Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,

may luck be yours on HALLOWEEN!

Don't you just love it! I do. Have a great day.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts Tandom Style

Well it's Tuesday. What? You didn't know? Sorry! I should have broke it to you gently. It is and that means it is a day of Random Thoughts. You know over at The Unmom's. Lady Di is lurking in the shadows. Hence the tandomness. It has been awhile since we joined each other in a post. Don't you think?

Tuesday and it is supposed to snow here in the Big Sky. The Hubs is still enjoying the lovely sunny weather of the Land of Nowhere while I am freezing my tooshie off here in the Big Sky. What up with that? I tell ya he has it so easy. Did I say that? I did. You do, Hubs! Going to come home to a nice house: everything put away, put his feet up in his recliner and be all comfy and cozy. He is actually trying to acclimate himself while he is away by not turning on the heater and although it is warm in the day it's not so much in the night in the LON. I told him it doesn't matter how much he tries it isn't going to work because his teeth are chattering at 65 degrees and when I walked outside yesterday morning it was 34 degrees. Uh huh.

Yeah, I thought of you today as I was putting on my capris and sandals. It was in the 80's here. Got to love that mild California weather. If it makes you feel better it does get windy at night...

Seriously. Not even funny Lady Di. You suck! Speaking of wind. It was super windy here the other day and I forgot to mention the LEAVES. Oh my, the leaves are FALLING. They are everywhere. My neighbors trees are puking on my lawn. So I went out and just picked them up from my bushes and threw them in the air. I sent those little boogers flying down the street. Is that OK? I mean they are not my leaves.

Did you know it is hunting season? It sure is. See in the LON hunting season comes and goes and I really never noticed. It is a little harder to not notice here. As the OP said the first night we pulled in. "Mama that car has a dead goat on it!" Me: "Um, Say what? a daddy goat?" Her: " No Mommy a DEAD goat! Go back" Me: "Ok. If you say so." We backed up and sure enough right there in the parking lot of the restaurant on the back of someones truck was a dead antelope. I guess they needed a bite to eat. Long day? Odd. Very odd and a bit gross. Shhhh don't tell anyone my house might get egged. Anyway they are everywhere, on the back of trucks.

Just don't go native. I don't want to find anything dead on your car when I come to visit. OR wonder what is in the meatloaf.

oh not to worry. not to worry. I still ask the Grams what is in the meatloaf, the tacos, what kind of roast is that? I can't and won't eat wild game. It stinks. Could you imagine me, hunting. I think not.

I went shopping yesterday for some warmer clothes. Shopping was fun. My Mama and I walked into a tractor supply store to get a dog house and some snow boots were on sale. She says: "that is a nice price you should get some." I replied, " I think I will just stay in when it snows." I will wait until I find some cute stylish ones. Do they make those? I want some like my girls have.

So are planning on "staying in" until like May??? Girl, I'm afraid you are going to have to break down and buy some freakin' snow boots whether they are cute and stylish or not. I know you're in denial but you do live in MONTANA now and it SNOWS there...LOTS. Hey, just do me a favor and DO NOT under any circumstances whatsoever wear socks with sandals. Remember, Lady Di says that is NEVER okay!!!!

What? I thought I could totally get away with that here. Actually I was thinking about socks with flip flops. Cute, huh? I will start a new fad. Actually I am sending the OP to school today with socks and flip flops. Don't flip out! It is Red Ribbon Week and she is supposed to wear flip flops today. But good heavens it is freezing. I can't send her little piggies out in that kind of weather.

I had one of those moments. One of those moments when you look in the mirror and go. Holy crap! Who is that looking back at me? Yep I did. What happened? Where did I go and who the heck is this impostor that has replaced me. She isn't pretty. Her skin sucks. She has bags under her eyes. She looks like she has been hit by a truck. Even worse yet. I saw her again yesterday trying on clothes in a full length mirror and I was so scared I left. What happened? I turned 30 and WHACK my body went to $#!&*. I want to cry. I am going to get a tissue.

Here, you can have one of my tissues. We need to get a girl's trip planned that includes a day at the spa. I need a haircut so bad right now. My hair has never been the same since I had kids. What's up with that anyway? My once thick, long, wavy/curly hair is now thin and has a mind of it's own. Some days it has it's curl and does what it's told and other days it's flat and stringy.

