Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Five: snow, ice, dogs, cars, and life

Amy's Friday Five: This is where I share with you five things I learned this week because there is always something to be learned. In the process you might learn a little something about me.

1. NEVER walk outside BAREFOOT in winter in Montana. Even if it is just for a minute (ie. to pullout car so it can warm up ). It takes like 15 minutes to feel your toes!

2. Pushing a shopping cart in slushy melting snow and ice is almost impossible and even more difficult when it is loaded with children.

3. That a clean car is just as good as a clean house. Gives you warm fuzzy's inside.

4. That you sometimes don't know what it is that you want until you experience what it is you don't want.

5. Melting Snow + two dogs + small yard = insanity for a neat freak.

There you have it. What I learned. What did you learn this week? Please do share.

Today is Amy over at Keeping Up With the Schultz Framily's Round Robin. Go check it out she has a lot of creative people linking up today.

**Don't forget tomorrow is my new Snoozin' in Saturday. Post a picture of someone sleeping. I am still trying to figure out the Mr. Linky thing so if it isn't up just leave me a comment with a link.

Have a happy Friday.


Summer said...

I TOTALLY agree on the clean car.

And a clean inbox. =)

I'm working on both this weekend!

Amy said...

Thanks for the shout out. It this I have an old post I could link up.. I know about the feet in the cold snow.. Thanks for stopping by..

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

I have a big burley cousin who hates wearing socks and shoes and I have seen him go outside in below freezing weather, do his chores, walk back up tot he house and use the boot scraper to rid his bare feet of the snow stuck to them! (Just gives me the shivers thinking about it!)

shortmama said...

I cant remember the last time my truck was clean

Whimsical Creations said...

Could not agree more!

Diane {} said...

Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog-and your friday 5! I'm following and look forward to see what you'll post next.

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