Thursday, February 4, 2010

Panic Button

My Mama always had a saying, "Don't push the panic button until you need to." I am not my Mama. I push - I push hard. I don't know why but when an emergency arises - I panic. I freak out. I try not to but I do.

prompt # 2

Explain a time there was an emergency. What "mode" did you go into? Freaking out, calm and collected, etc. (inspired by Jennifer from Momma Made It Look Easy)

We have had multiple situations: When the MP hit the BACK of her head and her teeth flew out. PANIC.

When the YP recently had an allergic reaction to her Varicella shot. PANIC.

Anytime my girls hit there head. I PANIC. I Freak out in my own way. Grab the flashlight, check there eyes, keep them awake.

I know - horrible. I shouldn't but I do. I think part of the problem is that I always think worst case scenario. First thing that pops into my head. What if? I shutter to think but I DO. I really really dislike emergencies because I think it actually ages me by ten years each time. I physically feel pain when something happens to my kids. Does that happen to you? My nerves go haywire or something. I feel it even when they fall down. It just happens.

I am a stressful person which is so not what my mom was. Cool, calm and collected. My brother once shoved a PVC pipe THROUGH his abdomen. He was running down a hill with it and it caught on a rock and well you get the picture. OUCH. My mom - she's cool. Totally handles the situation. Even took out the stitches when the time came. I knock my teeth out when I was like 5. We were out checking on a Sow (female pig - I lived on a ranch) who was supposed to farrow (give birth) that night. I was in the front seat of an old pickup ( you know they didn't have extended cabs back in those days) when the passenger door flew open. She slammed on the brakes and I hit the radio. Bye bye front teeth! My mom - no panic. Totally calm. Speaking of my mom, she lost her finger (I was like 8) in a horse accident. The horse rared up and the rope wrapped around her pinkie and POP. Gone. Hanging by a thread. Gross right. Do you think she panicked? Nope. Her best friend did but she stayed collected through the whole ordeal.

I guess that gene didn't get passed on to me because I am not cool, calm, nor collected in any emergency situation. Good thing The Hubs is. He is truly the Yin to my Yang. He NEVER thinks of the worst case scenario and I have never seen him panic or freak out. He recently said, after one of my worst case scenario, "I am SO glad you said that because I would have never thought of that." Totally sarcastic too. It is true though. I often think of those things that no one else would.

That's me! I am trying to change because the OP is the same. The other day the YP fell face first at Hobby Lobby. She fell HARD. Blood everywhere. I immediately grabbed her and ran to the bathroom. I thought for sure she lost her teeth. I mean, really? It is not to far fetched to think. We have issues with teeth! Teeth and fingers (my mom's other pinkie was broken and then healed with it bent permanently) Anyway, I panicked a little but the OP FREAKED. Immediately the tears started flowing. I thought to myself. Great AMY! Nice job. You sure win Mama of the year.

I guess she didn't get the super cool calm collected under pressure gene either. I'll work on it. I promise Mom!

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monica said...

Good job writing about that prompt! I am sitting here agreeing to all of this because you are diffently that way and your mom is so much like the way you described! Love it! I am not one to freak out to a point of panick I take things as they go!

That Girl said...

I am also a panic-er!! Great post!

Lolli said...

Your mom sounds like a great lady! This was a very entertaining post!

Kiki said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. great post. i panic less about injuries and more about societal fears when it comes to my child. i panic over pedophiles, car wrecks, fires, kidnapping, etc. yes, very negative. i can't watch the news without going into lockdown mode. i'm trying to get better. i know i can't protect my child, or shield him from the outside world. i'm a work in progress. take care.

Jennifer said...

Hey, I'm Jennifer from Momma Made It Look Easy, thanks for choosing my prompt.

I think as long as one parent can stay calm then everything is ok. I husband doesn't freak out, but he passes out at the sight of blood. Not so great in an emergency situation. He can't even hold the kids down if they need an IV. Wimp.

Kekibird said...

I'm usually calm during the emergency. It's afterwards that I fall apart and become a dribbling pool on the floor.

angie said...

I'm usually pretty calm when emergencies arise, BUT, if it were an allergic reaction with swelling where I thought they might not be able to breathe I'd freak.

Dan said...

I think some people are calm and others aren't. My dad was one that fainted at the sight of major blood, but my mom was the opposite, calm even in the face of death. I ended up like mom and my brother ended up like dad. Which made growing up on a farm fun (as you noted, farmer/ranchers tend to get inured to injury just because it happens so often when heavy equipment and animals are combined.).

I remember when my brother tore his arm open from elbow to wrist (playing with the bull who wasn't feeling real playful at the time). I looked at it, ascertained no arteries open, and wrapped it up and headed for the ER to get it stitched. My brother passed out every time he saw the blood on the towel. He'd wake up and be fine, talking and then he'd look down to his lap and see te blood and out he'd go. This continued all the way to the hospital.

BTW, you are not the only one that feels the pain when the offspring hurt. And it isn't just the physical hurts either.

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Amy!

Fun post! Reading that, I totally saw you in action. lol Great imagery!

I tend to be the calm and collected. I do what has to be done and then panic later. Like when my son fell off his sister's bed and we thought he broke his nose. Dad freaked and I started loading a bag for the ER. lol That calm will come in handy later this month when both my son and I have surgery. *sigh* Jan/Feb seemed to be cursed months for me. Argh!

All this time, I had this page bookmarked wrong. Doh! Now, I have it and will swing by often. :)

parentingBYdummies said...

Dumb Dad is the panic person over here. I have to be EXTRA calm in an effort to combat his crazy. Even though I am freaking out inside I try to keep the just-on-a-walk-through-the-park-face on or it will be chaos. I always cry afterward though. Huge, blubbering sobs. Then he gets to comfort me!

blueviolet said...

I can fake it pretty well when it's my kids, but if it's me...I'm a mess!

shortmama said...

Thankfully Im on the calm cool and collected side!

Erin said...

Okay if my boys literally knocked their teeth out I'd freak too! More so because of the pain they would be feeling. My son hit his head on my mom's tile floor...HARD and I heard it....THUD, and it made me physically ill! I had to stiffle my barf to pick him up and hold him!

Farmers Wife said...

I can stay calm in a crisis but fall to pieces afterwards!!!! Great post!

Kristin said...

I totally called my very calm mama the first time the dude bled. I was hysterical!

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