the urge to start reading other posts and leave comments.

My kids will surely be awake by this time.  I will make breakfast - I promised pancakes. Crazy lady!

Eat  - Rice Krispies and strawberries.

Unload and reload dishwasher.

Get kids dressed, do their hair. ( it is dance day so braids are a must )

Do a load of laundry we seriously need some whites done.

Unload dryer and fold immediately resisting urge to put on the couch to do later because I will then ignore them until Saturday when I know I will have time to fold them.

try to fit in 5 hours of homeschooling with the 6 year old. (somewhere in between I will throw whites in dryer where they will sit until tomorrow)

Feed kids lunch, feed myself, feed husband.

be done by 1pm with everything.

get ready to leave - load diaper bag, pack jammies, sippies, find dance attire, do my hair, etc.

load car by 2pm - leave @ 2:30

Arrive at dance @ 4:00 (yep I live 1 1/2 hours away from town)

first child dances while I wrestle 3 year old and 19 month old. They just can't resist the stairs and the water dispenser.

Done @ 5:00pm  Go find something healthy to eat in an hours time with a kid who is allergic to milk and eggs and me who is on a gluten free diet. fun!

Return to dance @ 6:00 for second child's class.  Panic because of all the germs floating around with all the kids (younger group more parents stick  around).  Try to keep 19 month old from touching anything.

Done @ 7:00pm  

Go to Safeway for some groceries.

Change girls into jammies.

Turn on movie.

Drive 1 1/2 hours home.

Put girls to bed.

Unload car.

Look at blog for comments and comment back. Post my Friday Five.

Go to bed hopefully by 11:00pm.

Try not to think that we caught the Swine Flu while out. I didn't mention that I will be using obscene amounts of hand sanitizer and washing 4 sets of hands every time I go by a sink.

Have a great day! My other Workshop post will be up later. Come back - Please

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Wishing Well Wednesday #1

Today I Thought I would take part in Tabi's Wishing Well Wednesday, where you display something you really want but can't have right now.

 I tweaked it a bit because although I have a wish list full of the things I really want, what I really want today is for the Swine Flu to disappear so that I don't have to worry about it.  Don't get me wrong I love little piggies - I was raised on a ranch.  We had lots of pigs.  I just don't like the Swine Flu.  I really am trying not to think about it but it inched its way into our state today and that is a little too close to home for me. So go away Swine Flu - go away! I worry about enough.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Tribute: Papa

Tuesday's Tribute

Today I pay tribute to a very special person: my Papa - my girls' Grandpapa.

Today would be his 86th birthday.  Today I would have called him he would answer "Howdy" and I would have wished him a happy day, the girls would have sang.  I would ask him how he was doing and he would say "I'm up!" We would laugh and I would tell him how good that was. We would talk about the weather, he would ask me about the little ones, the ranch, and about the Hubs. Yep that is what I would normally do on this day.  Instead today I am writing a tribute, sending a birthday wish with a blow of a kiss to the heavens,  planting a rose bush with the girls,because that was his favorite flower, and making a birdhouse because he liked to watch the birds.

My Papa was a kind hearted man who talked to everyone and left a long lasting mark on anyone who knew him. He loved babies and kids especially his great grandchildren.  One of his favorite things was to walk through Babies R' Us, talking to all the little kids and babies.  He would strike up a conversation by asking about there shoes.  Have you ever noticed that kids like to show off there shoes?  They do and he knew it - got them talking every time.   He was one of the funniest guys I knew - he always made me laugh.  He could also make me blush- he got a kick out of that.  He was loved by so many.  He was one of  a kind and I miss him so.  

Papa left us in October on a day that will forever be etched in my mind.  I can no longer reach him on the phone but I  feel him in my heart. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him and what he meant to our family.  My oldest misses him too and has been looking forward to today for weeks.  It is marked on her calendar and she has reminded me everyday this week that today is his birthday and the day we "plant roses for Grandpapa. " 

So today we will plant the roses and send our kisses to heaven and wish Papa a Happy Happy Birthday! We know that he will get our kisses and wishes and send some back our way because we know that he loves us and misses us too.

Have a great day and if your Grandpa or Grandma are reachable by phone - call them and wish them a good day today and if they are not blow them a kiss and for more Tuesday Tributes be sure to visit Angie  at her place 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 16 Photo Challenge : Reflections

I love this photo of The Middle One: looking into the Sea Otter tank at Sea World.  One of our favorite places to go when in San Diego.  I think it is the look on her faces or maybe her Daddy's arms around her but I have always liked it and am glad I had an opportunity to share it.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

A little Fishy Video about Optimism

Some will have already seen this but I want to post it anyway for the ones that might not have seen it  yet. Besides it is such a great message that I don't think you can ever watch it too many times. 

