Thursday, August 14, 2008

Following a thought

So I decided to make my usual Friday Five post on my family blog a seperate blog all on it's own. It just came to me one night and I decided to run with it. I also think I might mix it up a little. Sometimes it will be the usual what I have learned sometimes it will be what I want to learn and maybe I will throw in some weekly pet peeves, who knows. I am just following a thought so lets just see where it will take me. That said, 5 things I have learned this week.

1. Sparkly kids Lip Gloss does not come off little ones arms and legs with soap and water. Nope, that is a job for Dawn dish soap. Why is it on arms and legs and not lips? Good Question!

2. I might possibly live in the only place in the country where you can leave a vehicle running in front of your house and leave for dinner for 5 hours and no one notices! oops, not me that would be my husband :)

3. Watching five little girls for a couple days was not as hard as I imagined but it is a bit exhausting. At least I know that I can do it! Good to know just in case we decide to have more. Ha Ha

4. My husband likes women's Olympic beach volleyball, imagine that! I had no idea until now - since he has never been a sports kind of guy in the seven years we have been married, he claims to like all volleyball but I am not so sure.

5. Craig's list, I had no idea! Like I need another thing to distract me from laundry. Thanks Di.

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