Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fired UP

It's political which I try to stay away from on my blog but it is time...............

It is time to get serious. Because this, Arizona Rancher Murdered, shouldn't have happened and I am upset about it. I am OUTRAGED. So I write.

I am mad that this happened and relieved that I don't live there anymore. The Hubs who is now going to be called Mr. Man (because I am tired of "Hubs" and because I call him Mr. all the time so it fits) knew this rancher. We lived not far from him and he had done business with him before. Such a sad sad story and IT DIDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN.

When is something going to be done about our borders? When is THAT going to be a priority?Instead we waste months arguing about a health care bill that to quote a democrat on the hill the day it passed, "This bill is going to destroy America as we know it" and admitted that it passed just as a "We told you we could.......(pass a bill) to the Republicans." DISGUSTING.

Meanwhile people, OUR innocent good people are dying just because we can't seem to keep OUR borders protected and bad people out of OUR country. This has been weighing on my heart from some time. One - because I lived down there for six years and saw first hand the floods of immigrants that would cross our ranch. Two - in the last couple of years I saw the demographic of people that have come across change and it is scary. SCARY. It's ridiculous.

These immigrants that are coming over are NOT the immigrants of old. They are not looking for a better life, an education, or a place to work (hell we HAVE no work). They are running drugs that are infiltrating OUR schools. They are gang members that are infiltrating OUR communities and OUR schools. They are TERRORISTS.

I believed once that they were here for a better life. I have known a few that have come here illegally then made it legal and brought their family over to pursue and education - a better life. I am all for legal passage and immigration into the United States. Come on over be a part of a great nation. Be a working productive contributor not a sucking leach ( that could be said about some of our current American residents.) Bring your children leave your drugs and gangs.

Unfortunately those people are not the ones coming over. Instead the ones coming over are trafficking DRUGS. Drugs that are coming into OUR communities and being peddled to OUR children. They establish gang members in good communities. Just ask Lady Di who had a drive by shooting not too far from her house last year. They carry guns and are prepared to kill anyone who gets in there way. Innocent people who mistakenly lend a helping hand.

A year of so after we moved there. A farmer was going home and saw a car with it's hood up. He stopped to help and they SHOT him. A couple of years ago a women was shot in her HOME. Just last year we and several others were broke into. Luckily for us it was just our office and they didn't take anything they just trashed the place. However others were not so lucky. Also before we left a couple was forced into the trunk of their car and taken to the Mexico border. The immigrants just wanted a car to get back to Mexico. Thankfully they were unharmed - physically anyway. Their are many more stories out there but you never hear about them.

For every one case where the border patrol arrests a group of immigrants smuggling drugs (many were caught on our ranch) there are a hundred more and even more who never got caught because system is so overwhelmed. This should make everyone uneasy because if they can make it in anyone can. Any terrorist can come on in. Are you nervous? I am.

IT IS A PROBLEM! And the government burying their heads in the sand isn't going to solve it. How many lives are going to have to be lost before they pull their heads out and take action? I guess that have the "out of site, out of mind" philosophy up there in Washington. Or maybe they are too busy trying to figure out how to sneak little things such as student loan restructuring (that is important right now) into the Health Care Bill and I am hearing about all kinds of things that they slipped in.

It is sad that this happened to such a nice man. My heart is saddened that he lost his life over something so ridiculous. His poor family. Our family is praying for them. To quote this article that a friend emailed me today, " This country failed Robert Krentz, his family and all who work for him. As they have failed countless families all across the country."

It is time folks to protect OUR country and OUR citizens. I am not saying I know the answer. I don't. Well...............never mind that. I am saying that it is time to go to the drawing table and come up with some real solutions. We know the problem so let's start fixing it. WE have to. We can't just send down unarmed people to slap them on the hand and send them back just for them to come back the following week. That hasn't worked. Are we THAT stupid?

Treat this situation for what it is, a homeland security issue, make it priority one and FIX it. Fix it for us and for our future generations. They need to stop worrying about how many votes it will get them at election time and fix it.

Sorry for the rant. I am just mad and when I get mad - I blog. It helps.

I miss our home in many ways but am so relieved that we got our girls out of that area. I recall countless times where we were outside and were approached by illegals. My husband would rush into a car, a shop, the house, or somewhere out of sight as fast as he could and then he would go back out to see what they wanted. SCARY.


shortmama said...

Being in AZ I know exactly what you mean. Often people in other parts of the country are clueless to the real problem that not protecting our borders causes. Its not about race, as much as others try to make it that way the reality is this has nothing to do with race. No matter the color of skin it is a huge problem. Come it the right way thats all we are asking.

Grace said...

That is SCARy!I often think if we would send them all back WE might have more jobs open!

monica said...

I so agree with you! What a sad story and so many more that you mentioned.

foolish heart said...

I don't understand how the government can blatantly ignore the wishes and needs of its country. I agree that they are so "stuck up the butt" of this health care bill that nothing else matters. It's tragic what happened. I also agree that there are american leeches too...I know several. I don't know the answer to the problem either, but there definitely needs to be someone getting busy at the drawing board-as you stated! Thanks for the rant; feelings are mutual!!

Brandy said...

I agree with every word you wrote. Obama and his minions are so clueless. {Can I just mention that 14 states are now suing over HCR?}

Anyway back to the borders. I might not see the worst of the worst but I do see how many immigrants are filling our small town & I read the horror stories like the one you linked.

In all fairness this issue should have been taken care of before Obama was elected; however it's his problem now and he should be addressing it instead of creating the great divide in America.

ModernMom said...

Wow! Being a Canadian I can say I had little knowledge of this problem, and had not heard of this tragedy. Very sad and scary:(

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