Saturday, May 30, 2009

A New Hobby...Perhaps??

It's Saturday morning. I am sitting in bed with my kids watching Oswald (lucky me). I have nothing particularly witty or clever to blog about. So, I thought I would share some pictures that my son took. If you follow us then you are starting to understand that my son is unique. We are in the midst of figuring out what is "going on" with him, and know that he is either on the Autism Spectrum or somewhere close to the periphery. His traits are most like Aspergers, with OCD, and ADD thrown in as well. He's a funny little guy that keeps things around here interesting. He is OBSESSED with tractors, I know he would drop out of school right now if he thought he could, just to sit on a tractor and plow all day (he's in first grade). Green (John Deere color) is his favorite color. In fact, everyone at school calls him John Deere.

He went with his dad a few weeks ago to the local tractor museum because Daddy was helping put the historic tractors in the new tractor barn. Some brave man decided to give "JD" his camera. He ran around all day snapping pictures and we got some interesting pictures. I had never thought of giving my camera to my son (for obvious reasons). However, he surprised me. He took real good care of the camera AND the bonus was that he took some really cool pictures and it was neat to see things from his perspective. I think a camera may be in order for his birthday this summer. It will be good for him to have something to do other than play with tractors. Although, all he did this time was take pictures of tractors.

I asked him about this picture and he said, "I liked the shadow the old tractor wheel made."

They were moving the old tractors on a forklift. He was really "into" this and took several pictures. I thought this was a neat angle. Knowing my son, I knew there was a reason he took this shot. Yep, he said, "I wanted to see how the tractor sat on the forks." Then he proceeded to tell me very excitedly, "See, see Mom, they slipped 'em right under the axles."

Back to the shadows again. When I asked him, "What's this about?" He said in a very "Duh Mom" voice, "It's my shadow." Me- "Oh" JD boy-"Yeah, haven't you ever taken a picture of your shadow before?" He asked that question like it's common knowledge that all people take pictures of their shadows. The smart ass in me wanted to reply, "Well, no son I haven't because the picture would be mostly black and therefore a waste of good picture paper." However, sarcasm is lost on my son (not just because of his young age, but because he truly doesn't get very many jokes). He is very literal. Anyway, I thought this picture was cool simply because I would have never thought of it.

The last one is a picture of an old plow. He took this picture because he was pleased with the little block of wood he put under the front hitch to prop it up. Sort of like tractor modeling I guess.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Bobcats Too, Oh my!

Amy's Friday Five: This is where I share with you the 5 things I have learned this week and you just might learn a little something about me at the same time.

I have to hurry, last night I wasn't feeling so hot and went to bed and this morning I should have already left to pick up Grammy at the airport - a two hour drive one way. Of course the girls are not wanting to get out of bed. I could tell them what we are going to do(that would get them moving )but it is a surprise!

So five things I learned this week:

1. That (thanks to Mama Kats Writers Workshop) there are people like me who love their pillows and the smell of rain on concrete. I am not alone, Yay!

2. That we have bobcats too! Great because wild piglike animals, sun spiders, moths the size of birds, 6 different kind of deadly snakes, mountain lions, obnoxious owls and coyotes are not enough in the Land of Nowhere! We actually have a lot more but those ones annoy me.

I thought we were being robbed but turns out that is was a bobcat in our backyard. I think he had a dinner date with a frog! It didn't turn out so well for the frog.

3. I don't miss migraines. Nope I don't. It has been awhile but I have a visitor, she doesn't come that often, and this time she brought her friend, Migraine. You know who can take there "have a happy ." and cram it up there you know where. I am not so happy!

4. People love funny stories. My husband thinks it is because he is just that awesome. So awesome he didn't wake up last night when the Bobcat was hunting in our backyard! Did you see my comments yesterday? I think it probably helped that Lady Di rolled called first on SITS. Lady Di is way funnier than I am so I hope they come back.

5. Again thanks to Mama Kats WW, We have an epidemic of sleep walkers in the world. I'm not sure how safe we are at night. Maybe it is a good thing I have no neighbors and live in the Land of Nowhere. :) If you got the time go visit all the peeps who responded to last weeks prompts. Funny Funny!

There you have it - my Friday Five. Did you learn something this week? Do share.
Have a great weekend. I'm off to the airport.

** guess what my hubbie just found in the backyard - a snake. Lovely it is supposed to be snakeproof. Guess I learned that it isn't!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Soups On!

If your here from SITS because Lady DI was number one today her post is here. There are two of us. I'm Amy feel free to read mine too but be sure to drop in and say congrats to the one who deserves it. :)

It is that time again; Mama Kat's writers workshop! When I saw the prompts I got all giddy. Seriously, I yelled out to the Hubs, "Guess what number six is this week at Mama Kats?"
"What" he says. I say all happy, "Apparently her daughter sleep walks so #6 is Share a sleep walking story of your own!"

