Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cussing and Boogers

If Lady Di has taken first place for mother of the year (click here) then I have taken second.

First of all here are two conversations that have happened recently:

With OP (the six and 1/2 year old):

{ Dad and Op watching the weather channel about two months back and seeing that it is snowing in Montana - residence of Grammy and Gramps}

OP: Grammy is going to be so pissed.
Hubs: Grammy isn't in Montana right now she is in California.
OP: Oh! Well then Gramps is going to be so pissed.
Hubs: {the hubs says nothing, NOTHING! he doesn't tell her that that is not the talk of princesses or that those words are not good words or that she should never repeat it, NOTHING! he did nothing.}

With MP (the three and 1/2 year old):

{while driving in the car. All are present and mom (me) has just said holy crap in a conversation between Hubs and myself to which I didn't think anyone else could hear. I mean there is a movie on and the two I worry about are all the way in the back seat of the Suburban}

OP: Mom - MP just said that she can say Holy Crap because you said holy crap.
Me: Don't say that! It is not a good word and mommy shouldn't say it either.
MP: It's not fair!
Hubs: It's not fair that mommy can cuss and you can't? { grinning the whole time}
MP: NO it's not!!!!! {crying and angry}
Hubs: Mommy shouldn't say those words they are bad dirty words {still grinning}
Me: thanks, dear. That is just lovely.
Hubs: What? just letting her know that she shouldn't talk like that.
Me: uh huh!

and now for the grand finale. The nail in the coffin, the icing on the cake.................

let me preface this by saying I really dislike nose picking. I don't condone it. It's embarrassing.

Today my MP is doing it a lot. She has the crusties. They are annoying her. I didn't have a hankie today (which she usually asks for), so hence the picking and picking and picking. I keep telling her to stop. We are at Walmart. Then we are in the car.............

OP: Mooooooommmmmm! MP is picking her nose again. {the tattling is going to drive me
Me: MP stop picking your nose! I have told you a million times it's gross. Please STOP!!!

{I hear talking but I am not paying attention. Then I look in the rear view mirror and see the OP flicking her finger and the MP watching and doing the same thing. They are still talking but I am having brain fog.}

Me: What are you doing?
OP: I am showing MP how to flick her booger off. It is on her finger.
MP: I can't get it off my finger. I don't like it. It's gross.
Me: Are you kidding me? That is disgusting. I am pulling over right now!

Nice, Huh? I may have even knocked Lady Di right out of first with this one.

My girls are 99% princess well all except for the MP who is about 50% princess. Some days though I just think, Really? I may have just failed in the parenting department.

**Lady Di Update: She has been taken hostage by her crazy life. Her life is demanding I get a housekeeper, chauffeur, chef and maybe some laundry detergent to get her back.



Trudy said...

Oh no...boogers are very nasty, and flicking them, there really aren't any words! That is pretty funny stuff though...I do think you have Lady Di beat!

That's a pretty high ransom from her though to get her life back? Could we maybe try 2 of the 4 to see how that works?

And watch your mouth...I mean, Holy crap Amy!

ModernMom said...

Best title to a blog post yet!!
There is just no delicate way for a princess to handle the crusties:) Good luck with the boogers and cussing LOL

Amy said...

Hi Amy,

Sorry I have not been by in awhile. I guess I am like Lady Di. I was out of town taking care of my Mom and I just got back. I saw your comment on the Round Robin. No worries. Maybe you can join in next month. Have a great day.

monica said...

Oh the stuff that comes out of kids mouth! They repeast everything! The boogie thing is so funny. i can just picture that whole thing taking place!

I can't believe that ransom that the Lady Di nappers have requested - what are we going to do?

Erin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA I can't even comment right now HAHAHAHAHA I am laughing so hard!!

You have to love the life of princesses!

T~T said...

oh my little one just hands me her "yuckies" and my other kids just wipe it where ever - IT DRIVES ME INSANE!!!!

Happy said...

Sometimes I think the Happy Heart children could pick their way to China since I catch them knuckle deep often!!! GROSS, I know.

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