Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snoozin' In Saturday: Favorite Spot

Here he is the infamous Bassethound and the number one snoozer in our house, Disney. This is his favorite spot to sleep in - the arm of the couch. I think it is so he can see outside when the Hubs comes home. That or he dreams about his days at the ranch: chasing rabbits and lounging in the sun.

Now show me some Snoozers!

PS. Sorry this is late - I slept in! I am still sick but much better. But the Hubs left town for a couple of weeks so it has been a little crazy here in the house of insanity. Crazy, Insane - yep that describes it very well. Have a wonderful weekend.


monica said...

I am sure it is crazy there without Hubs there with you guys...I hope he is able to get away from the snow! Disney probably is dreaming of the rabbits that he would like to be chasing!

Christina said...

How adorable! Love your blog, new follower. :)

Being Me said...

Hi Amy, oh dear, still not well.. hope you get better soon.. am passing on an award to you, please visit when you can


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