{ I am beaming with excitement, he smiles - he knows}

"Yep, you are so being blogged about tonight baby!"

{He laughs and walks away. He's used to it}

Yes my husband can fall asleep on a dime and he can talk. No no he can carry on conversations and sometimes yes sometimes when he is really really tired - he walks!

Let me set you up a bit:

Once upon a time there were two people { I think we were married at this time - maybe engaged. Oh I don't know it was a while ago. yes we lived in sin. Don't judge! We were broke college students}. Where was I? Oh yes, two broke college students who lived in a tiny tiny two bedroom single wide mobile home in the middle of a walnut orchard outside of town (it was actually kind of nice). Except that we didn't have the money for gas to heat it. Once you went to bed you stayed there nice and toasty under lots of blankets. This is vital information: The washer and dryer were located in a shed outside this little home of ours.

Anyway I was used to the talking. Countless nights I would think I was in a conversation with my Hubs ( I am an night owl. He is not) only to realize about 5 minutes into it that he was completely asleep. I would finally realize this only after he went from being completely making sense to saying something to the tune of, "The farmers need paper plates!" me - "Huh?" He would then get louder, " the farmers are stupid they just need paper plates!" me- "Are you kidding me?"

I would then be completely irritated and hit him, roll over and go to sleep. I know - I am mean. I would bring it up the next morning and he would never remember it. Crazy.

This one particular night we had gotten home late from class. We were super tired but I had to do laundry and pack still. We were leaving really early in the morning to go to Montana to visit my family. I was on my last load and The Hubs said, "hey lets go to bed and then wake me up in a couple of hours {why we didn't set the alarm is beyond me} and I will go change over the laundry for you." Me- "Awesome!" Off to bed we went. I woke up about 2am and here is our conversation:

me: Crap! wake up. {nudging the hubs}
Hubs: What? what?
me: i fell asleep. The laundry still needs to be changed.
Hubs: Oh alright.

{he gets up, goes outside and is gone forever. Seriously I am starting to worry. I start to get up when I hear him come back in. He climbs back into bed}

me: What took you so long?
Hubs: It's not done yet!
me: not done yet? I

{Seriously it has been hours}

Hubs: It needs more time.
me: it has to be done.

{ here it comes }

Hubs: The soup is not done yet!
me: The soup? What soup?
Hubs: The soup is not done yet.
me: Are you flipping kidding me? Arghhhhhhhh! Your asleep!

{I throw off the covers, completely irritated and go outside.}

Guess what I found in my shed on top of my washer that, by the way, was done?

You'll never guess. It was my crock pot! There it was sitting on my washer! I started cracking up. He had carried my crock pot out of the house and sat it on my washer. I think he had even tried to plug it in! Must have been dreaming of soup. I changed over the laundry, went in the house, hit him and went back to sleep.

Do you think he remembered in the morning? NOPE!

After I told my mom she was so afraid that when we had children that I would wake up one night to find them in the washer, dryer or outside. Seriously she is a little freaked out about it. Happy to report that I have never found my kids anywhere but in there room or our bed. He has actually never had another episode like that (i am pretty sure) and is very good when the kids cry - he usually wakes up first.

Thanks Mama Kat for the chance to share!

Hey I know mine was long but Lady Di's is short, sweet and funny! She is pretty happy about making #1 on SITS today. We have a rivalry she is winning! Go give her props and Go see her post. CLICK HERE.

and don't forget about my July 4th hair bow giveaway.

For others responses to the prompts head on over to Mama Kats place. I can't wait.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 Little Happy Pills

The Prompts for this weeks Writer's Workshop from Mama Kat:

1.) What is your life's anthem? You know...that song that is ALWAYS in your head. The one you'd go to sing first if someone told you to sing a song right NOW. What is it and what does it mean to you?

2.) We love telemarketers don't we!?! Describe a memorable experience you had with one.

3.) How much does focusing on weight affect your daily life?

4.) Describe in what ways you expect too much from your significant other. Do they deserve an apology?

5.) List ten things that make you HAPPY.

6.) Share a sleep walking story of your own!!