Oh I got your back girl. It sucks. Mine is thinning in places where it shouldn't and then growing in places it's not supposed to. That isn't because I am thirty that is due to a haywire thyroid. Don't even get me started on that. Girls trip- yes indeed. Vegas baby. I just have to lose some of this extra bulge that has moved in uninvited. AGAIN.

Apparently I have some neighbors that are feeling a little pressure to decorate perhaps even a little jealous? See that was the first thing I did when I got here. It's Halloween! I have to break out the decorations. I got called bad names by two of my neighbors. One already stole my pumpkins. She has since put them back. It is all in good fun but it is so on! They better watch it. My new neighbors don't know how competitive I am.

Good luck with the new neighbors. We can trade crazy neighbor stories now. Mine felt obligated to come out and talk...I mean bitch the entire time while I was doing yard work. Goodness sake, that man is one big complain fest. I don't think he has ever said one thing to me that wasn't a complaint about something. His latest beef is with the mailman who is not delivering his mail because HE (the neighbor) won't move his car from in front of the mailbox. I'm thinking DUDE, I understand that YES it's kind of BS that the mailman can't get out of his little mail car to deliver the mail. HOWEVER COMMA if the post office powers that be say that he is not allowed to get out of little mail car and therefore mail will not be delivered if cars are parked in front of the mailbox.....then DON'T PARK YOUR FLIPPIN' VAN IN FRONT OF YOUR MAILBOX!!! Geez, do I really have to solve ALL the problems in the universe???

I love your neighbor. He is a crack up. You really should start sharing some neighbor stories. I thought he would move after the last shootout. Why is he still there? My neighborhood is like living on Wisteria lane.

And here is my own original random thought: I've been working at the schools administering a language test to all the English Language learners that are enrolled. Most recently I was at the middle school and can I just say that I think I know some kindergartners that can bubble in answers better than some of these middle schoolers. YIKES!! I don't know who cares less. The kid scribbling in the bubbles or the teacher that collects it with out checking and making the kid clean it up.

I am a teacher myself and I even gave the test to an entire class of students and I made sure that those kids bubbled in their answers properly. It's not that hard people and it takes less than a minute to do a glance over of each test that gets handed in to check for neatness.

You go Lady Di! Clean bubbles are important. You had to bring up teachers. I mean I know you are one but your an awesome one. I am having issues with the OP's. I won't get started.

Also, is it really necessary to say that only a #2 pencil be used on the test? Is there really any other number of pencil anymore? I'm 32 and remember back in elementary school that there were different leads. But, now a days...really? Isn't that like saying make sure you only put unleaded gas, not regular in your car? Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there. Maybe up in Redneckville....I mean Montana they still use pencils that are not #2 pencils.

Um. Geez. I am not in Arkansas! Montana is a little behind but not much and I am not a native. I still claim to be Californian. We have #2 pencils and I have personally never seen another lead number.

Oh I forgot. Can I just say that the Swine Flu is freaking me out a little. I mean I can't even get the regular flu shot up here. They seem to be short. What is up with that anyway? I mean seriously? They obviously know that there are more people in the world than last year and might need to up the number. No they made less. Thanks.



Angels, "It's a Farming Thing", and There's a Bunny In My House- Monday's Mama Drama

You know you have Mama Drama when...

1. You are in the car and warned the kids for the 100th time to stop touching each other and be quiet, when you hear yet another "hit" and yet ANOTHER snicker. You realize your ninja reflexes are not what they used to be when you turn quickly to catch the "perp" in the act and all you see is the 3 yr. old (with the halo on of course) pointing her delicate index finger at big brother...who is staring blankly out the window (also wearing halo).

2. You are actually thankful your son wants to be Spongebob for Halloween even though Spongebob annoys the YOU KNOW WHAT out of me. BECAUSE...up until this weekend you thought you would have to REALLY make your son either a center pivot costume OR a giant corn cob costume (it's a farming thing).

3. Most moms are taking their sons to Saturday morning soccer games, you are taking yours to the ranch to smash potatoes with the tractor ('s a farming thing).

And Finally....

4. Your 3 yr. daughter walks out of the bathroom stark naked with a wad of toilet paper stuck between her cheeks and says, "Look mom, I look like a bunny!!" Hmmm....potential Halloween costume perhaps???


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh My! We Have Been Bad

Shhhh! I have a quick moment. The princesses and the grams are still sleeping. I will have to be quiet though and quick so turn off the lights and be very very stealth like.

