Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Is Here.....Sort Of...Uh, Okay Not Really

Fall has arrived. Time for blustery winds, falling leaves, and pumpkins. I love Fall. I love wearing sweaters, going to the pumpkin patch, the smell of spices while apple cider cake bakes in the oven. Too bad, I'm not wearing sweaters or baking some yummy apple cake or pumpkin bread. I just spent the last week in capri's and flip flops. AND I sure as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks wasn't firing up the oven in this triple digit weather. You see, apparently my neck of the woods didn't get the memo that it is indeed FALL. In fact, it never does. We historically have what is known as an Indian Summer this time of year. We usually have very mild weather here, yet every October there is a spike in the temperature that lasts until around Halloween. This year is turning out to be no exception. I think it was hotter last week than our entire summer.

First, let me explain that for the most part I love the mild central coast weather here in my part of California. However, I wish just once we could get a taste of a true Fall season. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I don't get those warm fuzzy Fall feelings while the family and I are out searching for the perfect pumpkin in shorts and sandals.

I don't think I would feel so bad if it weren't for all the books and holiday cartoon specials that portray the idyllic Fall season. For years since I was a little girl have read story after story, seen pictures and watched shows about that mythical season called Fall. The vibrant orange, red, and yellow colors of the trees is beautiful..or so I've heard. Children jumping into leaf piles as high as mountains. I think if I gathered every leaf in this whole town I would have a pile large enough to stick my big toe in it.

I'm traumatized I tell you. Just once I wish that I could open a book about Fall and see a picture of someone walking down the street in shorts eating an ice cream. But no....what do I see? Granny making a nice cup of warm apple cider for the grandkiddos, families all bundled up going on the hay ride through the pumpkin patch, a bubbling stew on the stove, I can't go's just too much. It's regional weather discrimination I say. I know I'm in the minority, but we need some representation. You'd think in this age of political correctness there'd be a least one book by now that would portray MY kind of Fall. Please, don't even get me started about Christmas. Not everyone lives in place where it snows....that's all I have to say about that.

So, I will continue to fight the good fight and advocate for people everywhere that live in such weather zones. We don't need "no stinkin'leaf piles". I will feel no shame for my scant appareal. I will proudly put on my capris and say with confidence to my children, "It's Fall, now let's go out and get some pumpkins.....and yes we will be going for ice cream later."

Lady Di

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John Deere Mom said...

Ha! I have to laugh before I was all set to blog about fall tomorrow with pumpkins, leaves, and jackets. But today we are supposed to break a record for the high temperature. Granted, that's only 84, but that's hot for us in October! :)

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