I chose number 5

Ten Things that Make Lady Di Happy
Ten Little Happy Pills

The doctor recommends a daily dose of each pill, especially numbers 4, 7, and 10. However, number 9 may not be covered by insurance and therefore incur a higher "out of pocket" expense from time to time.
  1. Hearing my kids laugh...that really deep belly laugh.
  2. The occasional morning when I can actually sleep in.
  3. Comments (hint, hint)
  4. Chocolate
  5. Spending time with friends.
  6. Talking on the phone with my best good friend Amy
  7. Chocolate
  8. Watching the kids get excited and run to hug their Daddy when he gets home from work.
  9. Gas prices that are not SOOO ridiculous.
  10. Did I mention chocolate??
**I have to add one more thing that makes me happy since I am absolutely beaming right now.

11. Being the number 1 comment on SITS today. Oh, yeah!! Doing a little SITS victory dance on the bed right now. Sorry...I'll get a hold of myself now. Amy and I have a friendly rivalry over who can comment on SITS first every day :)

Go to Mama's Losin It for more Writer's Worskop

Amy's got a sleep walkin' story. If you got the time check it out. click here.


Here Piggy Piggy Piggy!

Hey Lady Di - I am in need of your services! Do you travel? I have a piggy and he wants a hair cut. :0)

You may have remembered if you read our blog regularly that on Mothers Day Lady Di had to shave a pig. Strange to the majority of our followers unless you happen to be familiar with 4-H, FFA, or Livestock Shows. Lady Di and I grew up as 4-H brats: showing pigs, sheep, cows and yes you have to shave them before show. I practically was born at a fair! We both were raised on farms and naturally our kids will/are involved in the same great organization we were. So I immediately thought of Di and this post when I saw this little piggy!

Of course this isn't a pig you would see at a fair. This little piggy isn't actually a pig at all (I just found that out while doing this post) but a Javalina red. His mama died in a tractor accident on the ranch. One of our employees saved him and has taken him in. He is kinda cute and follows Jorge around as if he is his mother. One day he will not be so cute! These creatures get mean - The Hubs has been chased back into the house by a grown Javalina before. Now my girls want a pig for a pet.

Be sure to check out Lady Di's cute WW here.

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I hope Mr. Linky is up but I doubt it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lady Di's Wordful Wednesday

Silly, Silly Girl....

Last Friday, my husband came home from taking our youngest to Gymnastic class. While they were out he decided to get a few things for himself (he needed some new shirts, socks, etc.). One of the items he purchased were what we like to call in our house "chonies" or what normal folk call underwear. He was getting the chonies out of the package to put away and the little girl, who happened to be in a particularly odd, silly mood decided she was going to wear a pair of daddy's chonies. I had to get the camera to snap a picture, of course. She had to "ham" it up, of course. She is such a crazy little kid!! :) After our little photo shoot, she proceeded to change into her "birthday suit" and run around the house like a wild woman, which is a pretty common thing. She is a bit of a naturalist.

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Little Cutie Hair Bows

Tuesday's Tribute
Today my Tuesday Tribute is to girls, bows and new friends. I made a new friend last week and I am so glad I did. If you have read my posts you know that I have three little girls. Three little girls that have to have their hair done almost everyday. Pony tails, pom poms, braids - you name it we have done it. What do all little girls need for their hair? BOWS! Yep cute little bows and that is what my new friend Erica does. She makes bows all sorts of super cute bows: different shapes and sizes, cool colors and great prices. I met her last week at dress rehearsal where she was selling bows to go with the costumes and I bought some to match the Middle Princesses dress:

She is so cute! So are the bows, huh? It gets better! Come to find out she matches your clothes so I brought her up some of the Oldest Princesses favorite dresses and voila! I have the cutest bows ever. The best part is I get to share her with all of you that may have pretty little girls who love to have their hair done up with awesome bows because she now has a blog! YAY! She posted all the bows that she made me, to see click here.

Lil Cutie Hair Bows by Erica. Check her out order some bows you won't be disappointed, I promise. As a matter of fact I am so excited I am holding a giveaway. Go check out her Fourth of July bow, I'm giving one away. Here is how it works:

1. Go visit Erica leave her a nice comment for one entry.
2. Leave me a comment and for an entry.
3. If you already follow us - you get an entry.
4. If you order some bows from Erica you get two additional entries.

I will pick the winner on Friday using Yippee! I am excited.

Thanks Erica for the bows - You made my girls so happy!

Have an awesome day! For more Tributes go visit Angie!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Moday's Mama Drama

You Know You Have Mama Drama When...

1. You have to explain to your son that Pink is a singer not a crayon. I mean yes, pink is a crayon, but Pink with a capital P and singer of the song Sober is in fact a person.

2. You have to search your daughters bag before going to daycare to look for fruit snack contraband that she has apparently been pilfering from the pantry and stashing to share with her P.I.C's (partners in crime) once at daycare....well, at least she's sharing.

