Monday, September 14, 2009

Wipe Off the Table, Stay In Bed, Did Someone Feed the Dog?-Random Tuesday Thoughts

Okay, time for a peek inside the mind of Lady Di and read some random thoughts going through my head on this fine Monday night.

UGH, I can't stand it when people (mmhmm, eldest daughter) leave those dang eraser shavings on the table!! WIPE. THEM. OFF.

OOhh, my house DOES look pretty with all the fall decor out. I especially like my pumpkin candle holder centerpiece on the dining room table. Would look even prettier without the nasty eraser shavings...

It's a good thing that little girl (my 3 yr. old) is so garsh darn cute otherwise I might go all Joan Crawford on her for getting out of bed for like I don't know, the 100th time.

Where is that dang husband of mine? He is supposed to be laying down with her while I "work" on the computer. Oh, probably asleep with the remote on his head again (refer to last weeks post).

Speaking of the post last week, that reminds me. I wrote about how I am supposed to be going to bed earlier and getting more sleep. HAH! hold on I'm just laughing really hard inside my head.

Ahh, okay have mentally regained composure.

Don't forget, tomorrow is picture day!!! Put the boy in a button down shirt. I know he loves his John Deere T-shirts and its what he wears 179/180 days out of the school year. However, picture day is the one day he doesn't HAVE to advertise that he is the #1 all time fan of tractors.

I hope someone remembered to feed the dog. Great! Guess who gets to go out and check to see if the dog got feed. Certainly not any of the clowns I live with that are snoring away in bed.

Of course, I am the biggest clown of all for staying up and doing all this "work" on the computer.

Oh shoot, I better check my farm on Farm Town while I'm at it before I shut this computer down.

That darn Amy, like I need more computer "work" to distract me from real work. I can think of 12 million things more productive to do than plant imaginary grapes and corn on my "farm".

Of course I list procrastination as one of my top five character traits so Farm Town is just a new way for me to build character.

By the way, I will always refer to my time on the computer as "work". It's from back in the day when I really did do work while I was in my teacher credential program. The kids got used to seeing mom on the computer all the time in the evening so now they just assume that's what I am doing and for the most part leave me alone because "I am working". So, NO I haven't let them in on the little secret that mama really is just screwing around and up to no good whatsoever.

Oh before I go, I can't believe it. That Kanye West was a total jackass for taking the microphone away from Taylor Swift? I know it's just the MTV awards and all but dude, it's still a show, she's still getting an award and allowed to give a little acceptance speech, have some class for crimany's sake.




Lisa Anne said...

I can't stand eraser shavings either. the feel of them when you wipe them off. I've just started to put up some of my fall decor. I keep my kitchen in fall decor all year long just because i love it so much!! I can't wait to bust out all of my Halloween decor. I spent $60 at the dollar store buying stuff. I can't believe all the decorations they had. lOl.

I love the holidays so much, my blogs already being made over for Halloween and It's september still. I don't care. LOL

Amy said...

Darn - I missed the music awards. How come you didn't remind me? GRRRRRRR! Yes building character - that is a good one. If it wasn't for my competitive nature I wouldn't be on Farm Town. I have sworn off all games other than that. Maybe I shouldn't get a WII for xmas. I might drive the hubs crazy.

Amy said...

Oh I love the thoughts. I hope you had a great picture day. What that to don't have a John Deer button down?

monica said...

Great random thoughts. I agree with you on your last thought about KW. Oh I love the colors of fall and the pretty decorations that brings with it.

Swoozie said...

Hmmm, the husband falling asleep with the remote in hand, mom "working" on the computer, doesn't anyone feed the dogs but mom syndrome, the son's LOVE of John Deere's ~~~~gah! We must be living in parallel worlds!

Whoops! I better get my fall decorations out NOW!

Great Random!

shortmama said...

I wonder if its too late to get the family to believe I am working on the computer?

JennyMac said...

Oh honey...guard that secret! It is work in a way. And I would like to revert back to when all time at laptop was assumed to be work but Hub knows MUCH better!

Unknown Mami said...

I call everything I do on the computer work too. Too bad I'm not getting paid for all of it.

blueviolet said...

You decorated already? I need to get on that too.

He's going to be a cutie for picture day!

That Farm Town has some kind of hold on people, doesn't it?

Amo said...

Hmmm...I wish my husband thought I was doing work. If he thought I was earning an income while on the computer then he'd let me have 10 minutes alone without kids or dogs. I'm gonna work on that. Thanks for the idea.

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