Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rude People Suck

The Hubs' new job brings him face to face with an array of people. Not really his favorite thing but it (his job) is paying the bills. I haven't blogged about it because our current situation is like so many others and we are just not really happy but getting by. It is just life for now and this too shall pass.

Anyhow his job takes him into people's homes and he has seen things that no one should ever see from porno dvd's just lying around, birds flying (in the house), food and bird/cat feces on the floor, kids peeing in cereal bowls. Our eyes have been opened. OPENED! Wish they hadn't but they have. Crazy stuff!

The hubs comes home and tells me stories and I cringe and then make him strip his clothes and take a shower.

So he came home yesterday and tells me that he had to stop for directions in a small town. He walks into a store and asks this lady and she turns around and says, "Do I look like a map to you?"

What the heck? Are you kidding me? He, being the man he is - apologizes. APOLOGIZES! what does he have to apologize for? That old hag should have apologized. Honestly i am not sure whether she was old or not but a hag(to put it nicely) never the less.

He tells her that he is not familiar with the area and thought she might be able to help. She says, "There's a post office across the street." Not in a nice voice. He, being in uniform, thought it not be a good idea to tell her off.

It just irritates me that people are so rude. I mean seriously. This was not the first time that he has encountered a rude person like her. Who peed in her corn flakes? Maybe she has one of those kids that I talked about above. Regardless there is no good reason to treat people like dirt. NONE. If I ever find myself in that town. I will be asking directions to that same lady because I am NOT wearing uniform and I have some words for her like, Oh excuse me? I thought you were human but now I see you are just a @%&*!. So sorry for the mistake. Have a wonderful day!

I might just go there for that because I have some pent up anger I need to release. I think it would help.

So I ask, What would you say or not say when encountered with the lovely person above?


shortmama said...

I dont know specifically what I would have said because Id have to be in the moment but I can PROMISE you it wouldnt have been nice!

Always a mom said...

OMG LOL That is hilarious and sad all at the same time. These people are out there though, breathing the same air that we breathe and it is so hard to believe that people can really be so cold and rude. Your hubby must have more self restraint than mine because he would have tore her a new one and she wouldn't have even seen it coming!

monica said...

I can't believe that someone would be that rude! I don't know what I would have said but it wouldn't have been nice!

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