Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday's Mama Drama - In Pictures

I am going to do my (Amy) Monday Mama Drama in pictures today. I take lots of pictures so why not use them?

I know I(we) haven't been around lately. I can't speak for Lady Di but I am a little frantic these days. I had good intentions and quite a bit of blogging material last week but very little time to blog. In fact my computer hasn't seen very much of me at all. So very sad.

So here was my drama (in pictures) this past week:

A very sick Bear. Doesn't she look so sad?

Oh the fear I get when my girls are so sick. My nerves were shot. Many hairs turned grey!

These are all clean. Why can't I keep up?
These are all DIRTY! Oy Vay!

So many hats on order.................
Must keep up even if it means staying up till 2:30am. Crocheting until my eyes cross.

Note to self: keep girls away - far far away when attempting to do a yard sale. So much DRAMA!

Look at this face! She is MAD. I will show you the letter she wrote soon.
Look at this one. The Cat, she is so sad. "Please MOMMY - Don't sell this box!"
The Bug (the one above in the helmet) has now vowed to move into this tent in the backyard for 5 DAYS. To get some ALONE time. Why didn't I think of that?
I was Fancy Nancy at the school for the Read In. Now little kids see me at the store and yell, "there is Fancy Nancy!" I am sure the parents are thinking some odd things........

I must not forget my pie. Lemon Meringue pie. I have never once had problems with this pie. I did last week. Stupid meringue. Never bake when your angry.

AHhh this is better. After three tries.

My poor little itty bitty kitchen. It exploded upon itself. Thanks must be given to Mr. Man - who helped clean it.

Today's Drama:


She happens to hate..........

The Bear loves Olivia. Lots of barking and growling going on today.

Did I mention this:
We have lived here for 6 months ( I can't believe it). I am still unpacking.
Drama in the girls room. Oh yes. It has puked on itself this week. Must clean. Someday.

So what is your drama? Enquiring minds would like to know.


blueviolet said...

I'm exhausted just looking at all you've been through!

monica said...

I tried to make a lemon margarne (sp?) pie from scratch and after the second atempt is was a sucess but I used the wrong pie crust and it turned out gross. Oh well, I learned!

Sounds like you are busy! Have a good week!

shortmama said...


Unknown Mami said...

The red hat with the white bow is adorable! The piles of laundry in my home clean/dirty resemble yours. I can't keep on top of them.

Amy said...

Oh my I hope she feels better. The pie and laundry is too funny. Really still boxes.. I hope all gets better..

Me I just have a wild child..

I have a giveaway if you ladies want to stop by..

John Deere Mom said...

Oy...that's a lot of drama. I happen to love Olivia...and the theme song is oh so very catchy. Big apologies to my student, who happens to be named Olivia, for singing it EVERY time I call on her. :)

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