Monday, March 15, 2010

Sometimes It is Just ALL about the DRAMA

It just is. Have you ever had one of those weeks where it feels like you just can't get ahead? No matter what you do you are late to everything, the house just throws up on itself and the laundry room seems to be reproducing clothes? I just had one of those weeks. Hence the lack of blogging. I so miss blogging. I miss you. Actually I miss my computer. I haven't spent much time on it the past few weeks. Anyhow back to the drama Amy style!

You know you have Mama Drama when:

1. You are going on week 3 of the sickies. Somehow I have managed to keep it away from the girls and the Hubs but I just can't seem to kick the sniffles, cough, the nasty gunk.

2. Your 7 year old is home from school because she went into complete hysterics after you tell her that she absolutely can't where a sweater jacket with tights only. Not to mention having to cover her mirror with paper because you are just DONE with the constant staring of herself and talking to it instead of you. The previous day she had a melt down after she was told that there was no way you were letting her take down and wear her VALANCE to school. Yes VALANCE: hot pink and leopard print valance. OH MY GOSH: the DRAMA - the TEARS. I (we are in for it when she is a teenager.)

3. In an attempt to accept your current plight you try to embrace all things winter and attempt to go skiing with a group of kids that turn out to be your responsibility because the leader became ill the day before. YOU who has extreme ANXIETY soon realize that the possibility of returning these kids in one piece is going to be a chore and you start saying prayers as soon as you see the mountain. Thankfully I was heard.

4. In the same trip you decide not to get skis yourself but put your 7 year old in lessons and after lessons end up walking or riding up the mountain on a magic carpet to put on skis that have fallen off or just going up there because she is frustrated and needs a pep talk. My feet were frozen and my fingers felt (well they didn't feel at all). I had just planned on staying in the lodge all day. You have drama when you realize that you are completely unprepared for such an outing.

5. A new friend invites you to what you assume is just a few mom's talking over coffee for an hour about an hour ahead of time. So you throw on a track suit and hat grab some crackers for the girls and get out the door to find (1) you are actually a half an hour early and (2) this is a three hour thing with agendas and guest speakers. HOLY CATs did I feel a little uneasy.

6. After not so GENTLE prompting from you mom you go to her chiropractor for what you thought was a regular adjustment. After 2 hours of tests he decides you need x-rays before he will even touch my spine and he says, "has anyone ever talked to you about sclerosis?" FANTASTIC! What the heck is that?

7. To enjoy the SUN you decide to take the dogs and the little girls for a walk to pick up the K- BUG (aka the OP) from school. You grab the wagon and dog leashes and head out. About half way you realize this was the DUMBEST idea in the world and wish you had turned around. When you think it can't get any worse one of your dogs takes a huge DUMP on someone's yard and you not being used to the whole dogs-on-a-leash thing because you used to live in the middle- of-no-where- desert have forgotten some sort of dump removal system ( bags ). So after standing at such yard for 5 minutes praying that no one has just witnessed such violation you keep walking. You then find a ziplock on the side of road and run back to clean up your stupid dogs mess. So really I did two civic duties that day: I picked up trash and cleaned up after my dog.

8. It is another beautiful day and you decide to walk to the park with the kids (no dogs) to enjoy the sun. After 10 minutes the B-Bear (aka the YP) has to go potty so you make a mad dash for the restrooms, open the door and feel like you just fell into a sewage plant. You hold back the urge to puke and open the stall door to now have visual to go along with the smell. Next door the results in the same visual. I think crap (literally) what the heck? So in complete desperation you throw paper towels into the sink and hold her over it to pee. I mean she is two and she can't hold it! All the while thinking of the people you are going to write a letter to about this! RIDICULOUS! The B-Bear gets done and you throw away the paper towels and go to turn on the faucet- NO WATER! GRRR! %!@*

and last but not least. You KNOW you have Mama Drama when:

9. The Hubs has to sleep on the couch because, after coming home at 1:30am from being out on a ride-a-long with the local pd, finds that the Basset hound has peed on his side of the bed. I let the dogs sleep with me and the B-Bear, not sure why, and apparently he must have dreamed he was peeing on a tree and actually peed because he never got up. Nice.

I told you it was one of those weeks! Crazy. What I ask was your drama?


Wild and Precious said...

was just blog hopping and landed in your fun world over here. what a fun blog background!

I'm hosting a giveaway for handmade pearl earrings. I'd love for you and your readers to enter.

have a great night.

xoxo, blair

Christina said...

I went thru that whole I can't get over this cold thing too.

My soon-to-be 10 yo daughter has suddenly decided she is smarted than me. She argues with just about everything I say lately. Totally annoying and somewhat embarrassing when she does it in front of others.

That's enough of my drama... I'd be here all day.

shortmama said...

I have had months where I had nothing but drama!!!

my little world said...

WOW That is DRAMA!!! Oh the bathroom thing grosses me out!!!!! I don't see how they can let bathrooms get that bad.

I can relate with the dog pooping.. ugg Mine poops every time we go on a walk. EVEN if she already did 1 or more times that day. I don't know where it comes from.. We NOW have one of those things with the bags in it on her leash..

I hope this week is better!

Emily said...

Oh Preach it sister Preach that was my Whole Month of December! 80) I feel your pain!

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