Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is this a Joke?

I am so NOT laughing.


heather said...

I am crying for you. I really, really am. Hope it all melts off soon!!

shortmama said...

Wow from 266 degrees to snow!!! What weird weather you have there in Montana! LOL

Caty said...

Is that from today? I am so sorry. I think I would have remained in denial most of the day, probably thrown a temper tantrum, and then taken my blow dryer to it!! (just kidding with the blow dryer...but it's a thought)

Erin said...

Wait....:::Checking calendar::: It is MAY right?

YIKES! I hope that all melts away rather quickly!!

sheila said...

OHHH YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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