Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friday Five:I know it's late and Tag Your it.

This was supposed to be Thursday's post. As I was typing away in my comfy jammies thinking that I had all the time in the world, I happened to look up and it was 11:27am and I was supposed to be dressed and ready to pick up the OP for an appointment at 11:30. CRAP! Shut computer and run! Hence no post. Then Friday - BUSY ALL DAY. Hence no post. Saturday - Lady Di made an appearance Friday night and I wanted to give her some face time. Did you see? Her post? It's here. Or just scroll on down past this post and check it out.

Anyhow I deleted some of this post because some pertained to Mama Kat's WW. That's over.


I was tagged by Being Me at Mother Always.

First here are the five things I learned this week:

1. I learned what it felt like to slide into the middle of an intersection after NOT stopping at a stop sign. I LOVE ice.
2. That I must have the most popular bra size and shoe size because the store never has them in stock. So ANNOYING.
3. That "Gorp" is another word for trail mix. Did you know that?
4. That I can not turn my back on the Middle Princess - she is very sneaky these days.
5. I say "Crap" too much - The Youngest is walking around saying "cwap." I guess it could be worse.

Now for the tag:

Shows I like to Watch

The OP and I love Food Network. So our favorites are Chopped and The Best Thing I Ever Ate. I love to watch Olivia and Jacks Big Music Show with the MP and YP when I get the chance. With The Hubs it's all about: House, Criminal Minds, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, The Mentalist and Castle. I also like Private Practice and Desperate Housewives and So You Think You Can Dance. Thank heavens for TIVO. Usually we have enough stacked up for most of the off season.

8 things I look forward to:

- The Weekends
- Fall (my most favorite season)
- When the OP comes home from school.
- Alone time with The Hubs.
- Baking
- Conversations with good friends.
- Family vacations.

8 things that happened yesterday:
- The MP fed the YP dog food. (That is another post in itself - with pictures. Stay tuned)
- The phone rang off the hook.
- I crocheted the cutest hat and started another.
- I didn't workout to Jillian.
- I blogged.
- The MP emptied a whole container of Cous Cous on my bedroom floor, "making soup".
- Bath time occurred in the middle of the day. Not my favorite time.
- I cried. I am a little emotional these days.

8 things I love about Winter:
Really I am not the one to ask this right now

- Christmas
- Thanksgiving
- Cold (well I did before we moved here.)
- Blankets
- Soup
- Beautiful clear crisp days
- My birthday
- Hot Tea any time of the day.

8 things on my wish list:

- good health
- Wii Fit so I can look HOT by summer.
- contentment
- The Hubs lands his dream job and is happy.
- Success at raising well rounded happy children.
- A cure for cancer and heart disease.
- The economy to turn back around.
- Own my own coffee/pie shop.

8 things I am passionate about:

- The OP
- The MP
- The YP
- The Hubs
- Baking Pies
- Natural Medicine and remedies
- My children's education.
- Raising 3 strong, independent, healthy, beautiful, passionate, happy, loving, successful girls.

I could have just said my girls in one but each one is so different. They are there own little person and I am passionate about nurturing there spirits separately.

8 phrases I use often:

- Crap
- Give me kisses.
- Where's your sippy?
- What did you do with my_____________? The MP is taking a lot of stuff these days.
- Stupid dogs!
- Knock it off!
- I love you so so much.
- Stop whining!

8 things I have learned from the past

- It takes a long time to get over.
- Things can change in an instant.
- Cherish the ones around you.
- Love isn't hard if it is right.
- Follow your heart.
- Try to do something everyday that makes you happy.
- The most important thing in life is your loved ones. As long as you have each other that is all that matters.
- We meet some people at just the right time in life and some friends become family.

8 places I want to visit:

- Australia
- Italy
- Ireland
- Hawaii
- New York
- Germany
- Florida
- Alaska

8 things I want/need:

- Peace of mind
- to be healthy physically and emotionally
- a million dollars
- a ranch in the country with a huge house.
- my anxiety to go away for good
- to lose these extra pounds.
- My dogs to stop shedding.
- A fun relaxing trip with my best gals.