Optimism is important whether you are a child or an adult. I know that sometimes it is hard to be optimistic in today's world with the challenges we face. Life is not always easy.  I know my own family has had some tough times as of late.  So a little reminder now and again can't hurt, right? A little help in optimism is welcome here in my house.

It helps me to remember that no matter what, there is always hope. That is what I want my children to know.  That even in the darkest of times - there is always hope. I am optimistic when I look at my girls and see them growing up healthy and strong, when they say things like, "Mama - One day I will walk on the moon, swim with whales and be a mama like you" because that means that they are looking forward they are being optimistic about the future.

Like I said we have had some tough times.  I worry about my oldest who is six because she is old enough to understand. Everything just came so close that I thought it would really effect her but she has been such a trooper and has been there for me with comforting words.  She is so resilient and beautifully optimistic about the future and the world around her. She as well as all my girls give me tremendous strength and hope.

My children shouldn't have to worry about my worries or the stress of the times they should be aloud to dream big and fantasize about the future.  To always recognize the beauty surrounding them.  That is why I like the Fishful Thinking campaign because it provides me with tools and ideas on keeping my kids as well as myself optimistic.  

So watch the video then click the fish for fun ways to teach you and your kids ways to be optimistic and staying positive.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Putting It All Out There

Okay, here goes. This is going to be long, but I have to get this off my chest and I thank you now for taking the time to read this post. I have known for a long time that I am much better at expressing my thoughts and feelings through writing rather than in a face to face situation. Amy thought this blog would be the perfect place to express myself. Tuesday night I got home from a very exhausting and (we'll just say) interesting day. I checked our blog and found a wonderful surprise. Amy had written a very moving tribute about me...ME! I was feeling pretty down and it was exactly what I needed. It wasn't so much what she wrote (which was all so nice), but that she wrote it on that day to let me know she was thinking of me and was there for me.

You see, I came home from an exhausting trip to San Francisco with my son. I know you're thinking what could be the problem with going to the "big city" as Liam called it? It was actually a rare sunny day in San Fran. Liam was fascinated by all the hustle and bustle, we saw the Golden Gate Bridge, and he loved the little go-cart type vehicle that the parking ticket cops drove. Yes, we are hicks that live in a very small town, and our hick status was accentuated as I walked with my husband and son through the UC San Francisco campus carrying a toy John Deere tractor and grain planter. The fact that my son takes at least two of his JD tractors and some kind of implement along with him everywhere he goes is just one of the many reasons we were at UCSF that day.

We were taking our son to spend the day with a team of doctors and students (learning to be doctors) to determine if he has an Autism Spectrum Disorder.
What I thought and hoped would be a day of definitive answers, ended up being a day filled with more questions and left me feeling completely frustrated. Liam, I found out is "an interesting case". I felt like saying, "Duh, I didn't need a psychologist to tell me that!" I am a teacher and I have worked with children for the last five years. Although I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination, I certainly have learned enough about child development and what is considered "typical" and what is not. Not to mention the fact, that from the depths of my soul I know that Liam is different. He has always been a challenging child with a lot of "quirks" and eccentricities. I don't even know which examples to start with. Let's see...he is obsessed (I mean OBSESSED) with tractors, he has very rigid routines and rituals that MUST be done, he sounds like an adult when he speaks but acts with the maturity of a 4 year old, he is VERY literal. Forget joking or using sarcasm on this kid. It will either be completely over his head or he'll get angry. He gets along well with adults and younger children but has a horrible time in social situations with children his own age. These are just a few of the things that are "different" about my son. They only stand out more as he gets older.

On the flip side, Liam has some amazing strengths. He has an extremely good memory (darn near photographic). He is an amazing speller and reader. He can figure almost anything out just by watching. This is not always a good thing when the then two year old has figured out how to record his favorite shows and you end up with ump-teen episodes of Wow Wow Wubbzy on the DVR, or the now six year old tries to start the car with a standard transmission. I say "tries" because the only reason he wasn't successful was because I caught him in time. If you want a "think outside the box" answer, Liam is your guy. One time (I think he was 3 almost 4) I asked Liam if he wanted some juice and he said, "Nueve (the number nine in Spanish)". I was perplexed and said, "Excuse Me?". He replied again, "Nueve." He explained that "nein" in German meant "no" (thank you, Baby Einstein) and since "nine" in English is a number, he concluded (he didn't use that word exactly) that he could say "nueve" which is the number 9 to say "no" in answer to my question. Yeah...Liam and I have many of these kinds of conversations. His pre-school teacher once told me I bet you have a lot of funny stories, and I do!!

