Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

It's my first time playing along over at The Unmom's place. She hosts Random Thoughts Tuesday and I thought what the hay I'll give it a whirl!

{side note - Lady Di and I apologize for the missed Monday Mama Drama. She isn't feeling very bloggy lately and I was supposed to do it but got sidetracked by laundry, home school, pie baking, zucchini parmigiana, and babysitting a horny toad. Sometimes there is just too much drama! }

So here is my random thoughts:

So we bought a house. I should be excited right? I guess I am, but mostly I am scared to death. Maybe it is the change that is about to happen in our lives. I don't do change well. Everyone keeps screaming excitedly CONGRATULATIONS! THAT IS SO GREAT! and I am like thanks!
I tend to over analyze things and so I think if I am not overly overjoyed is this the right decision?

I am so very irritated with our government that I could spit!

If my Internet doesn't start working correctly I am going to have to get angry at someone. I don't like getting angry. I am not a pretty angry person.

I have got to get back on my diet and workout routine. I feel the pounds coming back but can't seem to get motivated.

I miss my best good friend Lady Di. I wish she lived next door to me and now I am moving farther away from her. Life stinks sometimes.

I think it is time for a giveaway! What do you think?

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful hubs and a beautiful family. I am so thankful for the gifts in my life and for the blessings I keep receiving.

I also am thankful to my bloggy friends. It is amazing to me the people you feel connected to without ever meeting them. This blog thing is really quite an amazing community.

I bought some T.P. at the store to get me through until I get to Costco and my goodness it is like sandpaper. It wasn't even cheap! Even the princesses noticed.

A good conversation with a friend can really lift you up! Thanks TJ (by the way TJ does our blog layouts and they are just awesome. She does a wonderful job. If you click on her button at the top left corner you can see some of her work. She can do anything.)

I need some ideas for my OP's 7th birthday. Not only is it her birthday party but a chance to say goodbye to all her friends before we leave. I want to make it special. Last year I did a Alice in Wonderland party. It was awesome.

Happy randomness.




blueviolet said...

When is the move actually taking place?

I'm not sure there's much worse than an internet connection gone wrong. The world stops.

Keely said...

Yeah, you should be excited. But it's frickin' terrifying, so I totally don't blame you for being overwhelmed. Hope it's a smooth move!

Pollyanna said...

I hear you on the government thing - spit, spit, spit!

Enjoy the new house!

Lisa Anne said...

Buying a house is stressful even once everything is complete. I know exactly how you feel. Every month I stress just to make sure the morgage is paid, bills are paid and daily thanking god no repairs need to be made. I'm thankful for a home warranty. 2 months after we moved in the water heater went out. Hopefully you'll have better luck.

What helped me is all the fun I have decorating and DIY projects. oct 30th will be our 1 year of actually owning the house. We moved in 1 year ago this saturday. Crazy how time flies!!

Dr.John said...

I love the random thoughts.
You will end up being glad you bought the house.
Everybody hates the government. Some for what it does and some for what it doesn't do.

heather said...

GOod luck on the moving thing. It's always tough to leave good friends behind. Even if it's not that far.

Amy said...

I think it is nice to have a new house and move. I like change at times. I want a big house but I do not see that coming. Do a bag type party. Everyone can decorate one of those little cloth bags. Then you can put girly stuff inside. Everyone can dress up as a favorite person they like.

monica said...

I know you will be fine once you get into your new house and a new routine. Of course they noticed the toilet paper they are princess! All princess need soft and fluffy paper to wipe with! I think OP birthday party should be Hannah Montana Party and it could be a sleep over! Have makeup stations and hair station, with carrocke(singing), they girls would love that! I have other ideas if you don't like that one!

shortmama said...

How about a Wizard of Oz themed party...that would be cute!

Erin said...

After we bought our house a year ago I had some serious buyers remorse but now...I LOVE it...give it time, it'll grow on you!

I am in the same boat with the workout stuff...I think it's the weather...haha I blame everything on the weather!

Casey said...

It was scary as hell buying a house but now that I'm over it, I love it. Hopefully you'll get excited after the whole HUGE RESPONSIBILITY part wears off.

If you get angry, take a picture. It sounds funny.

Laufa said...

I stick to the same brand of TP no matter what. I even compared smells (I was sick and blowing my nose a lot).
You could do a Bon Voyage Pary...Hawaiin sort of theme. For games, do
You are not excited about the house, because you see the hard work to get there - moving, painting, fixing, arranging, etc. When you get all that done, you will be like, "Woohoo this is ours!" (Hopefully!)Congrats anyway.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Buying a house is a huge stressful time - but once you get moved in and settled, you're going to sit back and look around and finally feel excited - at least that's how I was when we bought our house. It was kind of surreal during the whole stressful process. :)

We don't have a Costco here - but BJ's is similar. I made the mistake of buying their own name-brand toilet paper...hubby even complained about how harsh it was. Bet Costco and BJ's get their 'cheap' brand from the same place. We also didn't like Charmin's 'Ultra Strong' - yeah, it was ultra strong, but it was also really harsh.

Awwww! OP's turning 7? Princess Nagger will be turning 7 in November. I haven't asked her what kind of party she wants to have this year - guess I better get to thinking about it. I like Laufa's suggestion of a 'Bon Voyage' party - that would be a fun one to do!

Happy RTT a day late! :)

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