Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I am having a bad hair day - already! Woke up with it actually.

My kids woke up grumpy. Yelling at each other. What a way to start the morning, I tell ya. It is going to be a fun fun day. Last night I prayed for patience and promised to respond in a more loving way. Let's see how that goes. I am going to try. I am

So I think I will never get my house the way I want it before my Thursday Lia Sophia party. So with that said, it is what it is.

My children keep fighting, arguing, hurting each others feelings, tattling on each other and I am ready to just go nuts. I don't know if it is the move or missing there dad or what but holy cow is it getting old. I think I am going to run into the corner and cry.

I made one room a playroom and do you think my girls are using it? No. They are stuck to me like gorilla glue.

My OP is struggling. I want to make it better. I knew that there would be an adjustment going from home school to public school but I thought it would be socially. Socially she is fine. Girl can make friends in 2 seconds. She is struggling with the work. She is ahead of the kids in the coursework but they use a different method or program in phonics and she is lost. So now I have to reteach her a whole different way. Does it really matter? She can break a word apart. She can read. Who cares that she doesn't put the stupid symbols. I am irritated.

I think I don't fit in here. The people are very cliquey and not super friendly to outsiders. I am an outsider. Not only that but I have discovered that this town is morally flawed. It is going to take some getting used to after living in my bubble for the last five years.

Living close to family is going to take some getting used to as well. Don't get me wrong it is nice in a lot of ways but after being on my own for 13 years it is foreign to me.

I have baby fever. I want another one so bad and I know that it is not the right time. But the clock is ticking. Tick Tick Tick Tock! I am afraid though to have another one. So many things are happening to people I know that scare me. Then with this flu crap going around. Just not a good time.

Ok. So it is 10:30 and I HAVE to get some stuff done. Must get going. Light a little fire under this big toosh.

First thing is first. I need to clean up the rice krispies on my floor. I hate wet rice krispies but the kiddos love them.

With that said, have a wonderful day.


YUCK! Listen to me! I am a super dooper party pooper, aren't I? I just read this post and I wanted to puke. Such a downer! Someone slap me. Where are you Lady Di? Only you can slap me.

Really it isn't THAT bad. There are good things too. Like the sun is shining. I can wear a short sleeve shirt and flip flops today. I actually got to spend some time on the computer this morning. The MP is eating lunch! That is huge my ladies and gents, HUGE!

Ok now I feel better. I brought a little sunshine to the blog. No more boo hooing here! Stay tuned for a super dooper giveaway. We have to work out the details................................


shortmama said...

I hope things get better after everyone gets settled!

monica said...

Hoping that it gets easier for you and everyone. It's a big adjustment and everyone will get settled in soon! Love you!

The Blonde Duck said...

I need pictures of the ladybug. I have plans. Glorious plans of a ladybug party in the Pond...

Lady Di said...

Sounds like Calgon needs to take you away!!! Girls trip, girls trip, girls trip. I hope things get better, it takes time.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Where are you living? I think I've lived there before! ;) The town that was cliquey with wet rice krispies on the floor!

Love your random.
I hope your day got better.
Visiting from the Unmom.

kys said...

My kids fight all the time, too. I know how horrible that can be. I hope things get better.

Unknown Mami said...

It's okay to vent sometimes.

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