Monday, July 6, 2009

Whew, It's Hard Work Having So Much Fun

So I hit the big 30 (cough, 2) last Sunday. Not yesterday Sunday, a week ago Sunday. Then my JD boy hit the big 7 on Wednesday. Most of you saw the post Amy put up that day of our cute kids, and yes they are betrothed.

Well, I left you all on my birthday because I was going to Vegas for a little getaway with my hubby and friends. There are some really good deals on flights and hotel rooms right now. However, my husband and I drove because we dropped the kids off with my dad, who met us half way. In the grand scheme of things Las Vegas is not that bad of a drive. It's just lots of ugly desert, but hey the end result is Vegas, so you can handle looking at ugly yucca trees, sage bush, and cactus for miles on end. Once I walked through the doors of my room and saw the king sized bed, the step down living room area with sectional sofa, flat screen T.V., mini bar, remote controlled curtains, and no little voices saying, "mommy I need_________", I couldn't even remember what the scenery looked liked driving into "town". Oh, did I mention the bathroom that was as big as one of my kid's bedrooms, that also had a flat screen T.V. in it. I took a bath and watched T.V. just for the heck of it. I think if it hadn't been for the fact that I was in Vegas, I would have been content to stay in my room the entire time.

Of course, we were in Vegas, and we had things to do....and some people to see, I mean watch. Let me tell you, there is some good (maybe the best) people watching in Vegas. We walked down the strip the first morning on a mission to score some cheap tickets for a show. Well, it was hot and we needed to take a break. Our first stop was at the Rockhouse Bar. Some of the members of our expedition team including my hubby continued on, however, myself and two others stayed behind to take in the sights. Like I said it was hot, so what does one get to quench their thirst at 11 o'clock in the morning in Vegas? An 80 oz. hot pink guitar filled with frozen Hurricane...silly. It served two purposes: one-the primary reason, it quenched my thirst, and two-it was essentially a giant ice cube sitting across my lap. So, I was cool and comfortable.

I was also playing my own version of "What Not to Wear" with my friend as people walked by. Yes, I catty of me, but it's fun and I know you all do it!! I do have to say that my buddy takes it to a new level by actually getting snap shots of the unfortunate outfit wearers. It's just for personal entertainment value to show the folks back home. There were some interesting looks. Some were just down right wrong. For example, may I ask who thinks it is okay to wear socks with sandals? Apparently, quite a few people. I don't know why this strikes such a cord in me, maybe it's because I'm from California. Let's do a hypothetical: If it were 30 degrees outside and I had to take out the trash, and the only shoes I could wear were sandals, I still would not put socks on (not even to keep my feet warm). Because let's face it, a flippin' pair of socks really won't keep your feet that much warmer anyway and you'll look stupid to boot. So, you see there really is no scenario in which socks with sandals is exceptable....DON'T DO IT....EVER....ESPECIALLY IN VEGAS....WHERE A BUNCH OF DRUNK PEOPLE SIT AROUND AND TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR GOOFY SELF!!!

After acquiring tickets to the drag queen magic show (no, I am not kidding) we hit the casinos. My favorite game to play is Blackjack because the dealer will basically tell you what to do, if you need the help. I used to be afraid to play at the tables and always stuck to the slot machines but I have become braver and it is much better when everyone at the table is your friend. I still won't play at a table by myself. Some people are all hard core when it comes to playing cards and they get all pissy if you hit and take a card they needed or something like that. I am way to laid back for that kind of playing. I didn't win any big fortune, but I didn't lose the kid's college funds either. I work too hard for my money to be a high roller. I played Blackjack maybe at three or four different casinos and I was done.

Now, back to the drag queen magic show. Who knew there was such a thing? We got V.I.P tickets (which included all you can drink at the bar) for...are you ready....$21.00. Yeah, the show was at this little hole in the wall theater next to the Planet Hollywood Hotel. When we walked in we got to take a "hands on" picture with one of the drag queen assistants. We got front row seating in the whopping six row theater. The man..I mean "woman" serving drinks behind the counter had perkier boobs and a smaller waist than me. The show was hilarious. Much of it I can not repeat. There was lots of audience participation, which included my brother-in-law being dressed in drag and assisting with a magic trick, and my own husband was "hit on" by the star of the show when he got up to get me a drink. The look on my husbands face was priceless, when a dude who was wearing more makeup than his wife will ever wear says, "Well, HELLLOOOO big me in the bathroom after the show." Priceless, I tell you.

So, as you can tell we had a lot of fun in Vegas. I highly recommend a trip at least once in your lifetime. It can be pricey, but you just have to have that mindset before you go. However, as evident by our little magic show experience, you can find really good inexpensive entertainment as well. There are lots of great places to eat, shop, and drink. If you're like me, any little vacation (sans kids) is a four star vacation. Like I said, I love my kids, but it does a mama good to have a little adult time. Thanks Dad and Marie for taking those little boogers for us. They had lots of fun at the river. I know I wouldn't have been that crazy to take those guys out on a boat :)


Kristin said...

I big puffy heart Vegas and the scandalosity (I like to make up words) that ensues. Sounds like you had a fabulous time!

Erin said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT Bday! Last time I was in Vegas was for my 34th birthday and I am pretty sure that is where Baby #1 was conceived! Hope you didn't have THAT much fun!

Oh yeah and the sandals and socks....I agree, WTH is with that! Maybe it's just NOT a CA thing!

monica said...

Oh I love Vegas and should do another trip really soon. Oh it is the best place to watch people and I totally agree with the sandels and sandels thing! Too fun! The show that would be fun to see! Glad that you had a great time and that you are back!

Amy said...

What a fun time. My first time in Vegas was crazy. I am not sure when I will go back. My in laws are getting ready to go. I love all people you see also.

Martin Family said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday. I can totally picture your hubby's face as a man is making the moves on him.

I too agree with the sandals. Perhaps it is a California thing, and everywhere else is acceptable.

JennyMac said...

Vegas is always dirty fun. Great post. Hilarious.

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time. The room sounds amazing. And while I've never wanted to go to vegas you got me wanting a weekend away with my hubby there.

over from sits

Stacey said...

Have never been to Vegas. Me and the slots are not great friends. I have missed you girls. I took a break for a while, but now am back, so can't wait to catch up. Hope all is well.

Amy said...

First - you stink! Second - As long as the OP loves tractors all will work out, Third - sounded like you were driving to my house for a minute, Fourth - The hubs wears sandals with socks and insists upon tucking in his shirt while wearing shorts. Argh! I know - but you and I both know he is a little strange.

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