8 blogs I would like to tag (actually just 5 - Lady Di can pick the last 3 when she does this) :

Lady Di here at the Daily Doses of Mama Drama

Short Mama @ Family of Shorts

There you have it. If you want to be tagged - Your tagged! Just come back and let me know you did it so I can come check it out.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Not Bitter Or Anything.....

Dear Teachers I Sub For,

I know times are hard and education has taken a big hit. I understand the stress that comes with the great responsibility of teaching our young children. However, when has it ever been alright to leave sub plans that include an entire HOUR of "quiet" study time for a class of 30 sixth graders?!! Then, add another 45 minutes of "free choice" in the computer lab that is short about 10 computers right after. Oh yeah, and first graders can NOT sit still for 30 minutes of "story time". That Dr. Seuss art project is really cute, but I'm pretty sure I'd rather stick the brads in my own eyes by the time I have attached the last leg on Mr. Cat in the Hat. Each masterpiece little Johnny and Suzie make has 2 arms and 2 legs, and there are 20+ little Johnnys and Suzies. You're all college graduates, do the math.

Furthermore, just because there's a sub in your grade level doesn't mean she gets BOTH recess duties and ALL 30 minutes of "free play" P.E. by herself. I never EVER want to see these words written, "Calendar Routine-kids know what to do". Maybe you can get away with this crap in a third grade or above class and you actually have a routine that they DO know. However, twenty-something kindergartners who can't even blow their own noses properly can not be held responsible to "know" the routine. I have to admit, there's a part of me that thinks its kind of funny to see how passionate 5 yr. olds can be about the order in which you present days of the week, months of the year, and number of days in school. However, really, just take the extra ONE minute to actually write out the routine. Can you say VODKA? I can and I have to consume copious amounts of it after a day with plans like that.

So, the next time you decide to be "sick" on the Friday of a 3 day weekend, on the Wednesday that a staff meeting is scheduled after school, or the day before Christmas break try to leave a plan that doesn't essentially say F IT ALL!!!! You and I both know that YOU wouldn't ask your sixth graders to study for an hour and you certainly would not say, "Okay guys, you know what to do, so go ahead and start calendar while I check my emails." Let's agree that it is in everyone's best interest that specific, detailed sub plans which include actual work are the way to go. I know, sounds crazy, but just try. My liver and I will thank you for it.


The Sub (Who, by the way, is a teacher and is only doing this because she got laid off like every other new teacher in California. So I'm totally on to you)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli LOLLIPOP!

Lollipops are sweet sugary magic. Just hand them out and listen to the silence.

Check out those blue socks! Who dressed that child? Didn't you know? It is the in - thing to wear blue socks with pink leopard print. I pick my battles these days with that one.
Sometimes you just have to let it go.

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at Angie's place. Have a Wonderful Wordful Wednesday.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Writers Workshop: Home

Mama Kat has my Thursdays (well when I remember and when I have time - that is!) So this week I want to do two of the prompts but I probably will only do one.

I could have done three but I would have to pick ONE crazy dream and that would be hard because most of my dreams are crazy, strange and well.... down right weird. If I told you one you would want more and then I would have to start a new blog just about my dreams. Oh what would I name that one? Drama Mama Dreams - Scary!

Anyhow. I want to do #1 - developing a elevator pitch ( i/we have actually been thinking about something like that. I was totally unaware that there was such a name for it. That is what that little area above this post is for that says about us and under it says coming soon. That has been there for a long time - What? It takes time for developing a catchy sentence that encompasses what we write about, who we are and why you should LOVE us. Sometime at some point when there is free time to think - it will get done. *sigh*

Lady Di's suggestion was "Just two wild and crazy gals and all their drama" The hubs started to tell me one but I stopped listening after the word "old". We will keep working on our Elevator Pitch.

However I can do #4

"How many homes have you had? Write a journal entry about ALL the places you've called 'home' in your life."

I have had 13 homes. No. My Dad was not in the service. Wow, right? Even writing that seems so odd. 13 different places! I have though and each one holds a memory.

I was born in San Diego and lived somewhere down there for the first couple years of my life. Ok so I don't have a lot of memories (obviously) of that home. Then we moved next door to my Grandma (where I always felt at home and have so many memories). That home holds the first memory of my Dad. I was three and I remember it like yesterday. He wasn't my biological donor but he is my dad and I wouldn't change a thing.

