Thursday, February 18, 2010

I have a HEADache (amongst other things)

See this shovel?

WE had WORDS! Then there was a little BRAWL and the shovel won. It knocked me out for a second but I am back to my senses, a little wounded and embarrassed but THERE will be another round and I will WIN!

I hope to high heaven no one was watching except for the heavens themselves and I hope their view was obscured by the clouds. I am positive someone was watching and got a great LAUGH. The kind of laugh that will hit them even days after when they pass my house.

See I have some OCD tendencies and my driveway was driving me CRAZY. I couldn't stand it any longer. The SNOW, the ICE it was bad. The HUBS and I just are not used to this whole snow thing and let it get out of control. So yesterday the weather had warmed up a bit and I thought what the heck I will go out and try to clear my driveway. Well - once I got started I wasn't about to give up. It was coming OFF. I started at 10:00, took a couple of breaks to make lunch, pick up kids, etc. and around 3:30 my driveway was looking pretty nice.

You have to picture this: Me the Arizonan in tennis shoes, yoga pants, a light sweatshirt, snow shovel, a hammer, a tea pot and soup pot. A tea pot and soup pot, you ask? HOT WATER of course. What I was determined and some spots were stubborn.

Anyhow now that you have a clear picture. There I was on the last few spots, using all my might to get some stubborn FROZEN ice. I was kicking the shovel with the bottom of my foot when WHAP!! It (the shovel) took its first punch. Honestly I am not even sure what the heck I did, seriously I blacked out for a split second, but I am pretty sure that my foot came down on it wrong and flipped the shovel handle up and it got me right in my neck/jaw. HARD! I gasped grabbed my throat and started walking towards the house. I cried. I cursed the stupid shovel, the snow, my house. EVERYTHING. Somewhere in all this I also go a fat lip. I think that when I kind of blacked out the shovel came back for another hit and got my lip. Stupid shovel.

I look like I got in a pretty bad scuffle. The bruising, the swelling - its ugly. I am going to think of a great story to tell people, not that I got attacked by a snow shovel.

However THIS made me feel a tad bit better. If your having a bad day it will make you feel better too.


shortmama said...

Oh my! Yep Im still glad Im back here in good ol AZ

Amy said...

No fun .. I love the cake...

Being Me said...

ouch, what exercise.

My sympathies..bad snow !


Grace said...

Yep I could just see that happening to me!I just get a pot of hot water and stand at the door and then throw it on the side walk..I never worry about the drive!

monica said...

Bad shovel...bad snow. You can send some of the snow to us! I hope you get better soon!

Erin said...

OMG LMAO I So remember those days! Get salt....lots and lots of salt...and a snow blower!

I hope you kick that shovels butt!

kate said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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