Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts Tandom Style

Well it's Tuesday. What? You didn't know? Sorry! I should have broke it to you gently. It is and that means it is a day of Random Thoughts. You know over at The Unmom's. Lady Di is lurking in the shadows. Hence the tandomness. It has been awhile since we joined each other in a post. Don't you think?

Tuesday and it is supposed to snow here in the Big Sky. The Hubs is still enjoying the lovely sunny weather of the Land of Nowhere while I am freezing my tooshie off here in the Big Sky. What up with that? I tell ya he has it so easy. Did I say that? I did. You do, Hubs! Going to come home to a nice house: everything put away, put his feet up in his recliner and be all comfy and cozy. He is actually trying to acclimate himself while he is away by not turning on the heater and although it is warm in the day it's not so much in the night in the LON. I told him it doesn't matter how much he tries it isn't going to work because his teeth are chattering at 65 degrees and when I walked outside yesterday morning it was 34 degrees. Uh huh.

Yeah, I thought of you today as I was putting on my capris and sandals. It was in the 80's here. Got to love that mild California weather. If it makes you feel better it does get windy at night...

Seriously. Not even funny Lady Di. You suck! Speaking of wind. It was super windy here the other day and I forgot to mention the LEAVES. Oh my, the leaves are FALLING. They are everywhere. My neighbors trees are puking on my lawn. So I went out and just picked them up from my bushes and threw them in the air. I sent those little boogers flying down the street. Is that OK? I mean they are not my leaves.

Did you know it is hunting season? It sure is. See in the LON hunting season comes and goes and I really never noticed. It is a little harder to not notice here. As the OP said the first night we pulled in. "Mama that car has a dead goat on it!" Me: "Um, Say what? a daddy goat?" Her: " No Mommy a DEAD goat! Go back" Me: "Ok. If you say so." We backed up and sure enough right there in the parking lot of the restaurant on the back of someones truck was a dead antelope. I guess they needed a bite to eat. Long day? Odd. Very odd and a bit gross. Shhhh don't tell anyone my house might get egged. Anyway they are everywhere, on the back of trucks.

Just don't go native. I don't want to find anything dead on your car when I come to visit. OR wonder what is in the meatloaf.

oh not to worry. not to worry. I still ask the Grams what is in the meatloaf, the tacos, what kind of roast is that? I can't and won't eat wild game. It stinks. Could you imagine me, hunting. I think not.

I went shopping yesterday for some warmer clothes. Shopping was fun. My Mama and I walked into a tractor supply store to get a dog house and some snow boots were on sale. She says: "that is a nice price you should get some." I replied, " I think I will just stay in when it snows." I will wait until I find some cute stylish ones. Do they make those? I want some like my girls have.

So are planning on "staying in" until like May??? Girl, I'm afraid you are going to have to break down and buy some freakin' snow boots whether they are cute and stylish or not. I know you're in denial but you do live in MONTANA now and it SNOWS there...LOTS. Hey, just do me a favor and DO NOT under any circumstances whatsoever wear socks with sandals. Remember, Lady Di says that is NEVER okay!!!!

What? I thought I could totally get away with that here. Actually I was thinking about socks with flip flops. Cute, huh? I will start a new fad. Actually I am sending the OP to school today with socks and flip flops. Don't flip out! It is Red Ribbon Week and she is supposed to wear flip flops today. But good heavens it is freezing. I can't send her little piggies out in that kind of weather.

I had one of those moments. One of those moments when you look in the mirror and go. Holy crap! Who is that looking back at me? Yep I did. What happened? Where did I go and who the heck is this impostor that has replaced me. She isn't pretty. Her skin sucks. She has bags under her eyes. She looks like she has been hit by a truck. Even worse yet. I saw her again yesterday trying on clothes in a full length mirror and I was so scared I left. What happened? I turned 30 and WHACK my body went to $#!&*. I want to cry. I am going to get a tissue.

