Thursday, July 23, 2009

Close Encounter of a Stinky Kind

At home I battle snakes but here in Montana I battle a different creature. The Skunk. This time I was not wearing a skirt and apron but was sporting a french manicure on my pretty little toes and this time there was a victim.

Let me back up a little:

My first encounter with above skunk was the second night I was here. At night we open all the windows, one of my favorite things. I so enjoy the fresh cool air. Except this particular night was not so fresh. I was just settling down and smelled THE SMELL. I thought I can get through this. It was a little warm this night and I didn't want to shut the window. But the skunk conquered. I swear he had his butt up to my window spreading his not-so-lovely perfume. My eyes were burning - it was THAT bad. I closed the windows.

{few days go by - no stinky skunk}

Then yesterday: I get home from a crazy day that started with a trip to the ER (The OP has an infection in her lungs). I start helping my mama with dinner and we realize that we have forgotten about Graycee (our new puppy) who had been outside. We end up searching inside and out and there is no sign of Graycee. Lovely.

I go searching with my Mom's two dogs a Jack Russell, Ally, and an Australian Shepherd. We walk, I call - no Graycee. I think {great I have lost our dog and we have only had her for 3 days.}

I start to walk back towards the house and I hear something. A yelp perhaps? I start looking around and realize that I am on top of a culvert. Ally has gone inside. Oh my gosh - Graycee! I call out to Ally and she comes out and then goes back in. I go to the other side of the culvert and convince myself to look in. I see something, an animal, but I can't tell what it is. I am concerned that it is our puppy. I start calling to her trying to co hearse her out. Up to this point Ally has not growled so I think it must be Graycee. I look again.

I hear my Dad's truck coming down the hill and right about that time I hear a growl, a bark, a screech and then it comes - THE SMELL. I yell, "HOLY CRAP! SKUNK!" Ally appears and starts rubbing her face on the ground.

I now start running up the hill towards the truck because it occurs to me that the skunk may have jumped out and is after me! My Dad stops. I yell as I run to the other side - "Ally got skunked. There is a skunk in the culvert." I start worrying now that I have been skunked and that the skunk has dog napped my puppy. I start smelling myself to make sure. I thankfully was spared. Ally not so much.

Dad then informs me that Graycee was in the house the whole time, stuck under a cabinet. Nice! Poor Ally took one for the team!

So I am unsure whether the skunk lived and I will not be checking any time soon. Thank heavens he didn't come at me when I stupidly put my face in the end of the culvert. Which looking back was not the brightest idea I have ever had. I blame it on the lack of sleep. I am pretty sure that I will be having bad dreams about a crazy rabid skunk chasing me through the woods.

If he did live - I have a feeling that I will be seeing him soon.............................



ModernMom said...

Oh NO!!
WHat a rotten way to spend an evening.
I hear tomato juice helps?

Amy said...

Oh no fun...

I am glad the puppy is okay but the poor other dog..

Pat said...

I've experienced that skunk smell " he had his butt up against the window..." descriptive!

monica said...

So funny!! I hope the skunk and you have learnt your lesson!! Poor Ally - how was the tomato bath?

Lisa Anne said...

Call me crazy, but I actually like the smell of skunk......

Hey it's not as crazy as my friends Dad who likes the smell or horse poop and once when we went on vacation he made us pullover so he could put some in a baggy for his dad.

Yes gross.

Erin said...

That's aweful! I hope the OP is okay! I hate those ER visits for lung issues!

And the poor dog! And THAT SMELL!! grr, I had that happen to our dog and OMG I think it looked like a blood bath out on the front drive when we got done bathing him and he STILL smelled!

shortmama said...

I hate skunks! My dogs were sprayed twice last year. There is nothing quite as fun as repeatedly trying to bathe your dogs to try to remove the smell.

Kristin said...

Nooooooo, I cannot deal with all of these critters. You are a better woman than I!

Lady Di said...

Poor Ally, what a trooper. That's so funny!! You should know better than to stick your face in a dark hole out in the wilderness like that.

Trudy said...

Oh my, poor Ally! I would have freaked out, in a really stupid way!

Glad you were spared though. Hope the OP is feeling better soon!

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