Thursday, June 25, 2009

TAG....You're it!!

We were photo tagged by Amy at Keeping Up With The Schulz Family. You can check the other Amy's (my blogging buddy here at Mama Drama) photo along with her Writer's Workshop here.

The rules:

1) go to your photo files.
2) Open the 6th folder.
4) Write a story about the photo.
3) Pick the 6th photo.
5) Tag six people.

I am going to be lazy and say whoever wants to participate can, just let us know by leaving a comment so we can check your photo and story out.

Yes, no matter where I turn or where I go they always seem to be there. TRACTORS!! So, I was not at all surprised that the 6th picture in the 6th folder would be of my son on guessed it, tractor. My son is absolutely, completely, in love with tractors and all things related to tractors. Trust me, I know more than I ever want or need to know about tractors.

We were at the local historical museum attending the dedication of the newly restored tractor barn. My husband had helped move the old tractors into the barn and my son was of course with him to help as well. My son was very excited to show me all the old tractors and filled me in on every little tid bit of information that he knew. During the dedication ceremony he got a little bored so he went outside and sat on this tractor. There were many tractors out on display, but he chose this little John Deere and just sat there the entire time. He was quite smitten with it, and asked me to take a picture of him on it. When my husband came out and saw our little JD boy sitting happy as a clam he said, "Oh, he found Bum Bum's tractor."

Bum Bum is my husband's father, the kids called him Bum Bum or Grandpa Bum. He passed away suddenly due to a stroke in 2006 when JD boy was only 4 yrs. old. Bum also had a love for all things tractors and farm related. He voluntered often at the museum restoring old tractors. When he died the museum folks decided to restore that John Deere tractor (in the picture) in his memory. My son did not know that was "Bum Bum's" tractor when he decided to sit on it practically all day. However, when I told him it just made the tractor even more special to him. He was only 4 when his Bum Bum passed away, but he was very fond of him. We lived right around the corner from them and they were all fortunate that they saw their grandparents almost on a daily basis. I try not to do this, but sometimes I think about what a great time they would have together now if he were alive today. However, I am sure he is up there somewhere getting a kick out of the fact that his grandson drives his mom crazy by talking incessantly about tractor model numbers, tires, parts, mufflers, muffler caps, GPS systems, PTOs, tractor discs, chisels, cultivators, and the difference between track tractors and wheel tractors (see...more than I ever wanted to or need to know).



Erin said...

If I ever need to know anything about tractors I know where to go! I think my son will be like that with Trains...he LOVES them!

Amy said...

Gotta love that little JD Boy! Cute pic, cute story. I thought you disappeared again? ran away to Las Vegas without me!

Lady Di said...

Not yet. We leave on my birthday.

Amy said...

Thanks for playing along. We love tractors.

monica said...

My tagged picture is up.

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