Monday, December 21, 2009

This Mama Needs a Vacation

Okay - So I don't know where Lady Di is. Probably in bed like this:

I only say that because that was me this morning (well not really ME!) You get the point.

Just wanting to wish the world away. Having no desire to get up and go. What is going on? WE are in a funk and the FUNK seems to be going around this year. I have been reading some blogs and talking to friends and it is a reoccurring theme. So we are starting a movement - SAY NO TO THE FUNK!! Just do it! DON'T allow it to enter your day. If you start to feel a little down - Call a friend and talk about something exciting or fun. Plan a trip. Lady Di and I are going to Vegas in February with one of our college friends. We will probably just sleep but at least we will be uninterrupted. I dream of no interruptions. Go get a pedicure or a hand and foot massage. Something!

Anyway: That's it Ladies and Gents : Say NO to the funk!

So I am going to give this Mama Drama Monday a Whirl. Wish me luck:

You know you have Mama Drama if:

1. The YP gets ticked off at the hubs and is so stubborn that she refuses to ask for help when she has to go potty. You are completely unaware and realize something is wrong when you are in the kitchen and you and The Hubs keep asking, "What is that smell?" "Did you throw away a dirty diaper?" "Are you sure?" You finally go to investigate "the smell" and walk in on a scene that makes you gasp in utter dismay, gag, scream, and run.

She had to go, refused to call for help, removed dirty panties, tried to wipe, tried to put on new panties and when all the above failed she ran and hid in her sisters closet. Let's just say Barbies convertible ended up in the sanitize cycle in the dishwasher.

2. Same little girl is bare bottomed on your bed and pees all over your coveted, sacred Scandia Down pillow. You throw it in the washer and leave to make Tamales and come home to what looks like a mostly empty pillow case with clumps of stinky feathers. Lot's of drama - trust me! This is after The Hubs broke a tea cup from England and I chipped my favorite tea pot.

3. You have a migraine - It's 5:45 am haven't slept at all and not feeling well and the whole family converges on your bed talking away with 10:00am voices. Irritated, tired and not fully awake The Hubs says something with the words, 'why don't you.........' ( I seriously don't remember the rest of his sentence ) When you reply "Why don't you shut your mouth!" OOPS. Totally slipped out - not what I meant to say at all. Honestly! Thank heavens The Hubs is a saint because he just got up, closed the door and said calmly, "let's leave Mama alone." I couldn't sleep after that and got up and apologized.

4. When the Hubs has to literally pull apart the YP and the MP because of a full on brawl. Yep the 2 year old and the 4 year old were starring in there own mini version of WWF. Nice - Huh?

So after this whole week - This Mama was not in a good mood. So finally you know you have Mama Drama when.............

5. After a day of being on your feet for 9 hours making tamales with the background noise of fighting, yelling, whining, tattle telling - you blow and send everyone to bed. The OP is in her room crying and singing the blues, The MP is screaming for her Daddy and won't dare come out and the YP (the bravest of them all) comes running out (I am assuming to find The Hubs), sees mama and turns and runs back without a word and went to sleep. She knew.

Well there you have it - Amy's Mama drama. Really I find it all quite funny. It is just life! I wouldn't trade it for the world and honestly I don't last two days without missing this crew.

Maybe Lady Di will add hers later.

Spill it! What was your drama?


Trudy said...

Wow...that is some crazy drama. Hope the migraine is better! Mmm..tamales, I bet they were yummy!

I love the YP running away in fear part...I would have been LOL!

Stephanie Faris said...

Ugh. Can we just have a day of NO drama? That's what I'd like in my life!

Amy said...

What a week filled of drama..

Wishing both of you a Merry Christmas to Lady Di and Amy Plus your families..

You know you have Mama drama when your two year old decides to throw all of her toys every place she can.

Kristin said...

I'm officially saying no the funk. Let's enjoy this pre-holiday week to its hilt lady!

monica said...

I diffently don't have the drama that you have. I hope you get out of the funk and be happy and merry! Merry Christmas!

Emily said...

Oh My Gosh I completley agree with your say No to funk. I'm not a mamma yet but I've had quite my fill of dramma.
1. Hubbs get injured at work
2. Hubbs is in pain from a health issue
3. Oven breaks and have to spend 600.00 we don't have on a new one.
4. Neighbor dogs finally break a hole in our fence...grrrrr....
5.Work is always Drama
So to sum it up I've about had it with this month!!! 2009 was not a good year for us. Luck be a lady in 2010!

Unknown Mami said...

But I love Funk music, I can't say not to Funk music.

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