Shortly after, when I was four, we moved to my home of 15 years. A ranch in Southern California. It is where I grew up, where I have most of my memories. We had horses, cows, pigs, sheep. 60 acres to roam and explore. In the course of 15 years we actually moved to two other places for circumstances that I was too young to totally understand. One was an apartment where I got my first puppy ( I was in third grade) and the other was a small house where I met on of my many best friends. I can't remember how long we stayed there until we moved back to the ranch, maybe a year. I just remember how nice it was that I had my best friend next door. Then it was back at the ranch until I was 18.

After I graduated high school, Lady Di and I moved to central California for junior college. In the course of 3 years, we moved 4 times. First we had our little apartment. Two rooms, one bath barely any furniture and a whole lot of memories. First time away from home and we had a blast. One very fond memory I have of that apartment is carrying Lady Di up the stairs after our first party and having a conversation about birds at 2:00am. Fun times.

After our apartment we rented a house with another friend - 3 bedrooms, 3 girls and 1 bath. I bought some seriously ugly furniture from an elderly lady for like 100 dollars and thought I scored big time. So many memories there. O my goodness. Let's just say there was more than once I would be sitting in class and here someone say, "Partay at 288 Birch". What? Di and I would look at each other and be like, "Dude that's our house!" *sigh* The local pd knew we were there and that we had many "get togethers" and they would watch out for us girls. Loved that town. .It had became home to me in so many ways. I met some of my most wonderful friends there including the hubs and while attending JC my parents had moved to Montana so home was redefined. After the house we moved back to the apartments we had started out at and then again to an even bigger apartment when the Hubs before he was The Hubs became mine and Di's roommate. That was such a nice apartment - 3 bedrooms, 3 bath with a big yard and tennis courts right outside our door.

After the hubs and I graduated JC we went to Fresno State and moved into a tiny single wide trailer in the middle of a walnut orchard. 2 rooms one bath. Poor college students - we didn't have enough money for propane and froze our tooshes off. It was so so cold in the winter. We had to get up at 4am to go to work at the college dairy. It was there the hubs proposed, where we were living when we got married and where we got preggers with the OP. I graduated college in that house and got my first big girl job. I miss that time in our lives as well.

We then moved out of town to a neighboring town about 45 minutes from Fresno. The hubs and I started our own business and it was there that we brought home the our first baby girl. I worked full time and was able to bring her with me to work. That was not much fun. Being full time first time mom and full time employee.

Fresno was home for 5 years and I cherish those memories so very much. I met and worked with some amazing people.

In 2004, the Hubs and I thought we would go on a new adventure and we moved to the Land of Nowhere in Arizona to a huge ranch. First we lived in a travel trailer, then a small one bedroom one bath caretakers home while our house was being finished. Our beautiful huge home: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and monstrous kitchen and two living rooms. It was the middle of nowhere but it was perfect in so many ways. We brought home two more girls. So many happy memories where made there and some sad ones too. I thought we would be there for a long time but things change and the Hubs got laid off and not only did he lose his job we lost our home because they were a packaged deal. I remember leaving thinking how sad it was to leave behind all those memories all those feelings. I brought home 2 babies and I lost a baby there too and a cherished pet. I didn't want to leave. I was angry and sad that the people who had given us so much took away even more. More than they realized.

So now we are here in Montana, freezing. We bought our very first home in October. 4 rooms, two bath . It is a new adventure. The hubs said recently, "that we are on auto pilot and forgot to look at our destination but we have terrain avoidance and all is going to be ok." That is exactly true. We have no idea where we are headed but for now we are here and we are safe and it is home.

I am not going to lie. It hasn't been easy being here. I have had some rough days and so has The Hubs and the girls. It is an adjustment but we are very blessed to have a roof over our head. We are very blessed to have such a healthy beautiful family. I recently bought this sign for our house. It hangs on the wall and reminds me that

"No Matter What, No Matter Where it's Always HOME if LOVE is There."

I read it every day and I remind myself how truly blessed we are and that it doesn't matter where home is because my memories are packed and stored in my heart. I take them where ever I am and where ever I go.

Thanks for the prompt Mama Kat and thanks for reading fellow bloggers. It was fun looking back.

13 homes and one huge heart packed full of cherished memories.

