Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oy Vay

I seriously had planned to do Mama Kat's prompts, **sigh** . Such fun prompts this week. Really I did. But I am in the throws of:

Planning a party for the OP on Saturday - It's big! **flexes**
Pulling my hair out (it doesn't need much pulling because it falls out on its own these days) **flinch**
Teaching school to 3 today (sometimes Homeschooling is not so convenient)
Sending The Hubs off with a huge list and tons of instructions for town **shutters**
Dealing with the YP who is sick and has asthma **nervous twitch**
Distant Family drama ( I am taking a I.DON'T. CARE. approach to this) I.DON'T. CARE.
because if I care I will get my feelings hurt.
Planting crops on my Farmtown farm because my cousin is racing me to the last level and she is currently ahead. **growls**

So I can't participate today, maybe later. Can I do that? I hope so.

Leave me some love. I need some love. What kind of day are you having?



Lisa Anne said...

Sorry but i'm having a GREAT DAY!! I'm going to the funhouse tonight. Pinks funhouse. I also found some great finds at the dollars store this monring. It's a good day for me. I hope yours gets better.

Lady Di said...

I've said it before and I'll say it're a crazy lady. BUT I love you.

shortmama said...

Im having a sleepy in I want to sleep all day!

Amy said...

Come by and read my week when you can. It sounds a bit like yours. Today I am doing pretty good. I think I finally got most of the dog hair out of my house.

P.S. Next Round Robin is Oct. 9th....

Trudy said...

Oh the the Wizard of Oz party??!! Can't wait for the pics.

I'm having a pretty good day, ready for the work part of it to be done though!

I think you can write on Mama Kat's prompts anytime your little heart desires. It's YOUR blog after all!

God bless Amy!

monica said...

Oh sounds like a typical day around your house! You bet I am winning - I have a stratgy up my sleeve! Good luck with the party this weekend! Love ya!

blueviolet said...

I know what you mean. Every week I have the best of intentions for so many things and nearly none of them get done.

Unknown Mami said...

Just stopped by to drop off some love.

Erin said...

I will leave you some love too! My days are boring these days, now that I can't occupy my slow time at work by blogging.

I hope the YP gets better soon...and that tomorrow is better!

ModernMom said...

Leaving you some love...hope you don't get dragged into the family drama!! That can be emotionally charged stuff :(

Amo said...

Here' some loooove....clink!

Sorry you are so busy! Take time to breathe....

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