Where have the Mama Drama mama's gone? Shame on us! I know where I have been. See this:

Yep that is pretty much my situation. I can only imagine that Lady Di is buried under these:
I mean that would be the only reason she couldn't get to her computer, right? I am not worried. It isn't like being buried in sand, there are air pockets.

(thanks google for the pics) Here's the drama: The Hubs came for a day to unload the truck and then he left back to Arizona. So the Grams is watching the girls while I go down to my house and unpack, as Lady Di would say a bajillion boxes and move things around. Fun times. I am tired. Tired of trying to fit my stuff into a much smaller house. This is my life for the time being - I have big plans for this house. BIG BIG plans. (shh -that is a secret)

However, today I do the office. Well closet turned into office (i am serious). So computer here I come. I have been going through major blogging withdrawals. I have so so much to tell you guys. I moved to the drama capital of the world I think. I have only been here a while but oh my goodness - The DRAMA! Maybe it is just because this is the first time I have lived in a neighborhood. I actually haven't had neighbors since college and trust me when I say that it has been a long time. The only drama then was when the downstairs neighbors would cook - Lady Di and I had to smell curry for the evening. Or when the neighbors next door would blast there cultural melodies! Fun times. Those really were the days! Or wait a minute this one was always good, when Lady Di would be incapacitated for reasons I can not say and I would have to carry her upstairs to our apartment where she would turn into chatty Kathy and sing show tunes. Fun times!

Anyway getting off track.

I promise promise promise we will make it up to you and that all will return to normal here at the Drama Mama Blog very soon. I promise. See today I have to finish. I HAVE TO FINISH!!! or I might go insane and then we would have to change the name of this blog. Seriously it is time to have my space - my place to call HOME! So with that said. I will write soon. I promise. I hear movement. DARN IT! I.MUST.GO. I do, however, promise to return on Tuesday. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Oh, this is a good one. Today I am taking a bunch of kids to a pumpkinless pumpkin patch. They, the pumpkins, FROZE. Goodness sakes - I am not in Arizona anymore!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lady Di Is In The Kitchen Cooking Potatoes AGAIN...

So most of you know by now that I'm married to the man that supplies potatoes for those Lays potato chips ya' all eat at picnics and BBQs. He manages a baa-jillion acres of potatoes. Well not exactly a "baa-jillion". I tend to be a bit on the dramatic side. However, he is in charge of the planting, growing, and harvesting of a lot of freakin' potatoes (because "a lot of freakin" is so much more exact than a "baa-jillion").

So, needless to say I know how to cook a pototo in more ways than one. Just think of that scene in the movie Forrest Gump when Bubba is telling Forrest all the ways you can cook shrimp. Let's see, there's : baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, scallopped potatoes, ham n' potatoes, fried potatoes, twice baked potatoes, fat lady potatoes, potatoes n' sausage, au gratin potatoes, roasted potatoes, herbed potatoes, AND my feature for today POTATO SOUP in the crock pot.

Trust me there are more recipes but I have to pace myself. I have already shared my Cheesy Ranch Potato recipe. Lately, I have been on a crock pot kick. I love the crock pot. It's so easy, there is minimal prep, just throw ingredients in, set it, forget it, and when it's time for dinner TA-DA. Dinner is ready. So, come visit us in the kitchen at Eat Your Peas. The potato soup recipe is there as well as many other delicious and delectable delights.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Five: My Adventure is Cold!

Amy's Friday Five: This is where I share with you five things I learned this week because there is always something to be learned. In the process you might learn a little something about me.

WOW! I know, right? You were thinking I disappeared or something. I know Lady Di is starting to freak out a little ( I need to call her). She has probably scheduled a call to the national guard today or on her way to file a missing persons. I haven't been around but of course you all know that I am moving or have moved I should say. Yep I am here in the beautiful state of Montana where it is freakin' cold. Apparently it snows here in October and I moved right in the middle of a storm a very cold storm! Did I mention that I lived in Arizona where it was still in the 80's, where me and the princesses still wore flip flops and capri's? I did! So we have been a little busy you see. We got here and then the truck got here a day later along with the hubs and it has a been a whirlwind since. See the Hubs has to go back to Arizona for a few weeks so I only had him here to do the heavy lifting for a day and now it is all up to me. Fun times.

Yesterday I spent the day shopping for warm clothes for the princesses and I. We had to trade in our flip flops and capri's for Uggs and long pants **sniff, sniff**(more on that later).