Mama's Losin' It

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Nap Is Better Than Cleaning

I guess it was just too much for her to handle and nap sounded better.

I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps she laid down for a second to come up with a game plan on the best way to tackle the task at hand and accidentally fell asleep. Maybe it was so overwhelming to her that she thought that the best way was to rest up first and clean later.

Like that ever happened.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

O Where is She?

Here is a random thought:

Where o WHERE is my best good friend Lady Di?

Did she go to the Zoo,
kiss a Giraffe
and catch the flu?

Did she go to Sea World
scare a whale
and go to jail?

Where o WHERE is our Lady Di?

Perhaps she stopped off at the Wild Animal Park,
stayed after dark,
got eaten by a lion
named Ryan!

On Monday, I missed her the most
because she forgot her post!

O Where o where could she be?

Should I call the National Guard, the Army or
maybe the President and have him send some jets?

O what shall I do? Does any one know where she is?

If you see her - have her drop me a line
and I will be just fine.

Just leave me a comment
but make it rhyme!

I will forgive her in the end,
thats why she is my dear best good friend.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Couldn't Have Just Disappeared into Thin Air?

That's what I was thinking when I found this topless toothpaste. I searched and searched the bathroom, the bedroom (thinking perhaps she absent mindedly carried it into her room - I mean I have been know to do something like that). Nope - no lid. So I gave up and left. Came back later to do something (take the little one potty) and started to walk out and ..........................

VOILA! I mean where else would it be but stuck to the light switch? I mean really, of course I should have looked there. Duh mom!

When asked, she said - What? I thought it was a good place to put it!

Sometimes I wonder!

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Click her name because for some reason the picture isn't working.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Don't Think This is Normal

You might be asking:
Um -- is that ICE?

I would answer:
Why - YES, yes it is.

You might then ask:
Is that in the HOUSE?

To which I would reply:
Um - YES it is.

Perhaps you would ask this:
Is that NORMAL?

and I would say:
I am not sure but I am thinking not - so - much!

(btw - I DID NOT paint the cable outlet - it came with the house and it is going to be changed soon. Along with the green walls, the green curtains, the green trim and the green carpet)

So then moving on through the house.

You: Is THAT a door in the HOUSE?
Me: Uh huh - It sure is!

CAN'T be normal, right?

Here is my favorite.................


That would be a pure solid COLD layer of ICE!

ON THE INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So not ideal!

Beam me home to Arizona Scotty! Preferable today.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Five: thin blood, banning Facebook, missed forecast, and Wii funs

Amy's Friday Five: This is where I share with you five things I learned this week because there is always something to be learned. In the process you might learn a little something about me.

1. Our thin blood isn't enduring these cold temperatures very well. I mean negative 26 degrees is just a tad bit cold for this warm weather gal. That's right, I said: NEGATIVE TWENTY SIX DEGREES. Holy Cats it's cold.

2. Facebook just ups the probability that you WILL hear bad news sometime during the week. I think I am going to stay clear for awhile. Just Livin' in my HAPPY bubble. That's me!
I know it is called DENIAL and I live smack dab in the middle.

3. The weather men up here must have graduated in the bottom of there class or something because they SELDOM get it right. Usually they are about 3 days off. So if they say it is going to snow and be super dee duper cold on Monday - they actually mean it is going to be beautiful on Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday and snow like the dickens on Thursday.

4. So - Wii Tennis is super fun and addictive. I LOVE it. Want to do it all the time. I guess that is what an addiction is.

5. and Wii Boxing is super tough and a great workout. Either that or I am in really poor shape. I am in pretty poor shape these days. I have to say I get great satisfaction at knocking out some super big dude in the beginning of round 2. Maybe I should see a therapist. Just no one can watch me do it because I think they would die in a fit of laughter. I haven't figured out what to do with my feet so they shuffle back and forth in lightening speed. I feel like an idiot but hey I haven't been knocked out yet.

What did you learn this week? Please share.

Have a wonderful Friday.

Hey does anyone know where I might find custom cut chalk boards? I need it to be 10 1/2 x 29 inches.