So, to make a long story even longer, the doctor's big conclusion is that Liam is essentially in a "gray area". There are some tests that she wants Liam to get in the next 4 to 6 months and she wants us to take him back to the center at UCSF if things stay the same or get more severe in the next year or two. I'm not saying it was a waste of time. Trying to figure out what the deal is with Liam and wondering if I am just the biggest F_up parent has been hard. My husband and I don't see eye to eye on what we believe Liam needs as far as discipline and things of that nature. He is from the old school of parenting, which doesn't work for most children, and clearly doesn't work on Liam. Needless to say, there has been a lot of stress on my part in trying to do the best by my child. However, the doctors gave us some ideas and suggestions to help Liam's issues. Cognitive behavioral therapy is in Liam's future as well as other strategies like using visual boards, and swim lessons (since he doesn't like group sports). Going to the doctor and hearing what she had to say did confirm my son's issues and hopefully my husband will start to come around and accept that his boy is not exactly like a typical six year old. I know it's hard and it hurts to see your child struggling. For me it was a "no brainer" when that light bulb moment finally hit me that maybe my son was not growing out of his little "quirks". I realized his "quirks" were not quirks at all, they are who he is. He wouldn't be Liam without them. I love them even if it means I have to listen to Spanish music (no kidding) every night at 7 p.m. (that's when our local station turns into the Spanish station). I just accept my son for who he is and hope that I (and his dad, although that's a whole other post) can be the parent he needs me to be.
**Okay...big sigh, that was a lot and to be honest I am nervous because this is not an easy subject to share like this. But, I am tired of feeling like I can't or shouldn't talk about this. I am tired of feeling like I am a bad parent that has royally screwed up her kid. I know we all feel like that at some point in our careers as mothers, however, I sometimes feel that way on a daily basis. I am now hopeful that I can get past and let go of all the negative feelings. I am shifting my focus and energy into making positive changes. I found a quote by Ghandi that I like, "You must be the change you wish to see." That summed it up for me. I know I can't bury my head in the sand, and pretend everything is all right or whine about what I want to be right in my life. I have to make a plan and put it in action in order to get the things I want, which include doing the best for Liam and all my children.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Can I just say I have the BEST best good friend EVER!!

Okay, no I am not a moron. I know it is "bad" English to say best good friend. However, that is a special term of endearment Amy and I have referred to each other since the movie Forrest Gump. If you listen closely there are a few subtle things that Forrest says that are a little out of sorts like instead of " out of the clear blue sky" he says "out of the blue clear sky" (George Strait actually made a song called Out of the Blue Clear Sky) based on that little mishap. Amy and I noticed Forrest said "best good friend" when talking about his buddy Bubba. Now, don't ask me which one of us is "Forrest" and which is "Bubba because to be referred to as a "Bubba" or "Forrest" would not exactly be a compliment when you think of their lack in the "wits department". However, I think we would all agree that Forrest Gump and Bubba were certainly kindred spirits and dedicated to one another. That is what Amy and I are to each other. I love Amy. She is my best good friend for so many reasons. We have been through so much together and I can not imagine my life without her. If there was a Nobel Prize for friendship, she would have won it several times over. There are so many things I admire about Amy. She is compassionate, strong, confident, loving, fiercly loyal and dedicated to the ones she loves. She always says I'm the funny one however, there have been more than a few times she had me laughing so hard I could cry...all I have to say is "cherry bomb dream". Yes, Amy I remember (I know you do too) that crazy ass dream you had. Amy used to (I say used to because you have to actually sleep to have dreams and she seems to have a lack of that lately) have crazy, silly dreams. Back in college (feels like a freakin' century ago) Amy told me about this dream she had in which the world was coming to an end (she has a flair for the dramatics when it comes to end of the world stuff). She was some sort of freedom fighter, fighting for the survival of mankind (maybe she watched Terminator one too many times). Anyway, she continued in great detail to tell me about this dream and I was laughing my butt off the entire time. Just when I thought it couldn't get more ridiculous she says that the enemy was dropping bombs on them, but not just any bombs. They were cherry bombs and when I say cherry bombs I am not talking about the ones naughty little boys put in the toilet at school or the mailbox of some cranky neighbor. I am talking about actual cherries. Yes, apparently Independence Day had it all wrong. Aliens are not going to take over the planet using high tech weapons made to destroy entire buildings like the White House. Oh no! They are going to drop giant cherries. Perhaps they think Earth is like a giant sundae and all it needs is a little whip cream with a cherry on top before they eat it!! This is of course according to my best good friend. I love ya Amy and I feel blessed to have you in my life.

