Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Story - The beginning.

So you ask: How did you come up with such a fantastic name - Daily Doses Of Mama Drama?  You probably think that I must have a ton of drama in my life.  I really don't have a lot of drama in my life. Nope - I just attract an array of friends that have drama in their lives. I always have. I think I must have been a counselor or psychiatrist in a past life!  I don't mind really because like I said above I do not have a ton of drama (other than the normal girly drama that comes with raising 3 girls) in my life.  

Anyway back to how I conceived "Mamas with Drama."  I have been blogging for a year now, mainly just my own personal family blog. Just to keep family updated on all our happenings since we live so far away from all our friends and family.  I have a few others as well that I am developing, a recipe blog for instance, because I love to cook and bake. My Friday Five where I reflect upon my week and choose 5 things I have learned,  am annoyed about, or just 5 random thoughts.  I posted this weeks below.  Lately though I have been following some blogs that are more mainstream and by mainstream I mean they have a huge following. I thought to myself,  I want to join these ranks. I cruise the blogosphere daily in awe of the connections that are made between these wonderful awesome women and I want to be connected too!  Maybe it is because I live in the middle of no where and have very few social connections.  My only connection to the outside world is through my computer.  I long to be a part of something bigger.  

At the same time my best good friend and I are always saying that we need a place to rant and rave our daily frustrations that come with being a Mom and wife. Some place we can call our own. We talk about it all the time but never come up with anything. Then the other day I am completely feeling overwhelmed: I am folding laundry, thinking about how I should be teaching ( I homeschool the Oldest ), worried about my husbands job (that is on the verge of disappearing), completely irritated that my toddler is not listening to me  ( I have only asked her 15 times to pick up her jammies and put some panties on), and frustrated that my Youngest has decided to be super clingy that day.  My toddler, we will start calling her (for now) - The Middle One, comes in the room and I say again, "Go put your panties on and pick up your jams - NOW!" She calmly walks back to her older sisters room and says, "Mom is really angry!" and The Oldest says, "I know - you better do what she says."  I think - Nice! I think I need a break. I put the Youngest to bed, turned on some TV for the other girls and took a nice long shower and Voila! Daily Doses of Mama Drama was conceived!  I got out of the shower set it up and here we are - not really sure what to do now but am determined to do something. 

I need a place to call my own, I need a place to connect with other moms and other women, I need a place to vent so that my kids don't worry about when Momma has had enough and can't take it anymore! A place to laugh at myself and   I am hoping this is the place. I brought in my best good friend, Lady Di because she knows drama and she is the one of the funniest gals I know. Hopefully this will be a place to laugh with us, maybe even cry (only because you are laughing so hard you just can't help it), or  maybe just a place to visit while you are out and about in the blogosphere. 

TTFN  If you have any suggestions please let us know. We are new to this whole 'blog amongst the masses' thing!

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Sarah Simas said...

Hi Amy and Di!

I love the title and the blog design. It's beautiful!

Here is a blog idea:

A post about daily schedules. I need a better one so I can find time to write.

Also, here is a blog you can get ideas from.
They are writers, but they have tons of "mommy stuff" on there.

Hope that helps.

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