3. You have to explain yet again to your son that his lil' sis is not really his mechanic and does not really need to fix his tractors that are "broke" down and NO her room is not the "shop" where said tractors go to get fixed. **My son only plays with tractors and when he does it is very literal play. This actually causes many problems for him. This is one of his atypical behaviors. It's part of the whole ADD, OCD, Aspergers thing he's got going on, but we roll with it. Come on, it is kind of funny to hear him tell lil' sis she has to stay on the "county road" and not go across his "field", and even funnier to see look on lil' sis's face.

4. First, your daughter tells you she has to pee and you are on a private beach with zero facilities, so she has to strip from the waist down and find some drift wood to squat behind. Then, she is reluctant to put panties back on because she is certain the sand on her feet will get on her panties and she doesn't want sand in her "coo-coo". Of course she didn't whisper this in my ear. She said it out loud, all burly, in her true fashion for everyone else in our group to hear.

And Finally...

5. The good news is your CPR and First Aid training actually came in handy when you had to dislodge an ice cube you child was choking on by gently but firmly hitting her on the back. The bad news is... her body went into reflex mode to get the ice cube out as well which meant she threw up, over and over. Oh, did I mention we were in the movie theatre and she had just eaten popcorn and red licorice? Good Times!!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Passing it On - Finally!

Hey we have been busy! That and I think I (Amy ) have made this way too complicated. I mean trying to pick out blogs that don't already have the award(most everyone we stalk does), who like getting awards and narrowing down our list of favorites ( we don't want to hurt any ones feelings) At first we thought we had to pick 15 blogs but recently saw a post that said 5. We are listing seven. (We like to be different).

Finally we decided - what the heck. We have received this award three times so if we award it to someone who already has it that must be okay and if we award it to someone who doesn't like awards- well they just don't have to post it but at least they know that they rock, right?

So here it goes:

First off - A very big THANK YOU to Little Lady Cakes, Third Time's a Charm, and Veggie Mom and Keeping Up With the Shultz Family for thinking our blog was lovely. Back at you girls!
So here are the rules:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award on to 5 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

So here are our five newly discovered blogs that we are enjoying:

You all rock!

** Here is a special note to all our lovely commenters: We want you to know that we think you are ALL lovely and appreciate your comments and your visits to our blog. You guys are truly awesome.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Check it Out!

Did you see? We have signatures:

We are so so excited. Thanks to Anissa

We fit in!

Anissa does blog design, so if you are thinking about changing your look, wanting an upgrade or just want a cute signature to match your favorite layout make sure you check her out. We are so glad we did. Even if you are not in for a new look you should still go peek at her blog because she has some cute things going on over there like Kids Corner and Recipe Swap which we hope to participate in soon.

Thanks again Anissa!

Also we need to mention our good friend T.J. who did our blog design (It is way overdue). We get a lot of comments on our wonderful layout. She has some really cute stuff over at her Sugar and Spice Creations - some are free. Go look.
I (Amy) just love her to pieces.

Both ladies are awesome! Thanks, Gals!

Hmmmm. Sometimes there just isn't anything else to say?

Amy's Friday Five: This is where I share with you the 5 things I have learned this week and you just might learn a little something about me at the same time.

1.  Next year for the girls dance recital I will remember some good advice from my Mom and will buy two pairs of tights - just in case.  When I was old enough to attend school dances she would buy me an extra pair of nylons: one pair to wear and one pair for my purse just in case I got a run. Great advice, Mom! Next year I will keep this in mind so that when one of my girls gets a hole I can look totally organized and pull out an extra pair.  I did rock - I just turned them around. It worked!

2.  Did you know there is such a thing as "Insulated Situations"?  I didn't. This, according to my husband, are situations in where he can leave out the truth (um lie)  in order to insulate me from a stressful situation.  Apparently I am supposed to be grateful for these so called "insulated situations" because he is sparing me from my own anxiety. Hmmmmm!

3.  That big girls can fight like little ones.  Yep I got in a huge argument with a friend (not my Lady Di). It was ugly!  It was strange! There was yelling! I was shaking! and it was ridiculous! We are talking still but it left a scar.  I think we were both tired and needed to let off some steam.  All I know was I hadn't planned on it and it just flared out of control.  Ask Di I am better off giving the silent treatment until what ever blows over not a confront and yell kind of person.

4. That there are people out in the blogosphere that think Lady Di and I are the same person. Multiple personality maybe? Um No. We would be indeed two separate people, I promise. Although that would be interesting! Could you imagine?

5.  I was able to get through my first year of homeschooling without causing irreversible harm to myself or my children.  The insane asylum will just have to wait.  Yay for me and Yay for the Oldest Princess. We did it!!