Going to the Dentist

Most of the things I learned this week occurred at the Dentist because that is where I spent the better part of yesterday. The husband, me, the oldest and the middle one all had appointments and the youngest tagged along (since I don't have family here and no sitters). It wasn't as bad as I thought. The girls were really good despite being stuck in the car the two hours prior to our visit. Yep it takes two hours to get to the dentist well actually it takes two hours to get to any civilization for us. Anyhow we left at 9:00am and got home at 10:00pm.

so the five things I learned this week are:

1. I LOVE getting comments! How exciting! I am actually giddy! Thanks so very much for making my day. We left so early ( 9 isn't all that early but when you add all the time in getting everybody ready, breakfast, and packing the car for an all day excursion ) it doesn't leave much time to check the computer. Then we got home so late that after you get everyone changed,in bed and the car unloaded from the Costco/Kohls/Whole Foods trips we snuck in - I just wanted to go to bed. So I woke up to comments - woooooooohooooooooooo!

now for the things I learned from the dentist:

2. I worried for nothing - my kids teeth are awesome. I felt like I was going to the principle's office and he was going to say FAIL! I try to be OCD about the kids teeth but some days it is hard enough to remember to brush my own ( I always brush my teeth - don't worry) let alone three other sets of teeth! but we PASSED!

3. 5 years IS too long between dentist visits! I had good intentions on going more often - really I did. I sent my husband and the kids but I never could fit it in between pregnancy's and nursing and all that. Plus my last visit (different dentist in Cali) wasn't exactly a pleasant experience. He poked a hole under my tongue with the drill. i thought i was going to die! Needless to say - the dentist is not at the top of my list. I will however be going more often because although I did not have any cavities and the dentist was pretty impressed with my teeth - I do have to have some sort of deep cleaning. 6 hours (3 hours each side ) sitting in a dentist chair - numb! I can't wait.

4. I am what you call and "aggressive brusher" and a "jaw clencher". Good to know - I will be working on those issues.

and finally #5, number 5 is not dentist related but is something I found to be very interesting and a little odd. Odd number 5 will call it.

5. CNA's (Certified Nurse Assistants) should be awarded a gold medal for what they have to do. A relative of mine has recently given herself the title Certified P.... Cleaner. And if you can guess what that p - word is you get a prize and if you are me and Lady Di a much needed chuckle.

So there you have it 5 things I learned this week. Because there is always something to be learned.

Have a great weekend. I am off to go visit my commenters. YAY!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Writers Workshop: I'll Never Forget

Time again for Mama Kat's Writers Workshop: I chose prompt #3:

3) Why won't you forget? List six true sentences that begin with the words ' I'll never forget.....' Then use all six of your sentences in a paragraph, poem, or longer descriptive piece.  i am going to try to write a poem but i must warn you that i am not the best at this and it has been awhile since i have really written anything. This is why i do this blog- I am trying  to awaken my creativity! Here i go:

1. I'll never forget the day I met my husband.
2. I'll never forget my wedding day.
3. I'll never forget how I felt when I saw that extra pink line.
4. I'll never forget the births of my beautiful girls.
5. I'll never forget the baby that was lost.
6. I'll never forget the day I had to say goodbye.

I'll never forget the day I met my husband.
A frog turned into a prince with a little kiss.
I was hooked by his contagious smile, his eyes, his bliss.
He was my pleasant surprise, my knight in shining armor.
Just one kiss and I knew it would be forever.........

I'll never forget my wedding day,
the moment I gave my heart away.
We were standing in front of everyone yet it was just us two,
Again one kiss and I knew ..........

I'll never forget how I felt when I saw that extra pink line.
Oh my goodness - a baby all mine.
A special wish come true.......... one kiss and he knew..........

I'll never forget the births of my three beautiful girls.
Each one so precious so small. Each delivery was not the same - not at all.
Daddy's little girls they would be. Just one kiss - one, two , three..........

I'll never forget the baby that was lost.
Baby four you were there and then you were gone.
The time wasn't right, it wasn't meant to be.
Just one little kiss, a prayer, sent to heaven
hoping you will come back to me................