Here, you can have one of my tissues. We need to get a girl's trip planned that includes a day at the spa. I need a haircut so bad right now. My hair has never been the same since I had kids. What's up with that anyway? My once thick, long, wavy/curly hair is now thin and has a mind of it's own. Some days it has it's curl and does what it's told and other days it's flat and stringy.

Oh I got your back girl. It sucks. Mine is thinning in places where it shouldn't and then growing in places it's not supposed to. That isn't because I am thirty that is due to a haywire thyroid. Don't even get me started on that. Girls trip- yes indeed. Vegas baby. I just have to lose some of this extra bulge that has moved in uninvited. AGAIN.

Apparently I have some neighbors that are feeling a little pressure to decorate perhaps even a little jealous? See that was the first thing I did when I got here. It's Halloween! I have to break out the decorations. I got called bad names by two of my neighbors. One already stole my pumpkins. She has since put them back. It is all in good fun but it is so on! They better watch it. My new neighbors don't know how competitive I am.

Good luck with the new neighbors. We can trade crazy neighbor stories now. Mine felt obligated to come out and talk...I mean bitch the entire time while I was doing yard work. Goodness sake, that man is one big complain fest. I don't think he has ever said one thing to me that wasn't a complaint about something. His latest beef is with the mailman who is not delivering his mail because HE (the neighbor) won't move his car from in front of the mailbox. I'm thinking DUDE, I understand that YES it's kind of BS that the mailman can't get out of his little mail car to deliver the mail. HOWEVER COMMA if the post office powers that be say that he is not allowed to get out of little mail car and therefore mail will not be delivered if cars are parked in front of the mailbox.....then DON'T PARK YOUR FLIPPIN' VAN IN FRONT OF YOUR MAILBOX!!! Geez, do I really have to solve ALL the problems in the universe???

I love your neighbor. He is a crack up. You really should start sharing some neighbor stories. I thought he would move after the last shootout. Why is he still there? My neighborhood is like living on Wisteria lane.

And here is my own original random thought: I've been working at the schools administering a language test to all the English Language learners that are enrolled. Most recently I was at the middle school and can I just say that I think I know some kindergartners that can bubble in answers better than some of these middle schoolers. YIKES!! I don't know who cares less. The kid scribbling in the bubbles or the teacher that collects it with out checking and making the kid clean it up.

I am a teacher myself and I even gave the test to an entire class of students and I made sure that those kids bubbled in their answers properly. It's not that hard people and it takes less than a minute to do a glance over of each test that gets handed in to check for neatness.

You go Lady Di! Clean bubbles are important. You had to bring up teachers. I mean I know you are one but your an awesome one. I am having issues with the OP's. I won't get started.

Also, is it really necessary to say that only a #2 pencil be used on the test? Is there really any other number of pencil anymore? I'm 32 and remember back in elementary school that there were different leads. But, now a days...really? Isn't that like saying make sure you only put unleaded gas, not regular in your car? Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there. Maybe up in Redneckville....I mean Montana they still use pencils that are not #2 pencils.

Um. Geez. I am not in Arkansas! Montana is a little behind but not much and I am not a native. I still claim to be Californian. We have #2 pencils and I have personally never seen another lead number.

Oh I forgot. Can I just say that the Swine Flu is freaking me out a little. I mean I can't even get the regular flu shot up here. They seem to be short. What is up with that anyway? I mean seriously? They obviously know that there are more people in the world than last year and might need to up the number. No they made less. Thanks.




Amy said...

Love how you two went back and forth. I know hunting season is coming soon here. I do not like seeing all of the dead animals on the cars and orange and more orange.

blueviolet said...

Everyone knows that about mail delivery. It is what it is. They're not changing it, so yeah, move the stupid car.

You guys bantering back and forth is hilarious.

monica said...

You guys are so funny talking together! You should do that more often!

shortmama said...

This was like reading what goes on in my head on a daily basis

Kristin said...

You two are freaking hysterical. I can see why you're buds.

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