Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Not Bitter Or Anything.....

Dear Teachers I Sub For,

I know times are hard and education has taken a big hit. I understand the stress that comes with the great responsibility of teaching our young children. However, when has it ever been alright to leave sub plans that include an entire HOUR of "quiet" study time for a class of 30 sixth graders?!! Then, add another 45 minutes of "free choice" in the computer lab that is short about 10 computers right after. Oh yeah, and first graders can NOT sit still for 30 minutes of "story time". That Dr. Seuss art project is really cute, but I'm pretty sure I'd rather stick the brads in my own eyes by the time I have attached the last leg on Mr. Cat in the Hat. Each masterpiece little Johnny and Suzie make has 2 arms and 2 legs, and there are 20+ little Johnnys and Suzies. You're all college graduates, do the math.

Furthermore, just because there's a sub in your grade level doesn't mean she gets BOTH recess duties and ALL 30 minutes of "free play" P.E. by herself. I never EVER want to see these words written, "Calendar Routine-kids know what to do". Maybe you can get away with this crap in a third grade or above class and you actually have a routine that they DO know. However, twenty-something kindergartners who can't even blow their own noses properly can not be held responsible to "know" the routine. I have to admit, there's a part of me that thinks its kind of funny to see how passionate 5 yr. olds can be about the order in which you present days of the week, months of the year, and number of days in school. However, really, just take the extra ONE minute to actually write out the routine. Can you say VODKA? I can and I have to consume copious amounts of it after a day with plans like that.

So, the next time you decide to be "sick" on the Friday of a 3 day weekend, on the Wednesday that a staff meeting is scheduled after school, or the day before Christmas break try to leave a plan that doesn't essentially say F IT ALL!!!! You and I both know that YOU wouldn't ask your sixth graders to study for an hour and you certainly would not say, "Okay guys, you know what to do, so go ahead and start calendar while I check my emails." Let's agree that it is in everyone's best interest that specific, detailed sub plans which include actual work are the way to go. I know, sounds crazy, but just try. My liver and I will thank you for it.


The Sub (Who, by the way, is a teacher and is only doing this because she got laid off like every other new teacher in California. So I'm totally on to you)


ModernMom said...

Oh how frustrating!! Does it make you want to accidently e-mail that copy of the teachers plan to the parents and principal :)

Tracie said...

That's just laziness. You poor thing. Everyone knows that you have to keep kids busy or you'll have anarchy.

Erin said...

YIKES, I don't know anything about teaching or sub teaching but I do know about the attention spans of kids!
But you are right about F it all!
Hope it gets better!!

Being Me said...

Well there's no need to go to school for that.. ..
Is this the creative learning part ??


Amy said...

Way to go Di! That is the reason for the blog - let it all out! :) Hope you stay awhile. I miss you.

John Deere Mom said...

OMG you are so right! AND you make me want to double check my sub plans for tomorrow afternoon. I have to take the Little Miss in for pre-K open house and registration! I hope my sub plans are in order! :)

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