Saturday, March 6, 2010

Snoozin' In Saturday: Tuckered Out

Sorry this is late - i was snoozin' in. The hubs finally came home and I took advantage.

So here is the B-Bear aka the YP. She tuckered out at the counter while I was blogging. Just laid down covered her head with her lovey and took a little siesta.

Show me your Snoozer(s). Did you see last week at Our Life with Multiples? She played along and oh my word - so cute. Also Lady Di made an appearance today- Yippee. Check it out below or click here. Have a great Saturday - It is beautiful here in Montana. FINALLY!


Unknown Mami said...

That's so sweet!

Lisa Anne said...

I wish I was snoozing on saturday. I just posted about how crazy it was. There is a snoozing photo on their, just not of me.

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