Anyhow, I better get on with it. I had to sneak up to my Mama's loft to write this and I best hurry up before anyone finds me. My Internet should be hooked up today so I should be back soon - I promise. I have a ton of blogging to do.
So here is a few things I learned these last two weeks:

1. I am NO trucker! koodos to them. I don't know how they do it all day? I am the one who usually sleeps in the passenger side on trips. The Hubs actually calls our car the moving hotel because the princesses and I all sleep.

2. My GPS lady and I have a complicated relationship. I think she gets some sort of thrill out of taking me to dead end streets. Of course that can't really be true since she is not a real person but regardless I still seem to scream, I mean talk, to at her at times.

3. I have entirely TOO MUCH stuff! I don't know how I am going to fit it in my new itty bitty house. I need help and a yard sale. (more on this later)

4. I sure hope it doesn't snow again soon. I mean it is October and I just got here. Throw me a bone Mama Nature! See I learned this week that that the snow and the clouds make me a little claustrophobic or something. It could have been the abundance of clothing I was wearing - not used to that! I kind of had a freak out the other day thinking that I wouldn't see the sun until Spring. My Mama assures me that the sun comes out often in the winter time.

5. I am having a little separation anxiety from my old home, my old house, my old kitchen and The Hubs, oh and my flip flops -neither which are old.

This my friends is going to take some time to get used to! I will be fine, really! This is nothing that a little retail therapy can't fix. **hee hee**

I miss you guys! I can't wait to get situated so I can get on here and see what you all have been doing.

Uh oh- I hear movement. I better go. Lady Di - I promise to call you today!

I can't get my signature to work.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She's Always Been Too Big For Her Britches-A Thousand Words Thursday

I'm participating in a new meme. I can't recall off the top of my head if Amy has done it before but I know it's a first for me. The story behind A Thousand Words Thursday can be read at Cheaper Than Therapy.

In a nutshell, the author of said blog decided that every Thursday she would post a picture that was meaningful, expressed emotion, and spoke volumes to her. AND, she has been so kind as to let anyone willing to participate join her.

So I went through the eight ba-jillion pictures on my computer and found this little beauty from last Christmas Season. This is HRH (Her Royal Highness) aka Curly Top aka WW (wild woman). Since she was born, HRH has had the ability to make me laugh. I used to say she must sprinkle some kind of fairy dust on me that makes it hard to be mad at her. I know...this is not always a good thing because she has a bit of a wild streak (hence the nickname "Wild Woman". However, she is vivacious, independent, funny, smart, and is completely fearless. She is sugar with a LOT of spice! This picture definitely speaks volumes about this kid's spunk. She wanted to show me that she was big enough to cut down her own tree. She said, "See Mom, it's a little girl size tree just for me." I answered, "I thought you said you weren't a little girl?" HRH didn't skip a beat, she replied, "It's for little girls that are big."

Cheaper Than Therapy


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Rare Photo Indeed-Wordful Wednesday

Whoa!!! What's this? Is! Oh my, I think it is. An actual photograph with the BOTH of us. WOW!!! Folks, the picture you see before you is about as rare as a photo of "Nessy" or Bigfoot.

Usually the picture looks more like this...

Or this....

But never do you ever, hardly see this.....

Hard to believe after 8 years of marriage (just celebrated anniversary yesterday Oct.13) and three kids, we can manage to BOTH be in front of the camera from time to time. Funny how having kids cuts in on the couple time in more ways than one. So get a good look people, I may be gray-haired and wearing glasses the next time I can get a photo opp with my husband again.


Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Like a Little Kid, Why, Why, WHY?

Okay my Random Tuesday Thoughts are more like random questions that I sit and ponder as I reflect on my day.... you may have asked these questions yourself at one time or another. Then again, maybe not. We'll see.

So, why does my beloved son HAVE to strip naked to take a deuce anyway? Is it a guy thing or a 7 yr. old guy thing? AND...why does he INSIST on hanging out in there FOREVER? I mean really, what's the deal, does he have to marinate in the stench or what? I just don't get it.

By the way, for those of you that do not play a lot of cards a deuce would be a #2.

Why does my 3 yr. old INSIST on wearing her bathing suit STILL? Apparently she didn't get the memo that it is FALL! So she comes bee-bopping downstairs in her blue polka dot bathing suit and has the nerve to be upset with me when I deliver the bad news that she in fact is NOT going out in the below 60 degree weather to play in the water.