Also I am playing along in Amy's Round Robin over at Keeping Up With the Schultz Family. Check it out at our Eat Your Peas blog.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Writers Workshop: Year ago Today

It has been awhile since I/we participated in Mama Kat's Workshop. So I meandered over to her place last night and found this prompt:

4) Choose the 7th picture you took from last January and write a poem

How could I not post this picture. It sums this girl up in on snap shot.

I don't have a lot of time for a poem so we will see how it comes out.

Here we go:

Cute, Sweet, Silly, Sassy, fun
All rolled up into one.

One I absolutely adore,
I couldn't enjoy her any more.

She makes me laugh and smile,
she makes life so worth while.

Everyday I thank the Lord above,
he sent this little one down for me to love.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just a Few Thoughts

OK so I thought I would start my morning with a walk on the treadmill but my body had other ideas and scheduled something else for this week so instead I woke up and made cinnamon rolls - Is that bad? Maybe next week I will get started on my workout.

So many people I know are getting divorced. Makes you think, What the holy heck is going on?

I watched that Montel Williams infommercial about his Health Master. I fell asleep to it last night. I wonder if it really works. Does any one have one? I tried to use my blender - it didn't work.

It's snowing today - fun.

Why can't I ever get my kids to go to sleep at nap time? I put them down there in their cool awesome bed (I will post a picture soon) and all I hear is playing and giggling. I go down there, they end up crying, I give in and let them stay awake only for them to poop out at 6:00pm while I am making dinner. I am going to be strong..........I'll be right back...................

...............cross your fingers they will go to sleep.

What is up with Learning Designs Pull Ups anyway? They are irritating - What toddler looks down at there panties and says "Oh I think my designs are gone - I better use the potty" I get the cool release ones - those make sense but disappearing designs, really?

I have the cruddies. Stuffy nose and head, tight chest, ear ache. Fun times. Now my whole chest and back hurt from coughing so bad. I guess it was bound to set in some time at least it waited until after the holidays.

Update on Baby J - She got to go home yesterday. She has made some great progress and is doing well. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. She is beautiful, probably one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen, and I am hope to post a picture of her soon.

Well I said a few so I am out of here. Have a great Tuesday.

Did you see Lady Di's Mama Drama? Hilarious.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Leaks, Enough About Tractors, And Covert Operations

You Know You Have Mama Drama When....

1. You decide you better go sit on the toilet during a bad coughing spell so you don't pee yourself. Hey, this mama popped out not one but TWO 9+ pound babies and the land down under has never been the same.

2. Your son unrolls an ENTIRE brand new roll of paper towels just to get the little tube in the middle so he can rig it up to one of his toy tractors and use it as a "drag bar". Yeah, it's a farming thing.

Speaking of tractors....

3. Your son is sooo excited about the new track tractor at Dad's work that it is ALL he talks about. So much so that even the 3 yr. old upon seeing her brother walk towards her, held up her hand to him and said, "NO!! I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE TRACK TRACTOR!!"

4. You're running late so you raid your kids piggy bank because you need your tall nonfat chai tea from Starbucks and you don't have time to go to the bank AND Starbucks. By the way...yes, I know you can use an ATM card at Starbucks but then that would leave evidence via the receipt which would not be good since I currently bet my hubs that I could kick my Starbucks addiction. See how this is wrong on soooo many levels....mama drama for sure!! Oh and don't worry, I repaid my debt to my child and vow never to pilfer funds again...girl scouts honor.

And Finally....

5. You're in the midst of devising an elaborate covert operation to return a missing crock pot lid to your mother-in-law which you have been swearing for the last year you have not had in your possession. Low and behold you find the stupid thing after stating with much conviction for many months that you most certainly DID NOT have it. Well, dear ol' mom-in-law just happens to be going on a little vacay this week and guess what is going to be shoved way back in a corner of one of her cupboards to await discovery by it's proper owner??? I'm not joking. This is highly classified information, she would never let me live it down. Operation "Make Her Think She Is The Crazy One That Misplaced Her Lid" will commence tomorrow morning.

You know you have mama drama when you can't get your stupid computer to do a simple task like copy and paste your signature.....ugh


Our Mission

To have a safe place where you can air all your mama drama without judgement, cause we know you don't always have the kids in bed by 7 and make creme brulee for dessert every night.

Oh yeah.........

and if you do, you're on the wrong blog!