Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday's Mama Drama

My life was freakishly devoid of any new mama drama this week. Don't worry, this just means it will come three-fold next week and make for a REAL interesting post then. Anyway, since I have no crazy shenanigans to report I am re-posting my original, numero uno Monday Mama Drama post, since we had like two readers back then, Amy and myself :)

You Know You Have Mama Drama When....

1. You have to rely on your three year old to find such things as the remote, your keys, cell phone, and her brother's (who is 6) shoes...I swear the kid is part bloodhound

2. You have to explain to the above said three year old that she must push her baby stroller on the "county road" and not through her brother's "field" in order to maintain peace and harmony in the house. **refer to another post I'm Putting It All Out There to understand why my son would be planting a "field" in my front room.

3. After a thrilling bathtub incident in which a child knocked out her bottom baby tooth because the two kids were "screwing around", you were almost certain you were going to be Nancy Grace's next hot topic on her show.

4. Apparently, your own mother has nothing better to do with her time than send everyone pies, hugs, snow globes, peeps, hearts, fish, start a pillow fight, and whatever else you could possibly send on Facebook...I can't keep up!!

5. You actually look forward to the weekly staff meeting because while most think of it as a mind numbing, boring waste of time, you think of it as a "mini vacation" for your brain.



ModernMom said...

Ah Weekly staff meetings. Those were the days. I remember I actually was able to consume hot coffee at those things too!

Kristin said...

When did the 'rents get on Facebook. Good grief.

Amy said...

That is way too funny. Oh I need a child like that who finds everything.

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