WHY, WHY, WHY, do my little cherubs decide that it's the perfect time to be little devils when mom is on the phone?? I swear, it is like a ringing phone triggers a chemical in their brain that turns them into crazed heathens. They can be in a near comatose state watching T.V. or better yet, playing quietly upstairs. BUT. As soon as that phone rings all hell breaks loose. They must think, "Moms on the phone...pantry (not to be confused with panty) raid!!!" OR "Moms on the phone...let's play WWE and hit our heads together to see who can scream the loudest."

It's official, I am a married single mom. Confusing, I know. Let me explain. My husband is a farm manager and he is right smack in the middle of harvest season. So, needless to say I see my husband between the hours of 1 a.m. -6 a.m. Which means I actually DON'T see him because I am asleep. So yes, it's been sometime now. Since about late August until early-mid November I am sort of on my own.

Don't get me wrong about previous random thought. I am not necessarily complaining about being a married single mom. It has it's perks: sole control over the remote, less cooking (funny how kids don't seem to mind eating cereal for dinner most nights), I can "work" on my computer without the sighs and eye rolls, and I eat late night snacks in bed (shh! don't tell, he hates it when I do that, something about crumbs in the sheets I don't know what his problem is).

So, minus the part where I think some crazed psychopath is going to murder me and my children at night while he's gone at work, it's really not that bad.

Speaking of crazed psychopaths, better check and make sure I have my keys, cell phone, and shoes right by my bedside in case the kids and I have to make a break for it!

Yeah and I let my 3 yr. old stay in bed with me rather than take her upstairs because you know SHE is going to protect me in case said crazed murdering psychopath comes in.

So, enough with my little neurotic thoughts. Let's try some err.. normal thoughts. It's supposed to rain tonight. LOTS. I love the rain. I love this time of year. Fall is my favorite.

Okay my mind jumps back and forth, forgive me. I'm still trying to figure out exactly why Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize. This has nothing to do with whether I like or dislike Barrack Obama or if I am a Democrat or Republican. AND, I know that to some its straight blasphemy to say anything against Obama. However, I think of past award winners and reflect on their LIFE work and know that Obama hasn't "payed his dues" to be a member of that club.

I don't like to get all political. So in the words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."


Oh, I almost forgot! Don't forget to Eat Your Peas. I had a request for my beef stew recipe so check it out on our food blog.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Fun

My husband and I took the kids out to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. We actually grew our own pumpkins this year. However, we forgot this little thing called fertilizer and our pumpkins are a little on the sorry side. Ironic, since I am married to a FARMER. Can you believe it? He had the nerve to be too busy with the "real" farm to deal with our measly lil' punkin patch. Well, no worries LadyDi learned some things from her trial run and I am going to grow me some gi-normous pumpkins next year. I'm talking "Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" BIG!

My Pumpkins

See, you can hardly tell the difference RIGHT????? Let's just say I'm not going to chuck it all and become a professional pumpkin farmer anytime soon....

Anyway, the kids and I have been going to this pumpkin patch for some years now and this was the first time Dad got to come (this is harvest time). He is usually working like crazy, but he actually had some time off so he was able to join us. This place is so cool because it has every squash, gord, and pumpkin you can imagine. There is a corn maze, haunted house, and bouncy house for the kids to play. Our kids love it, even the 14 yr.old (at least for now).

Now that's what I'm talking about.... Do you think I can grow some as big as this next year???


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Did I Mention I LOVE Fall!!!

AHHH, got to love it. I have a stew cooking in the crock pot, made myself some Chai Tea (my favorite), and I am sitting in front of a warm fire that I just switched on. Yep, got to love those electric fireplaces. No dirty logs to bring in from the blustery wind outside, no "building" a fire, just flip on like a light and ta-da "LadyDi make fire". It's a beautiful thing.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Time

Enough Said.

I will try to blog on the way but we will see what happens. Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement.

Goodbye Land of Nowhere. Thanks for the many wonderful memories. You will be missed. To all the friends and family I have made here: I will miss you all so very much. I believe that I came here for a reason and that reason was to meet some of you. You have made an impression on me and I will always keep you close to my heart. This is not goodbye but see you soon. I may be out of reach but never out of touch. I love you guys.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We Are Packed

We are packed - well almost. Now we have to load the truck. The Hubs is going to do that after I leave. The girls and I leave tomorrow. :( I am excited just sad too! Pray that is stops snowing in Montana because I don't drive in the snow. We just might detour to California until Spring.

My house in boxes! Kind of strange looking in all the empty rooms. I keep going to drawers to find things (like a knife to butter my toast) and all I find is empty space. I am getting anxious now to get to our new home and start anew. Most of the boxes in the picture above are my kitchen. I live in my kitchen and now I am going to a much smaller kitchen. This should be interesting.

