Tuesday, January 19, 2010

O Where is She?

Here is a random thought:

Where o WHERE is my best good friend Lady Di?

Did she go to the Zoo,
kiss a Giraffe
and catch the flu?

Did she go to Sea World
scare a whale
and go to jail?

Where o WHERE is our Lady Di?

Perhaps she stopped off at the Wild Animal Park,
stayed after dark,
got eaten by a lion
named Ryan!

On Monday, I missed her the most
because she forgot her post!

O Where o where could she be?

Should I call the National Guard, the Army or
maybe the President and have him send some jets?

O what shall I do? Does any one know where she is?

If you see her - have her drop me a line
and I will be just fine.

Just leave me a comment
but make it rhyme!

I will forgive her in the end,
thats why she is my dear best good friend.


ModernMom said...

Most excellent poetry! So glad you can forgive her in the end:) Now she owes you one!

shortmama said...


Unknown Mami said...

Hi hope you find Lady Di
or else I know you might cry.

Amo said...

I love the poetry! Very funny and creative!!

monica said...

Very creative poetry ... I hope yu find her so you don't cry!

Being Me said...

Please return dear Lady Di
so strange thoughts don't fly by,
soon all here will start to cry,
I forgot my brolly to keep dry.

lol...that was b a d....

ok it was spontaneous and fun..
Be happy!

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