There you have it - my Friday Five.  Did you learn something this week? Do share.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend. I'm making my Great Great Grandma's potato salad. Yum!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Writers Workshop- I'm Going Kayaking!!

That's right. This Memorial Day Weekend I am going with my two daughters to go kayaking. Now before you go and think I am some big explorer that takes her children on wonderful, daring adventures, let me just tell you, I am not. My big weekend adventure usually consists of which load of laundry to start with first. I have never been kayaking in my whole life. In addition, the riskiest thing I have done in my life in the last 10 years was have children!

So, why I have I decided to go paddling out in the ocean in a little boat with my two daughters now? Well....I really don't know. Other than deep down inside I am secretly an adventurer who never got to go on adventures and an opportunity arose and I'm taking it and I'm dragging my kids along with me. Don't worry, they won't be in any danger. If I even see one whitecap I'm keeping my feet on dry land. Of course, I'm slightly nervous as I'm listening to my friend explain that you have to watch the tide tables and wait for the best time when the current is not so fast (why?, you don't get swept out to sea? I wonder). The people I am going with assure me that everything will be fine and it is completely safe.

I'm excited, but then the other night I saw a commercial promoting tourism for Canada. Has anyone else seen this? It is video footage and at first all you see is what appears to be the front of a... kayak and something jumping in and out of the water. Yeah, my interest was peaked. You can't quite figure out what the heck it is until all of a sudden out jumps a seal which lands on the front of this kayak. Of course, the person taping it thought it was really cool and that's the whole point...then it says something like, Canada, A Great Place to Be or some crazy thing. I didn't actually get the catchy little "come see Canada" phrase because I was still contemplating the fact that a freakin' seal could JUMP onto a kayak. Let me just say I don't think I will be near as happy as the idiot on the commercial if that happens to me this weekend. However, all jumping seals aside, I think (I hope) we will have a good time and this will be a great experience for the girls.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Little Potty Mouth...Doin' Mama Proud

Amy is going to kill me for this one because I am going to use her not so favorite word. However, after our long catch up conversation I decided that this story was blog worthy. My daughter. Oh, I'm telling ya' you should see this sweet little girl of mine. Cute as a button. Yes, I know, I'm her mother and of course I would say that. You should see her though. The fair complexion, big blue eyes, long curly brown hair, even a dimple. Then, she starts talking. If you've been keeping up you will know that she's the one that has said such charming things as "what the HELL?", and "EWW, mommy you smell like poop!". She has also been know to throw out a few "damn its" when she falls, or drops something. I think this is a phase, or maybe mommy needs to watch her mouth. In my defense, the other two kids never talked like this.

Anyway, back to my story. We were at a little get together in a building that only has one ladies bathroom and one guys bathroom. My little darling informed me she needed to go potty. We get in there and I think okay this should be quick. Oh no, she tells me she is going poop. GREAT!! I might as well pull up a chair and sit a while because my daughter poops like a guy. She takes her time, she hums, whistles, sings a little song to herself, lays back, lays forward, props her head on her lap with her hand, you name it. I'd give her a magazine if she could read. One time, I timed her and she spent 15, I'll repeat 15 minutes in the bathroom doing her business. So, I can hear people lining up outside waiting to use the bathroom. There's knocking on the door. I tell Her Royal Highness it's time to get off the throne. She says she's not done yet and I say too bad. I get her off, pants on, hands washed, and the whole time she is scowling at me. There are about 4 ladies waiting as we head out of the bathroom. She walks out in a huff with her hands on her hips and says, "But mom, I wasn't done going POOP!!" The ladies were at least kind enough to look down at the floor and pretend they hadn't just heard that. I know I pretended I hadn't as we breezed by. This has got to be a phase.

Don't be fooled by her girlie-girl exterior, inside she has the manners of a frat boy. She'll be crushing beer cans on her head in no time. This gal is made with sugar and a whole lot 'o SPICE!!

Wordful Wednesday: Princess Sleep

Don't you wish you could sleep this good? I do!  They just look so peaceful and oh so comfortable.  I

I don't know why I don't sleep this good. Oh wait, could it be that the three princesses are sleeping this good so therefore the two occupants that should be in that bed finally gave up and got up! Yes I think that would be the reason why I and the Hubs don't sleep as well as these little ones who finally awoke about 8:30. Nice, huh! If only we all had a bed that was 3 times our size that we could sink into and have sweet dreams? We would all sleep that good. The Hubs and I were actually in there too if you can imagine that! I think we must have each had the two inches on each side. I am not sure how we even stayed on! Maybe that is why we got up. 

Speaking of dreams. I had one last night that I was being chased by a pack of lions! Any idea what that means?