For other Wordful Wednesday's click on over to Angie's. Happy Wordful Wednesday Everyone! Hope your day is extra wordful wonderful.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Winter, Moving, Irritated, Condoms and Smoking

Sorry. I know everyone looks forward to Lady Di's Mama Drama Monday but she got called to duty. She sacrificed herself for the betterment of the whole. She risked being exposed to 30 little germ carriers, possibly carrying swine flu, to teach them ABC's and 123's. Thank you Lady Di for your for bettering the world around us. We love you.

Anyhow it is Tuesday and I have got some random thoughts to share. Yes I do! Thanks to The Un Mom I can.

The news man said this morning, "Winter was knocking on the door" I yelled back at the newsman, "oh no he didn't he barged his happy little cold butt in without asking!" See I am supposed to be moving today but it snowed in my new place of residence and we are waiting because I don't nor does my mama drive in snow. We could be here until spring.

My beautiful house looks so sad with packed boxes and nothing on the walls. So so sad. I am sad. I said a lot of goodbyes yesterday and will be saying more today and it just SUCKS!

It is so irritating when people offer to help. You plan everything around their schedule and then they flake. Why did they offer in the first place? Just don't bother. It saves everyone a lot of grief and stress.

Why at 31 years old **cough** can I not buy condoms? I mean seriously I am 31! I have 3 kids! But I can't. I do the drive by on the shaving /condom isle - if anyone is around I keep on cruising until they leave. If anyone is in the pharmacy (which is located right next to it) I think twice. I just know all those old folks waiting for their meds are staring at me shaking there finger and saying, "Shame on you". It is ridiculous. I have a right, I don't have to answer to no one but I am still a freak when it comes to this. If all the conditions are right and I do get them in my cart they go under something and I find a girl checker. The Hubs however has no problem, none!

I was at the check out counter when a man was inquiring about a carton of cigarettes. The lady told him they were $67.00. 67 dollars! 67 dollars to fill your lungs with tar and smoke. What? 67 dollars to expose yourself to lung cancer. That sounds like great fun. I think I would take my 67.00 dollars and buy a new pair of shoes or some clothes. Seriously. Sorry if you smoke. If you were family or friends, heck you are so I will just tell you, Stop smoking!!!! Today! Go buy something awesome with your 67 dollars.

I am not looking forward to unpacking. I'm not. Especially in the snow. It is OCTOBER! Shouldn't it snow in December. This is going to take some getting used to. I am a capri and flip flop sort of gal and so are the princesses. I guess I better trade in my flips for some Uggs.

Have a great Tuesday. I will be packing my Kitchen. Yikes. It's scary. It is! I live in the kitchen, the kitchen is my space.



Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday in the Land of Nowhere: My Last Sunday

It is my last Sunday here in the Land of Nowhere. I am a little sad to be leaving. I will miss looking out my window and seeing this view on a cool crisp winter morning:

I will miss driving down my road and dodging one of these (there are a million):

Well come Tuesday it will be time to say goodbye to this place and hello to a new chapter in my life. Stay tuned.....................

Be sure to visit Unknown Mami and take a peek at her city and others who are participating.
Unknown Mami


Saturday, October 3, 2009

wizard of Oz Pictures: Food and Decorations

I promised more pics of The Oz Partay! So here they are:

First there was Melted Witches Brew (lime sherbert and 7 up) This is always a hit with both the adults and kiddos. We actually ran out.

Then we had vegetables and ranch dip, pasta salad ( I will post the recipe for the pasta salad on Eat Your Peas soon ). It was yummy!
Of course we had to have fruit with Lady Di's dip. We love that stuff.
Then there was the homemade corn dogs. Yes I may be crazy but they were a huge hit and so delish and I don't even like hot dogs. So there, Lady Di!
Then the cake:

I decorated the table with vases stuffed with green tissue paper, candy dishes and martini glasses filled with a ton of different types lollipops, skittles, pixie sticks, dum dums.

After the party. The kids filled their Terra Cotta Scarecrow's with all the candy. So fun.

Well there you have it. The Wizard of Oz party. It's over - I promise.

Our Mission

To have a safe place where you can air all your mama drama without judgement, cause we know you don't always have the kids in bed by 7 and make creme brulee for dessert every night.

Oh yeah.........

and if you do, you're on the wrong blog!