Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Skunk Returns

Remember this? The skunk story? I do but that is because I experienced the not so great feeling of the near encounter with the skunk first hand. Well he strikes again and my Dad is in the dog house. Anyone have an available room for awhile? I think this one has landed him in the dog house for quite awhile.

See, their dog got sprayed. Not a problem because if you remember correctly we found the miracle solution to removing stench from dog.

However it does become a problem when said stinky dog is let in the house and locked in living quarters while husband goes to find wife in bedroom to ask what the miracle solution is. First mistake and bad bad idea.

Dog left to wander jumps on furniture. Second mistake. All this leads to very very upset wife. Did you know that skunk perfume penetrates the whole house? Your clothes, your hair, your furniture? It does. So needless to say, Dad is in some super hot water. My mama is super ticked off. I would be too. I am betting that one of them will be down at my house soon.

My mama was even more ticked off when I told her to change into some of my clothes because she stunk like skunk and then again when the OP asked after getting in the truck, "Yuck, what smells like skunk, Grammy?" Bad Bad day for my Dad.

However I hear today that it (the smell) is getting better. The couch has been relocated outside- I am sure to await garbage day. So maybe my mama will be happy when she goes to buy herself the new couch she has been eyeing at the furniture store for quite some while.

The lord works in mysterious ways!


monica said...

So funny. I am sorry for your father though, guys just don't think of the outcome. Hoepfully, your mom will forgive him before he gets too cold outside!

blueviolet said...

It has to be one of the worst smells possible. Instant headache!

I'm secretly glad for your mom and her new couch though. :)

shortmama said...

Yuck! Our dogs have been sprayed twice and the smell traveled through the house...and stayed there for a few days! Luckily they werent running around inside though!

Seansmoma said...

He sure does work in mysterious ways. Although sometimes I must admit He would pick a different mysterious way! :)

I hope your mom enjoys her new couch!

kys said...

Being sprayed by a skunk is one of my (many) irrational fears.

Unknown Mami said...

That stinks! Hahahaha....

Erin said...

Oh no, your poor mom! And poor dad...he's just a boy and doesn't know any better. Maybe it was him who secretly wanted a new couch?

JennyMac said... of the most wretched smells of all time.

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