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Knew He Was Up To Something

This is my first Wordful Wednesday. My son stays with me in my classroom after school instead of going to a babysitter. It's cheaper, however, he can drive me crazy at times because I do have work to do, prepping for my lessons. My son LOVES to mess with the overhead projector and I can always tell if he has because of the tell-tale "overhead hands" he gets. The ink from the vis-a-vis markers gets all over his hands. The other day I left him alone while I made copies. When I came back he was sitting, doing his homework, and I noticed "the hands". I asked, "So, you weren't writing on the overhead while I was gone, were you?" He said with a very guilty grin, "Oh, no mom, no. I was doing my homework." He kind of giggled. He knew I knew better, but I didn't get up to check, I just helped him finish his homework then we left to go home. The next morning I came into my room and when I went to the overhead I found what my son had be doing while he was left alone the day before. It was a very pleasant surprise. He can be so sweet when he is not being obnoxious. Nah, I'm just kidding!! He really is a sweet little fella as evident by the note.

**Oh, almost forgot I would usually not get a picture of such a thing as this however, I just happened to have my camera on me because I was taking pictures of my classroom. Teachers do strange things like that so that we can remember how we put our rooms together and so forth. Anyway, I thought this was cute and very much a reflection of Liam's sweet nature.

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A Mom I Have Never Met

I have mixed feelings about this tribute, but I feel like I have to let this out. I have never actually met the person this tribute is about. However, after only reading her blog I feel the need to express my deepest sympathy first of all for her situation, but then I wish to express my admiration of her strength, and appreciation of what she is doing and what she has done. I know she may not feel strong right now. In fact, her world has been shattered into a million pieces, and I know there is nothing I can write that will make it better for her. Yet, maybe one day as the pieces of her life start to come together she will understand the impact her and her families’ story had on so many people. I know it had a profound impact on me.

It was a busy week for me and my family. You know, the not home until 10 o’clock at night kind of busy week. I was super tired and only out of sheer curiosity did I check some blogs. I was on my lap top and I don’t know why but sometimes my touchpad gets ultra sensitive and it automatically clicks on stuff even if I haven’t actually tapped it with my finger. So, I was swiveling my finger on the touchpad going down the sidebar of someone’s blog and BAM it did it. It did that automatic “click on something” thing it does. I found myself on another blogsite called The Spohrs Are Multiplying. I am sure many of you have seen this. I immediately recognized it because my blogging friend Amy had done a post to promote the March of Dimes in honor of their daughter Maddie who passed away suddenly in April. She was 18 months old and beautiful (of course all babies are beautiful). She looked like a little fairy. So, I was aware of the situation and Amy had told me that she had been to their site and was very much moved.

Well, it was late and I should have just gone to bed, but I stayed awake and I read…and read. Two hours and a box of Kleenex later I had finished reading and was feeling a mix of many emotions. I started of course with the most recent entry and went backwards. Further and further I went back into their lives. Heather did an excellent job of documenting everything her little girl did. So many stories I could relate to as a mom. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child, but because of Heather’s openness to share I can understand some of things that she misses the most that perhaps we take for granted. In one post she wrote about the fact that she doesn’t remember ever kissing her daughter’s knees. Even though I have not felt the pain of losing a child I immediately understood the pain she was in. As a mom, when you have your new baby you feel you can practically just devour them, with their soft skin, and that smell. You just cover their soft little pink bodies with kisses from head to toe. Yet, do you really soak it all in? Do you know you got every part? After reading, Heather’s post I suddenly thought, “Have I kissed my baby’s knees?”

Whether she knows it or not, Heather Spohr is a strong person. Even if there are mornings she doesn’t want to get out of bed…she is a strong person. She loves her daughter and keeps her spirit alive by telling her story. Her story has definitely touched many people’s lives. I know she would rather not be the strong grieving mother. I know she would rather be the fun loving mother taking her daughter to the park today. However, for reasons that I certainly can’t explain Maddie is in God’s hands now. I dedicate this tribute to you, Heather Spohr and all the mothers that have lost a child. You have to endure the hardest pain there is. My words may bring little comfort right now, but know that Maddie’s life has reached many because of you.

When I was done reading Heather’s blog that night, I turned off my computer. My 3 yr. old daughter was sleeping in bed with me (again). I have been taking her up to her own room (trying to get her to sleep in her “big girl” bed), but not that night. No, that night I left her where she slept right next to me. I listen carefully to her soft breaths, I looked at the silhouette of her tiny face in the dark, I touched her soft curls, and I kissed her knees.

For more Tributes or to participate, visit

Tuesday's Tribute

To donate in honor of Maddie to the March of Dimes click here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

You Know You Have Mama Drama When...