I'll never forget the day I had to say goodbye.
Papa I know you didn't want me to cry.
You were not supposed to go - not so soon
I thought you would be around forever,
I didn't know what to do.
Just one last kiss and I had to let you go,
Oh how I miss you so.

One day we will meet again,
for this I know.
Until then you look down from above,
sending us your kisses and love.......

Open for Comments

So I have been so sad that people don't comment - something, anything! I know this blog o'mine, ours, has not been out a long time but even my friends don't comment. Well now I know why - I wasn't open for comments. OOPS! Thanks to my cousin who informed me through my personal blog I am know open for comments. It probably won't matter but at least I can hope, wish,dream that that was the reason. So I am open and if you visit - comment comment comment away! Please!?

Happy Earth Day

I am not sure if I buy all the Global Warming hoopla (just my personal opinion). However I do believe in taking care of our Earth. It's our home, treat it well, love it, and it will return the favor. It is important to do your part! Reduce when you can , Reuse when it is possible, Recycle what you have.

Use natural products - you won't regret it, you will be healthier and so will Mother Earth. Every little bit helps.

...............and just because it annoys the heck out of me. Don't throw your cigarette butts on the ground or out your window. not only could you start a fire but THE WORLD IS NOT YOUR PERSONAL ASHTRAY!

Have a great Earth Day today! Go visit Lula - I love her post about Earth Day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute: Lady Di

Tuesday's Tribute

I decided to participate in Tuesday Tribute over at Angie's 7 Clown Circus - she is the new host.

Today I would like to pay a special tribute to my best good friend, Lady Di. Lady Di is coauthor of this blog, when she does get time to post she is so much funnier than me. She is actually the reason I started this blog - we, she needed a place. Anyhow she is going through some tough times. Today I know is/was probably one of the toughest days that she will ever go through as a Mom and I just want her to know that I am thinking of her and praying for her.

Di and I have been friends since we were kids (she can actually tell you a funny story of one of her first memories of me). Our families would go to the river together when we were young. We went away to college together, got married together , had children together. One of my toughest moments was moving away from her when I left California, I was so afraid our friendship would suffer and that we wouldn't be as close. Of course that didn't happen. She is one of my closest friends. She is my sister. She knows me like no one else. She knows my deepest darkest secrets, my desires, my fears. We have cried through tough times and celebrated happy moments together. I couldn't imagine my life without her. That said:

Di you ARE a beautiful person. You ARE a wonderful Mother. You ARE a fantastic friend/Sister. Never doubt yourself and never let someone make you doubt yourself. NEVER let anyone make you feel unworthy. You DESERVE only the best that life has to offer. You ARE
a blessing to others and have so much to give. Today and always - know that I have your back no matter what. I am ALWAYS here for you. I would run to ends of the Earth and back for you and your children. I LOVE you and I LOVE them, as if they were my own.

Today is going to be tough, it will be a defining moment in your life. You WILL be able to handle it whatever the outcome because you are stronger than you give yourself credit for and I am here to remind you of that.


for more Tuesday Tributes be sure to go visit Angie.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Writers Workshop: headline news

I know I am late on this but Mama Kat over at Mama's Losing it, says you can join in at anytime so I am joining in! She does writing prompts each week.

The Prompts:
1.) If I sent you four hundred dollars today what is ONE thing you would spend it on and why.

2.) What are your kids talking about?
3.) Tell us about a local news story that's all the buzz right now in your neck of the woods.

4.) Share some blogging advice.
5.) Tell us about that time at the playground when that thing happened. You must go visit
 Heather at Chasing Butterfly's for a good story, seriously - a must read!

Anyhow I pick # 3. 

Because I live in the sticks and by sticks I mean nearest mall -  2 1/2 hours. Nearest grocery store- 67 miles.  Yes - I live in the sticks and because of that there is no Local Newspaper heck the only communication this town has is contained on a pin up wall at the Post Office. 

We rely on the local gossip for news but if there was a local newspaper I think that it would read something like this: ILLEGALS STRIKE AGAIN - SAME MO DIFFERENT FAMILY. By Illegals, I mean illegal immigrants actually more like drug traffickers and if I was being honest if we did have a newspaper the wording would have most likely been something else. 

See I live in the middle of no where not too far from the Mexican border and looking out your window and seeing a group of illegal immigrants passing by is not a strange site and as long as they keep moving and don't bother anything - I am happy. I don't even bother calling Border Patrol anymore because by the time they get here (if they bother to come) they (the immigrants) are gone.

