Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Winter, Moving, Irritated, Condoms and Smoking

Sorry. I know everyone looks forward to Lady Di's Mama Drama Monday but she got called to duty. She sacrificed herself for the betterment of the whole. She risked being exposed to 30 little germ carriers, possibly carrying swine flu, to teach them ABC's and 123's. Thank you Lady Di for your for bettering the world around us. We love you.

Anyhow it is Tuesday and I have got some random thoughts to share. Yes I do! Thanks to The Un Mom I can.

The news man said this morning, "Winter was knocking on the door" I yelled back at the newsman, "oh no he didn't he barged his happy little cold butt in without asking!" See I am supposed to be moving today but it snowed in my new place of residence and we are waiting because I don't nor does my mama drive in snow. We could be here until spring.

My beautiful house looks so sad with packed boxes and nothing on the walls. So so sad. I am sad. I said a lot of goodbyes yesterday and will be saying more today and it just SUCKS!

It is so irritating when people offer to help. You plan everything around their schedule and then they flake. Why did they offer in the first place? Just don't bother. It saves everyone a lot of grief and stress.

Why at 31 years old **cough** can I not buy condoms? I mean seriously I am 31! I have 3 kids! But I can't. I do the drive by on the shaving /condom isle - if anyone is around I keep on cruising until they leave. If anyone is in the pharmacy (which is located right next to it) I think twice. I just know all those old folks waiting for their meds are staring at me shaking there finger and saying, "Shame on you". It is ridiculous. I have a right, I don't have to answer to no one but I am still a freak when it comes to this. If all the conditions are right and I do get them in my cart they go under something and I find a girl checker. The Hubs however has no problem, none!

I was at the check out counter when a man was inquiring about a carton of cigarettes. The lady told him they were $67.00. 67 dollars! 67 dollars to fill your lungs with tar and smoke. What? 67 dollars to expose yourself to lung cancer. That sounds like great fun. I think I would take my 67.00 dollars and buy a new pair of shoes or some clothes. Seriously. Sorry if you smoke. If you were family or friends, heck you are so I will just tell you, Stop smoking!!!! Today! Go buy something awesome with your 67 dollars.

I am not looking forward to unpacking. I'm not. Especially in the snow. It is OCTOBER! Shouldn't it snow in December. This is going to take some getting used to. I am a capri and flip flop sort of gal and so are the princesses. I guess I better trade in my flips for some Uggs.

Have a great Tuesday. I will be packing my Kitchen. Yikes. It's scary. It is! I live in the kitchen, the kitchen is my space.




Lisa Anne said...

I wish it was cold here. It's still in the mid 70's. It doesn't snow till the end of October in the mountains here, if we are lucky. Even so it's min amount of snow and the slopes only up cause they make their own snow.

Hopefully it will clear up so you can finally move.

monica said...

Great Random thoughts!! I hope the snow stops long enough for you to get to your new home and get settled! You are funny about the condoms.

Trudy said...

Icky...I think I'll stop complaining about the rain now! Sorry for the snow delaying your move...I know how awfully lonely those empty places are with all of the packed boxes.

Here's hoping you can soon move in your flip flops!

shortmama said...

I hope you can get on with your move soon...I cant even imagine it snowing in October!

Kim Betts said...

I love it...You are too funny! How about 67.00 worth of condoms? but i guess that wont work if you cant buy them I'm just kidding. The price of some things is outrageous!!!

Bridgette said...

LOVE your random thoughts, especially the condom story. :) Too funny and sadly I am the same way. Thanks for sharing! :)

Kristin said...

I hope you're feeling better about your move. : )

The Cranford Family said...

I have a cure for the embarassment of the condom purchase.... take your 3 girls, borrow some friends younger kids, get them all to scream while you are in that aisle , as you reach for the pack of condoms everyone around will applaud you for thinking ahead next time!LOL

Unknown Mami said...

I would love to see walk into a store, grab a hand basket, fill it with nothing but condoms, and walk confidently to the check out line.
Probably won't happen, but I can dream.

Erin said...

hahaha I can't buy condoms either, never could! Isn't that so funny?

And just think those people are also paying 67 bucks to fill the air you breathe with smoke! Nice huh?

Lady Di said...

I would chastise you for not buying condoms except for the fact that I sure as hell wouldn't be caught DEAD buying those things either!!! I have trouble going down that aisle at all for anything....ridiculous huh

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