Friday, December 18, 2009

Are you ready?

Are you ready for Christmas? I'm not! So today I am going shopping. Wish me luck. I am going to need it. You see, I had a plan. 'Had' being the key word. The plan never unfolded so now I am unsure of what I have, what I want, and what I need but it's all good, right? Right!

Honestly where is the time going? I missed a Friday Five and I think I actually missed the whole Friday! Just skipped on over it that is what I did! I think we should all be worried that an alien is sucking the time away through some sort of hole in the atmosphere. It's getting scary. Then the whole week passed me by and I don't even really remember what I did. Now that is SCARY! I am going to go with............ unpacked. Yep that is what I did.

Anyhow, it is Friday again and what did I learn? WHAT did I LEARN?

1. I learned that little boys toilets are less than pleasing. I am so so glad I have girls. SO GLAD! I think if I ever have a boy I will install a urinal and require aiming sessions with an experienced aimer. I know of one - he is trained!

2. I learned that my dream house is just 7 miles away from my house and I WANT it - then I want to move it to a warmer climate.

3. Never say never. Remember a couple posts ago - something about a friend and her horribly bad day that I was thankful not to have? I had it. Last night. I should have known when I said my little YP would never have such an experience that I would eat those words. Well it wasn't as bad - so I am still thankful. It could have been so much worse.

4. That the Hubs being home all the time while I am at home is probably not the best idea. Down time is not good. Down time will result in the possibility of having the problem stated in #1. I know. TMI. But hey it is something I learned. He will be blushing when he reads this. I love it when he blushes. Love it. It makes me feel like we are in High School again and not in our mid 30's - Which is just sad!

5. Wood floors + smallish house+ and two dogs = CRAZY OCD WOMAN!

What did you learn? Do share!

Have a FABULOUS DAY and a WONDERFUL weekend!


Trudy said...

I am so glad to hear that I'm not the only one behind. How is it that I have NOT sent out my Christmas cards and it is one week from today? Ahh...the horror! We will be shopping and baking all weekend...and sending cards out!

Merry Christmas Amy!

shortmama said...

I am so behind too! Too much stuff going on at school for the oldest, bday party tomorrow for the youngest...dont even get me started on Christmas!! No cards sent yet, no gifts wrapped, not even done buying gifts....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Gaia said...

Hiaz, I don't even know where to start with the presents. And I too have learned never to say 'never'! :( Have fun and successful shopping trip.

monica said...

Okay, little boy's toilets are not any different then little girl toilets. I think it's cleaner because they don't have to touch the toilet to pee. Yes, the aiming part takes time to learn and boy have we had the accidents to prove around here. I want to know what hubs did. How funny! Yes the dog here is insane right now. Try having tile floors, hard wood and carpet. It all gets attached to dog hair. It's awful! Good luck shopping today - I hope you got it done! Only 7 more days until Christmas!

Being Me said...

I'm catching up .. soon. only 5 days ..screeeeech!!
So drama .. it is but it's part of the season.. .and
I have 2 boys ...honestly I think they get a better deal when it comes to toilet 'stuff'..


Amy said...

I learned you can slip and almost fall in ice when wearing the wrong kind of shoes..

Good luck with the shopping.

Amo said...

We have hard wood floors and carpet and two dogs who shed shamelessly. Next dog I get, I'm getting one of those non-shedding kinds. I have had it with dog hair!! The problem is that I don't really like the non-shedding types of dogs. Poodles? Yorkies? I will have to grow to love them.

BrookeDexheimer said...

We got a new mini Doxie, and his hair is white, and he barely sheds. The only kind I would allow, and that was not easy. I hate boy toilets, but you get what you get and don't through a fit (per Cruz). Done shopping, but wrapping does it ever end. Are we crazy, shop for it, buy it, then wrap it only to be ripped open in a matter of seconds. Oh well. Merry Christmas, and God Bless.

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