Back to the news story - Regardless of what the mainstream media is saying, "migration into the U.S has slowed down due to economic downturn" , it may have slowed down but the people who are still migrating are not here for jobs they are here to sell drugs and to wreak havoc on our lives, destroy our society and moral values.  They don't just pass through looking for a better life, stopping by houses for food and water. No No these ones stop and destroy.  Two months ago they kidnapped 2 people from the Church, THE CHURCH! They stuck them in the trunk and drove to the border dumped the car in a parking lot and walked back across the border.  Immigrants looking for a better life and work DO NOT steal a car and drive BACK to Mexico. Last month they broke into a house, a friend of ours, and destroyed the inside.  They stole a couple of things - suitcases and jackets and some other stuff.  It, however, is not about what they stole - material things are replaceable.  It is about what they destroyed.  Antique piggy banks handed down to the kids by a Great Grandma ( I mean- really how hard is it to open a piggy bank without breaking it?) or letting the cats in (these people do not liver here permanently) so the cats were left inside for a week (you can imagine.) The house was a total mess everything was ravaged through.  Also last month, an local older man was murdered, MURDERED found in his yard stripped of his clothes and his wallet.  Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

Then this past week, It happened to US! To US! Thank heavens it wasn't our home. They got into my husbands office on the other end of the ranch and just destroyed it.  Obviously there is no money there, we know better than that, and the door was unlocked so I think it would be easy for them to realize there is nothing of great value and we have some freezers of food but again not really edible so LEAVE IT ALONE!  Oh No!  Instead of leaving it alone and moving along they opened the freezers threw the food on the floor, they rummaged through all the files and threw paper everywhere, REAMS of paper EVERYWHERE- Just for the heck of it! What the heck?

Seriously this just tells me that these are not good people looking for a better life or coming back to loved ones left in the States, they are rude horrible people who HATE AMERICA - HATE AMERICANS! Excuse me but they ARE TERRORISTS and need to be stopped. It is getting to a point that I am afraid to leave for fear that they will break into my house and destroy my property, my most precious belongings but at the same time I really don't want to be here for fear that they will do something even worse.  Scary times. When I first moved here a local said to me: "95% of the illegals are good people and will never bother you - it is the other 5% you have to worry about." Only once has anyone ever came to my door (in 4 1/2  years) and that scared me enough. We live in different times and need to make some changes because these people that are coming across not only effect me, my family and my community they effect all of us, all Americans. They have a much bigger agenda than finding a job or reuniting with family.

I am all for Immigrants seeking a better life and more opportunity coming to America.  By all means come make a life for yourself but do it the right way, the legal way.  Become an AMERICAN citizen. TAKE THE OATH.

So that's what ALL THE BUZZ is around these parts - Thanks for the opportunity to rant a little. I needed it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

They Learn Young

So - since we have had a couple of bathroom stories I thought I would share this with you (it gave me chuckle). 

Saturday the girls and I were outside cleaning the trampoline and The Daddy came out (we hadn't seen him much that day, I was looking forward to him spending some time with us.) Anyhow, he is outside for 2 seconds and then says, "I'll be back I have to use the restroom."  I said, " See you in an hour! "  (of course I was kidding, I mean don't get me wrong I have never understood men and there lengthy bathroom visits but an hour was a bit of an exaggeration and was more said to let him know: hey dude, hurry it up so we can spend some time together!)

Anyhow - The Oldest (she's six) says, "Mom - I know the reason Daddy takes so long in the bathroom.  Actually there is two reasons: One he is a MAN and two he takes his magazines in there and READS them!"  

"Yes he is and he does doesn't he!" I responded

I guess they pick it up young, at least she will know what to expect when the time comes. 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Children are Smart

I can't believe it is Friday, I have been a complete day off this whole week.  I have been observing my girls and have come up with 5 things I SHOULD learn from them:

1. Eat Slow.

2. Play as often as I can.

3. Believe that nothing is impossible.

4. Be open and honest about my feelings.

5. Look at the Moon and Stars more often and be amazed - every time.

I love my kids - they teach me things everyday without even knowing it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Stand Corrected

It must be a universal thing!

to fully understand click here to go to Lady Di's post on Bathroom habits.

To play along in Six Word Saturday, go here.  

