Friday, September 19, 2008

A bit of everything

I just had so many thoughts this week, I actually could have had a list of 25 but that would be overdoing it. So today, you get a hodge podge. Somethings I learned, some I know for sure, some current frustrations and some questions to go along with them. Enjoy.

1. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than a indecisive toddler. They change clothes every five minutes, they want something to eat then they don't or want something else. I think I am going to go nuts!!!!!!!! Seriously when does this stage pass? and how do I deal in the meantime??

2. Planning a themed birthday party is hard work but a ton of fun especially for an overachiever such as myself. Am I too old for one because I want one?

3. Repondez s'il vous plait = R.S.V.P the English translation - Please Respond! How come nobody does? It is a phone call that takes less than a minute to make. Just another frustration of mine!

4. Milestones although exciting are bittersweet and a little bit sad. I will never have that moment again. Each moment is so precious I just wish it lasted a little longer. Which leads me to my #5.

5. Time flies by, cherish every moment because it is gone before you know it. One moment your first born is cradled in your arms as you sing a lullaby than she is six and listening to Miley Cirus dancing in her room. One day your two year old who just started talking up a storm announces "I'm not a baby no more, mom! I don't need naps" and one day your youngest, your baby is crawling and then she stands up and starts walking as if to say - I don't need you any more. Precious moments - gone in a instant.

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Luke & Erica said...

I feel the same way. My 3-month-old is rolling all over the place. Makes me happy to see that she is healthy, strong, and thriving, but on the other hand, sad that she is growing so fast.

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