Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Five: Medication, 90 degrees, The blues cure, Neighbors and Obsessions

Amy's Friday Five: This is where I share with you five things I learned this week because there is always something to be learned. In the process you might learn a little something about me.

Hello there! Happy Happy Friday.

The five things I learned this week are:

1. Everyone around me is medicated which makes me wonder.................................should I be medicated too? I thought I was normal but perhaps I am not? I don't know. Maybe it is just because now I live in a populated town and know more people. People who are depressed, anxious, paranoid, confused. I am all of those things at some point some of the time. Maybe it becomes a problem when you are all of those things all of the time. Or perhaps I should just move back to the Land of Nowhere.

2. My husband traveling to our old home for a week enjoying the sun and swimming in 90
+ degree weather while I am stuck here in the wet cold snow inside all day with my children bothers me. just a little.

3. Watching my girls rock out to Demi Lavato melts my blues away EVERY TIME.

4. I have a neighbor who annoys me. I might just have to go knock on his door. (More on this soon)

5. My daughters' obsession with babies worries me more and more each day. I push the worry out only for it to slowly creep back in. I worry that it is not normal to be so obsessed about something.

Well there you have it? Tell me what you have learned this week. Enquiring minds would like to know.

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1 comment:

Erin said...

Everyone in my house in medicated...does that count?

And yeah, I would be a little more than just bothered if I was stuck in snow too! You can come visit me, it's about 75 degrees here!

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