Friday, April 10, 2009

Life is So Precious and Unpredictable

I have been cruising the blogosphere this morning and came across a ton of posts dedicated to Maddie Spohr who passed away on Tuesday.  My heart goes out to this family.  Her mom is a fellow Mom blogger but there site is down due to the amount of traffic you can go here to read about Maddie and her family. There are some beautiful posts linked to the above blog  if you have the time to read them. 

Life is SO precious.  Please take this weekend to keep Maddie and her family in your prayers and reflect upon how precious our little ones are. Spend this Easter weekend being Thankful for each and every moment we have with them! 

I wouldn't be who I am without my beautiful girls and my husband, they are my world, drama and all. I truly am grateful and feel truly blessed to have them in my life.

I found a great post at A Frog In My Soup, take time to go over and read it and if you have the means - please make a donation to the family here :

Or the family has also requested making  a donation to the March of Dimes.

Love to all today and Always

This week I am Grateful For

In honor of this weeks Fishful Thinking activity 'Grateful Sayings' and Positive Thinking I am re posting an old Friday Five that fits perfectly.  5 things I am grateful for:

5 things I am Grateful for:

1. Spilt milk at the dinner table: because it means that we are sitting at the table as a family having a nice meal together.

2. A pile of dirty laundry the size of a small mountain: because it shows we have a lot of nice clothes to wear.

3. A bad hair day: because at least I have a head full  of hair.
4. Sleepless nights: because it reminds me that I am a mom and my kids still need me.

5. All the screaming, crying, and whining: because my kids are healthy, strong and here.

Sometimes you just have to look at things differently!
Click here to go to this weeks Fishful Thinking Ingredient Activity: Grateful Sayings.  This weekend is a great time to do this activity with your Family. Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Unwanted Visitors

This one's a long one.  Sit back and read a little bit about my life, my home in rural America.

I had the perfect post planned for yesterday.  I woke up so excited. I jumped out of bed with my Word for Wednesday: COFFEE

I needed a cup of it although I don't drink regular unless I want to see my heart POUND out of my chest and start BOUNCING of the walls. Decaf is just enough of a jolt for me. Although yesterday I seriously contemplated drinking it FULL OCTANE. Just had one of those nights where I actually was sleeping well but the rest of the house wasn't - every child and even the dog (the first unwanted visitor) was up, I swore it was a FULL MOON!

Unwanted Visitor #1 - Barking Basset Hound
Have you ever heard a Basset Hound howling at 2:00am right outside your bedroom doors as he stares at you from outside? 
We thought he wanted out of the backyard so The Daddy got up and let him out just for him to go to the front door and start howling.  He ended up in the back of the truck with the camper shell for the rest of the night. 

Unwanted Visitor #2 - Wind
As I said I had the perfect post but when I got up and ran to the computer.  NO INTERNET! All Day ! Argh!!!  Why no Internet?  THE WIND! It blew and blew and blew and blew some more. I thought I was Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ.  Although no Internet is annoying especially for blogger's and homeschoolers (my lessons are all online ) I had a very productive day.  I did ALL the laundry (folded and put away).  Had the girls dressed, fed and hair brushed by 8:30am. Ran 2.6 miles on the tread.  Mopped the house (not an easy job in my house) and dusted the kitchen, great room and family room.  Yay!! However the wind bought me my third unwanted visitor - DIRT.  Lots of it! 

Unwanted Visitor #3 - Dirt
Dusting on a windy day is like washing your car when it rains.  USELESS! Actually it isn't as bad as a thought but still enough to be annoying!

Unwanted Visitor #4 - Mouse
That's right a mouse! a mouse! I hate mice.  Dirty Disgusting Disease Ridden Mice! There I am relaxing reading a book and over my glasses I see something run  from the couch to the T.V. I think to myself I surely must be going CRAZY! That couldn't possibly be a MOUSE in my HOUSE! I didn't say anything - kept reading. Then I saw it again - run from the T.V. to the china cabinet. Now I know I am not crazy! I wake the sleeping Daddy! He know thinks I am CRAZY. (We live in the country but have never had a mouse in the house only in the garage where we have been raging our own war against those dirty little villains). He gets up, goes to where I saw it and it runs back to the couch. Do you think he saw it - Nope! He did however find it's home - IN MY COUCH! Yuck!  Seriously this is one of my worst nightmares!

By now the girls know and are totally FREAKED out! We set traps cleaned the inside of my couch and were waiting. The mouse has now ran into the family room behind the wall unit. Hubby still hasn't seen it. The girls won't go to bed, because they hear SQUEAKS! Mind you their bedroom is on the other side of the house. This is after The Oldest tells me that mice are a part of nature, we should let it go.  I told her that they are a part of nature when they are outside but when they come inside they are dirty and they become fair game.  

