Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday Five {I know it's Saturday - keep reading}:Panties and more.

Amy's Friday Five: This is where I share with you the 5 things I have learned this week and you just might learn a little something about me at the same time.

1. {and the reason this post is on Saturday } Being without Internet for a day is torture to a blogger. The first thing I did this morning was run to the computer and see if the internet was working, then I came here to see if Lady Di happened to make an appearance (she did!) and then I checked my farm on Facebook so see if my whole field went to waste.

2. Cussing and Boogers make good blog posts. Who knew?

3. No one makes panties as good as Victoria Secret! Actually I just forgot. It has been a while since I treated myself. I recently bought myself some and thought, why would anyone wear anything different! They just feel so nice. Seriously if you don't already have some - GO RIGHT NOW and get you some. You won't regret it.

4. The Hubs seriously thinks he coined the phrase, "and have a great day", at the end of his cellphone message. So every time you hear that on someones message - know that you know where it came from. He cracks me up!

5. I am going to start making jewelry! I did some unexpected retail therapy this week. I ran in to my salon to buy a handmade necklace for a gift bag thinking that is wouldn't be more than $25. Um........I was wrong. I bought it anyway because I didn't want to offend my stylist and embarrass myself in front of all the ladies in the salon. I kept it for myself though and I am wearing it every chance I get. It really is pretty and I have gotten a ton of compliments plus I supported a fellow mom so it's all cool.

There you have it - my Friday Five.
Have a great weekend. Wish all the cool dad's you know Happy Fathers Day and all the ones that aren't............... well give them a burnt pancake. Just Kidding.

Oh I almost forgot.

The winner of our 100th post giveaway is.................drumroll please...............................................

Kristin over at Bon Bon Rose. Yay! Congrats. I think we have just the thing for her.



Amy said...

It took me two more hours to post this due to internet trouble. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Trudy said...

LOL on #1...I never make it to my FB My Farm before everything has gone to waste. Good thing I don't farm in real life!

You should really show us this necklace you bought...just a thought!

Amy said...

I learned that even though you try to dig to the bottom of the root of a yucky weed you may not really get it all the way out. All of the sweating, digging, and pulling was not worth it.

Lady Di said...

Hi, I've officially escaped my captivity (I think). You're right about the chonies. The kids will eat Top Ramen everyday for dinner before I give up those babies!!!

Kristin said...

Who doesn't like cussing and booger? And YEY! I'm so excited about winning!

monica said...

Why do you need panties? Just go with nothing - it's way cheaper! Love the Friday five and hope your farmis still okay. I wouldn't know what to do without the internet- I would probably go insane with it!

The Cranford Family said...

I am with you on the internet! You know I have my trouble there!!! When we got home from camping today the first thing I did was visit my farm,(before I checked my email!)Then checked your blogs!! Gotta LOVE an Internet Junkie!!

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