Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Five: Procrastination, Packing, Palm Trees, Allergic Reactions, Doctors

Amy's Friday Five: This is where I share with you five things I learned this week because there is always something to be learned. In the process you might learn a little something about me.

I know, I know. I missed last week. I have been pretty non existent for this whole week, as well. What can I say? It has been one of those crazy weeks and I am afraid that it is only just begun. As The hubs says, "Life - it just happens!" Thank goodness I have my best good friend, Lady Di! I mean what would I do without her? I honestly don't ever want to find out. Where's my pomegranate's? I am waiting, Lady Di!! I will have to forgive her I was responsible for the lack of a post on Thursday, instead I went and got my hair done. Shhh - don't tell on me!

Okie Dokie - What I have learned these past couple of weeks:

1. The Oz party was just a distraction and helped me procrastinate a little longer from packing.

2. Packing sucks. Moving sucks. I now envy everyone who finds a place and never leaves except on vacation. Those people who were born and raised and stay in the same town forever. Good for you! Rock on - your awesome!

3. That palm trees sound hollow when you knock on them. I know that is a little random but it's me, Amy, and I am a little random. I don't think I have ever been that close to a palm tree but we were waiting for the Grammy (she is putting me on track on this moving thing. Focus - focus- focus) in the cell phone parking lot at the airport and the OP and The Hubs were studying the palm trees. Strange. We checked, don't you just love google, and they are not hollow just very fibrous.

4. This was fun.

I learned that the YP is allergic to the Varicella vaccine (chickenpox vaccine). At least we think that is what is was. Could have been the Hep A vaccine (she got them at the same time). The good thing is I got a Epi pen out of the whole ordeal (I've wanted one for a long time). The bad thing (there's a couple) it wasn't cheap and we were left with a million more questions then answers. I really just dislike the ER. I mean who doesn't, right? But when you have three little girls in tow (One who is obviously in distress) and the flu is going around, it just adds up to a very long, very bad, very stressful day. Did you know that after an acute allergic reaction your child could have an even bigger reaction within 24 hours? I didn't! We didn't get admitted because of the flu cases but because we live in the Land of Nowhere we had to stay in town at a hotel for 24 hours on high alert. Fun times!

and finally............

5. My family doctors have let me down a little. I thought that we were getting the best care possible in small town America but it turns out that we are not and I am a little more than disappointed. Recently I have had two things come to my attention that slipped through there hands. Very big things. I have learned that you can not get too comfortable with your practitioner, they are not your friends, you HAVE to follow up on everything because they will not. You HAVE to ask ALL the questions and research ALL the answers to make sure they are giving the correct ones and doing the right things. You are your and your children's only advocate. Don't assume that they are on top of it because most likely they are not. Maybe I was a little naive in this matter but I have learned my lesson.

Well I hope you all have a fabulously fantastic Friday and a wonderfully whimsical weekend. I will be packing my house and trying to hold back the tears while I do it. I'm emotional. I dislike change and I dislike goodbye's even more. Thank heavens I have all my bloggy friends. I don't have to say goodbye to you, I can take you all with me. Put on your seat belts - it's going to be a bumpy ride!

**I haven't forgotten. I will post the rest of the party pictures on Saturday. **



Lisa Anne said...

You have me wanting to knock on a palm tree now just to make sure it really is hallow. LOL I totally agree packing and moving sucks, however once you're all settled in, it's so worth it!!

ModernMom said...

I have never knocked on a palm tree!

Oh and so agreed...packing sucks!! Good luck with that:)

Amy said...

I also do not like packing or moving either. I have to pack up for a trip and I am already stressing.

I learned that Alyce is going through a Mommy hold me stage. I just am dealing with it.

The Redhead Riter said...

I know how you feel. I don't like change either.

blueviolet said...

I know I'm weird but I love moving!

Amo said...

I totally agree with you about doctors. I ask so many questions that most think I am annoying, but I don't care. It's my child and no one is going to take care of him but me and if something bad happens to him as a result of a doctor's mistake, the doctor isn't going to be the one coming home with him to deal with it - I am.

My son had a bad reaction to the DTaP shot and we had to take him to the ER. Unfortunately, the ER doc was older than my grandmother and had no idea what to do for a child having a vaccine reaction. It was a disaster. She gave him codeine to calm him down and sent us home!

Lady Di said... I have to go find a freakin' palm tree to knock on it. What kind of crazy kids do we have anyway?? Yours has an allergic reaction to the chicken pox vaccine and mine actually GETS chicken pox from the chicken pox vaccine. Why can't my odds be that good for the lottery???

Erin said...

I hate moving too! So I planted roots in the house we bought last year! 1 year down...19 to go!

LOVE my epi pen, saved my butt twice! But yeah they are 'pensive, and they EXPIRE! They are like insurance, you buy it and pay all this money and may never need it!! SUCKS!

Unknown Mami said...

Great, now I'm going to walk around the city knocking on palm trees.

Sorry about the reaction to the vaccine. My daughter just got that and they warned me she might get a rash in 10 days. I hope not.

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