Then finally came the sweetest sound of all. SNAP! Yipee, mouse is now in mouse heaven.  

And the visitors keep coming.

Visitor #5 - Anxiety

That is another Drama for another time.  One word: Defeated!

Visitor #6 - 
I woke up today with my 6th visitor.  I won't go into details except to say she visited only two weeks ago, explains my anxiety and is completely UNWELCOME.

Drama, Drama, Drama! Today has got to be better, right?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I moved

Friday Five has been moved over to my new blog,  Daily Doses of Mama Drama
Come on over for a visit. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fishful Thinking

You may have noticed the Goldfish link on my sidebar.  Are you thinking, WOW she must really like those goldfish.  Well I do like those savory yummy little fishies and I like them even more since I became a Mama Ambassador for the Fishful Thinking program, a program sponsored by the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish brand.  

Click the fish for information and tips on how to raise optimistic children.  Then be sure to check back here for more highlights, contests, and giveaways here with the Mamas with Drama.

For now,  Just a little Fishful Thinking for all the Mamas out there.  Click here.  For a great read. Because lets just face it sometimes it is just rough being a Mama and we could all use some tips now and then. Then come back and comment on something you do with your kids to focus on the positive and you might just win a little something! 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

This Just In...Bad Bathroom Habits Are Indeed Genetic

Of course we moms already know this but just in case there was any doubt out there my family confirms that there is definitely a strong genetic link on the PATERNAL side that causes HORRIBLE bathroom conditions. Here is the million dollar question I ask my beloved and our darling offspring...Why is it that when I take a shower all the water somehow magically stays in the shower?? I know, it's amazing. Oh! and it is truly a miracle that when I brush my teeth there are no lovely blue streaks running down the sides of the sink. Wait...I'm not finished, those strange bars protruding out from the wall are really quite useful for the placement of wet towels. Call me crazy, but, wet towels clumped up in the corner or thrown on a bed usually don't dry out as well. Finally, I believe there is some part of the male brain that has decided that the extra TWO seconds it would take to actually put the new roll of toilet paper ON the roller is not worth it, therefore it is just placed on TOP of the roller instead. This, my fellow mamas with dramas is the reason for my genetic link theory. You see, I believed that all hope was lost on my husband, however, my children were (I emphasize were) getting better. That was until, the other day when I went upstairs to give the littlest one a bath and discovered the bathroom in complete disarray. I was of course already tired, but surprisingly (I think I was just too tired to care) wasn't that annoyed. So, I just kicked the wet towels out of the way, did a quick wipe down of the sink and mirror, got the water running in the bath, put the little one in, then excuse the TMI but I sat down to go #1. Okay, I'm sitting finally (even if it is on the toilet) trying to just take a moment, I'm done, I reach for the toilet paper and what do I see?...a new roll of toilet paper sitting on TOP of the roller!!!!! THAT'S IT You know people talk about building houses with granny quarters.... they should be mama quarters instead. Okay I feel better now

Friday, April 3, 2009

Boring Week

Not a whole lot going on this week, actually it has been a bit boring. Which is kind of nice!

 5 things I learned this week: 
1.  that yoga can make you sweat. Not just a little but a whole lot.

2.  That the blogosphere is a huge community of mostly Mom's (SAH and Working) that are all connected in some way.  It is really quite amazing if you think about it.

3.  I miss miss miss this little gem we found while in Cali, called Yogurt Island. Oh what I wouldn't give for  some tart frozen blueberry yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries on top. 

4.  That you can feel connected to people you have never met.

5.  Never to let 3 little girls convince you to let them take a shower in your shower on a cool morning right after you.  Not pleasant. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

World Autism Awareness Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day.  1 in 150 individuals is diagnosed with autism, making it more common than pediatric cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined. 

Chances are  someone close to you has a child with Autism or some other Autism Spectrum disorder.  It is a such an emotional condition for both the family and the child and awareness is important for everybody.  There are ways you can help even if it is just by gaining an understanding of the disorder.

Please take the time to visit the Autism Speaks website to learn more about autism and ways you can help.

Join me and thousands in walking for Autism, click here to find an event near you. Its for a great cause and it's good exercise.

Our Mission

To have a safe place where you can air all your mama drama without judgement, cause we know you don't always have the kids in bed by 7 and make creme brulee for dessert every night.

Oh yeah.........

and if you do, you're on the wrong blog!