Monday, September 21, 2009

Who's The BEST Best Friend in the WHOLE Entire World??-Monday's Mama Drama

You Know you Have Mama Drama When.....

**This week's Mama Drama is not mine. My blog partner Amy had one heck of a week getting one heck of a party organized for the OP. Due to the many miles between us I unfortunately was not able to witness with my eyes her mental breakdown. However, many phone conversations gave me some insight into the Mama Drama that befell my poor best friend this week. So, here it is folks....Amy's Mama Drama ala Lady Di.

You have so much on your mind that it is not until you are in the shower when you remember that you put your best friend in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD (uh, that would be me) on hold while you took another call.

You have to call your best friend in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD (yes, me again) because you have a major Farm Town emergency. Something about a bad power cord and no power to the computer and the raspberries need harvesting. So the BF of the WEW has to log in as you and harvest for you. All I can say is, "that a girl Amy!" Only you could be waist deep in Wizard of Oz party crap and still be worried about beating that cousin of yours to the next level in Farm Town. Now that's some true competitive spirit.

You have to set the alarm to wake you up to get the cake out of the oven that is baking at 3:45 A.M. Yes, you read that right, 3:45 IN. THE. MORNING. My bud in her infinite wisdom decided she didn't have enough to do and had signed the OP up for cheer camp. Cheer camp involved attending a football game (so OP could do a little cheer) the night before the big party and they didn't get home until late. Therefore, Amy and the Hubs (bless him) stayed up until the wee hours of the morning baking birthday cake.

You're on the phone yet again with your BF of the WEW on the big day of the party running down the list of things still left to be done. You have the sympathy of said BF of the WEW and even have wishing very badly there were some way she could just hop on a plane to get over there and help, mention you still have to make HOMEMADE mini corn dogs. Okay, Amy really??? HOMEMADE mini corn dogs?? This is the part when I think you brought this mental breakdown on yourself girlfriend. You know I love you, but I know this place, it's called Costco and they actually sell mini corn dogs. It's amazing, they come already battered and everything. You just have to pop them in the oven.

And Finally.....

The Hubs (double bless him) goes out and dyes (yes dyes) one of the horses. You know, for a horse of a different color-it's a Wizard of Oz thing. Anyway, so the Hubs ACTUALLY does this and you have this dyed horse ready to go when what happens??? That's right. It rained and dyed horsey became an undyed horsey in less time than you can say "There's No Place Like Home." I'm sorry Amy, remember I never laugh AT you only WITH you. This sounds more like something that would happen to me. You know, since me and Murphy's Law are like this **fingers crossed**.

Well, turns out that despite the Drama the party was a HUGE success. I knew it would. Amy is the master party planner. Good Job Amy!!



Amy said...

Yeah glad you made it....

blueviolet said...

I have no doubt (based on those out of this world invitations) that the party was the party to end all parties! :)

Lisa Anne said...

I'm laughing! Sorry I am it was funny. Who the heck dyes a horse? lol I mean i've heard of poodles being dyed pink and toe nails painted but not a horse.

What's with farm town? I don't have facebook, but everyones talking about it. I'm so jealous

Amo said...

Well, it was a great idea anyway, to dye the horse! Very creative, so kuddos to you! I'm glad you survived and can't wait to see pics!

Amy said...

ROFL! So funny - and that was just half the drama!

I still am laughing that my mind went on a mini vacay and completely forgot that I was talking to you.

the farm town is an unhealthy obsession - I know. First thing I thought of when the power went out. When what i should have been thinking was - CRAP! I have way to much to do for the power to go out.

The Hubs is a saint - he was, however, rewarded.

Camp - Holy Cow what was I thinking? Where were you when I needed a slap in the face and a good voice of reason.

The mini corn dogs were a huge hit! and remember that i don't exactly have a Costco close by?

I am still sad about the horse **sniff sniff*

Love it - Di! Love You!

The Cranford Family said...

Hey, so the horse didn't get to make an appearance, you still had an AWESOME Wicked Witch!!!

Trudy said...

Woohoo...glad the party was a success, glad to know it is over and you can get back to farming now and glad to know that Lady Di is alive and well!

shortmama said...

I cant wait to see her party pics since I suggested it lol and need ideas for when I do my own Wizard of Oz party for one of my girls

Dr.John said...

After all that there was no melt down. Imagine that!

Mom of Three said...

Wow talk about going all out. Home made corn dogs and a dyed horse!! Glad everyone enjoyed themselves.

Unknown Mami said...

I can't believe a horse was dyed in the making of the party. Too bad for the rain.

Megan said...

Oh my gosh! This is frickin hilarious! Hahahaha!! So glad the party ended up being a success.

{Poor horsie *snicker*}

Helen McGinn said...

Deary dumplin. That's all I have to say.

That's what my mum would say anyways....*L* Good grief, homemade corn dogs, what a palava....but what a star. I've done things like that. I'm glad the party went well, how could it not??

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