Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Deep Cleaning

Tuesday's Tribute

This is going to be fast, short and sweet. I so wanted to tribute my husband because he has just been keeping it real lately. Unfortunately I don't have the time.

I have a dentist appointment today in the Big City. I am just so excited. Two hours of driving just to sit in a dental chair for 2 more hours then another 2 hours home just to wake up and do it again tomorrow. Deep Cleaning. The only thing that should be deep cleaned are my carpets. NOT my teeth. The upside - I am going to take the OP and MP to see Up. (Ha - that's funny!)

So in honor of my day I am going to tribute my Dentist and the Dental Hygienists. Yep. Without them we would be walking around with some nasty teeth, right? So hats off to them for taking on a profession that keeps our mouths clean and pretty. For probing around in my personal space and for taking pleasure in giving those horrible shots in a place where no needle belongs!

*I have a friend who's dentist has these special glasses that you can put on and watch a movie! I think all dentists should be required to provide those. That and give pedicures! Wouldn't that be nice. Instead I am taking my ipod which I need to put some new music on and then I am going to pretend that I am in Hawaii. Yes I am going to try that out. I have a great imagination - it just might work.

Yes today I tribute them in hopes that they are having a good day and I will be greeted with a smile and treated with care because my last dentist experience was beyond horrible so I need a little TLC.

Wish me luck.

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Amy said...

What a fun day of cleaning. I hope you enjoy the music.

Mrs. S said...

My favorite dentists are the ones that knock you out! That's how I do things :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I, too, love doing birthday parties. If we had more money, I'd throw big bashes for each of our bdays!

ModernMom said...

Sorry Have to admit I started skimming when you said the D word. Can't stomach the Dntist! Hope you enjoy the peaceful drive there and back...and forget al the time in between:)

monica said...

Have a great time in Hawaii!! I hope your experience in the chair goes good. The music will be soothing at least. The movie thing would be awesome!

Trudy said...

Good luck at the is one of my least favorite places to go. But Hawaii, on the other hand, sounds fabulous! Let us know how the weather was.

Maybe they could even give you a lei?

shortmama said...

Yucky on the dentist! Take a nice nap while listening to your ipod!

Mama Nut said...

Hook me up with a pair of those glasses!!

Brenda said...

I hope you did OK, teeth cleaning is not on the top of my list if fun activities!

mommaof4wife2r said...

a good hubs is a good thing!!!

Kristin said...

Good luck! Not my favorite thing either. I could go for those movie glasses. I just have to look at my dentists face. Boo.

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