**It was fair week last week. My step-daughter showed a pig (hence the shaving the pig on Mother's Day). We were very busy the last three days this week. That is why I was MIA. Well, I'm back. I'm a little fried this morning, but I did my best with the Mama Drama this Monday.

1. After being checked by the security guy with a metal detector at the entrance to the local fair your son asks why did the man just do that and you say, "Oh, he is just looking for dangerous stuff" and your son says, "Yeah, making sure people don't bring in things like burning cigarettes so they don't burn the fair down, huh?" FYI I don't smoke he just says random stuff like that all the time! Anyway my point is that I just say, " Yes." to such a random comment because I don't want to tell him, "No son, what they are really looking for are the guns and knifes that some of these gangsters may bring in to retaliate for last weeks shooting that killed 4 kids". I'll just keep my son in that innocent little bubble I have him in a bit longer, thanks.

2. The night before show day you have to call everyone you know to find a pair of white pants (part of the uniform) because your eldest daughter, who has been doing her own laundry for two years all of a sudden forgot that you can't wash white pants with a red sweater, tie dye shirt, bright blue t-shirt, and just about every other COLORED shirt she could possibly wash with her WHITE pants.

3. You are so tired and hot at the fair that when you you finally get to the hospitality room with two hot, tired, hungry, kids, you down two margaritas like they were little cups of kool-aid, then go get snacks and water for the kids. Hey...don't judge, if mama goes down first, we all go down.

4. You consider sabotaging your husbands truck so he can not abandon you again with all the kids at the fair., he was going back and forth to work, not exactly abandonment, but in my defense it sure did take a long time for him to check those freakin' potato fields. I mean really they're not going anywhere!!!

And Finally...

5. You are finally home, hot, exhausted, been around animals, dirt, and shavings all day. Your whole body is achy and you feel the layer of dirt on your skin, and you know you need to get in the shower, but you just want to sit for one second, and here comes that sweet little girl of yours. She sits in your lap and starts to suck her thumb and rub YOUR ear. You think, "ahh, oh sweet, my little girl taking a moment with me.". Then she stops rubbing your ear, pulls her thumb out of her mouth and sniffs me and says, "EWW, Mommy you smell like poop." Thanks honey, until you said that I didn't know that, thanks.

What are your indicators of Mama Drama? Please share, I know I 'm not the only one out there with it!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weather, Bugs, and Fevers

What do bugs, fevers and the weather have in common? Nothing really. Well I guess if you consider that when the weather warms up here in the Southwest the bugs come out in full force but the fever doesn't fit into that equation.  However they are all a part of my life (my drama) so that makes them related in some way.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes yesterday.  I wish it was me that has the fever but it isn't that would be the Middle Princess who woke up with a 102.3 fever Friday morning.  We don't do high fevers much around here (in fact the only time we use Tylenol is for leg cramps and teething).  So off went the hubs to the store for some Tylenol, which worked until Friday night when it spiked again (did I mention the hubs was leaving town for the weekend, I have no neighbors, and the hospital is 80 miles away). I called the Doctor, broke out my arsenal of essential oils and dusted of the Motrin and went to work.  The Motrin came right back up, lovely.  The oils worked immediately and it broke.  Yay!

In the meantime the Hubs' plane was delayed and ultimately ruined his trip so he came home. Good thing because Saturday was dance recital day and since the Middle Princess was still feverish- off went the Oldest Princess and I leaving the others with the Hubs.  I prolonged the morning hoping and praying the fever would magically disappear but it didn't and the Middle Princess missed her first recital.  I and she were so sad.

The recital went great and then it was back home for us.  On the way home we hit some freak rain storm.  I almost pulled over!  The lightening was actually purple and the cloud was a little frightening.  The wind was crazy and the drops of rain were huge.  I called the hubs to see if Arizona ever had tornado's. He laughed! I get that a lot.

We finally got home and watched Tales of Despereaux - a little creepy but good. No - just creepy and off to bed we went.  Here is where the bug enters the story.  There I am sleeping peacefully - dreaming when I wake up feeling something tickling my stomach.  I in my half sleep state realize it is not something I want on my stomach and as it is crawling roll it with my arm and actually feel is POP! YUCK! I throw it off the bed and immediately get up flip the light and can't find it.  What is it? I am freaking out: Was it a spider? Did it bite me? Why am i so itchy and red? I am going to die? Did it crawl/bite the Middle Princess who is sleeping with us? I am a bit dramatic I know - but that is me. I check the MP and she is completely annoyed by this interruption in which I realize she was not bothered by the bug but does have a fever again. Lovely.  Get the Tylenol but do not go back to sleep for what seems like hours because I have a severe case of the heebie jeebies!
Because I am convinced this is the bug that was in my bed:


Would you sleep?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Running behind - Yep that's me!

Amy's Friday Five: This is where I share with you the 5 things I have learned this week and you just might learn a little something about me at the same time.

I am late today b/c I was out late with dance recitals and then woke up with a sick kid and a really messy house this morning. 

Five things I have learned this week:

1.  I love love love chopped salads from BJ's Brewery.  Good thing I live in the middle of no where, no where close to a BJ's because although it is a salad I am sure they are not the healthy type.

2.  When I a am missing tupperware, kitchen utensils, and pans from my cupboards I should remember to look in the backyard because that is where they are sure to be. Covered in mud and dirt but at least I know I wasn't crazy after all.

3.  When I need Tylenol the most I'm sure to be out. { If you have read my posts you know I live in the middle of nowhere and a trip to the store and back takes two hours.}  You would think I would be prepared for such situation - I thought I was until this morning where apparently the three bottles of children's tylenol I thought I had were completely empty (who puts empty bottles back in the cupboard? What is up with that?). I am blaming the hubs  (love ya! babe)- actually I am taking his word that they are out and have not actually looked myself . Maybe I should..........................Nope he would be correct.  I did find some Infant Tylenol so we area not completely out.

4.  Fresh cut grass is like getting a new haircut. I love it! It just looks so good! I'm strange - I know.

5.  I should pack my whole cupboard of snacks (instead of a small bag) when going to the next dance rehearsal. That and feed my girls a huge lunch instead of peanut butter roll-ups and cheese quesadillas as we run out the door.  In my defense I wasn't planning on being at the theatre from 4pm to 8:30pm. Good times! HUNGRY children are NOT HAPPY children!

There you have it - 5 things I have learned this week.  Because there is always always something to be learned.  What did you learn this week?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Writers Workshop: Trying a Different Way

It's that time again. Time for Mama Kat's Workshop. Go here for the prompts. I picked #2. It might not be that long because I had truly planned on getting this done and then going to bed early but here it is 10:20 and I am just getting started because my internet connection had other ideas. Even as I write this I see the message at the bottom could not contact Saving and publishing may fail.  Gerrrr! Which means I will be up for awhile..........

2) Tomorrow I will do it differently. Here's how.......

Tomorrow when my 3 1/2 year old (the middle one, I am thinking about calling her JT for Just Trouble) gets the soap for the umpteenth time from the bathroom and spreads it on the foot stool, a stuffed animal, her baby sister, really anything she thinks needs, I don't know, washing maybe.  I will not get completely irritated and raise my voice. Instead I will bend down to her level and I will give her a hug and tell her I love her and I REALLY want her to try to listen to what Mommy says. Because getting angry is not working with her and even though the reasoning thing  has never worked before I am going to use the power of positive thinking and hope that my calm reaction will reach her.

Tomorrow when that same 3 1/2 year old takes all the tupperware out of my cupboard to her room (while I am teaching my Oldest across the house) and opens her baby sisters soy milk and decides to empty it into above mentioned tupperware resulting in major spillage of milk onto my carpet (mainly by her baby sister who happens to be in there and is thinking that this is great fun).  I will not overreact instead I will be patient, clean up the mess and again kneel down and give my little determined, stubborn, hard headed child a kiss and tell her I love her and ask her to work really hard to try and not to make such messes.

Tomorrow when I walk into her room expecting my two little girls to be playing together to see again that same 3 1/2 year old trying to be Mommy and changing her baby sisters diaper using diaper cream and notice that it is all over her, her baby sister, and the carpet that I have already cleaned once. I will not put her in the naughty chair, I will not get upset. Instead I will kneel down give her a kiss, and tell her that although I appreciate her help  Mommy should take care of the diaper changing because that is my job and if she wants to help than Mommy will let her fasten the diaper.

and tomorrow when I walk into my kitchen (after I realize its much to quiet and she has to be into something perhaps some more soap)  just to find that little rambunctious, strong - willed  3 1/2 year old lying on my kitchen rug sound asleep I will carry her into her bedroom, lie her on her bed, lay down beside her, wrap my arms around her and thank my Heavenly Father for blessing me with such a beautiful, loving, caring, incredibly adorable, super silly, truly sweet little girl who will teach me many things but above all -  patience.  That is one thing I won't do differently!

To read more responses or to take part in Writers Workshop visit Mama Kat:

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To have a safe place where you can air all your mama drama without judgement, cause we know you don't always have the kids in bed by 7 and make creme brulee for dessert every night.

Oh yeah.........

and if you do, you're on the wrong blog!