Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Debate Between Two Great Minds

So, for reasons unrelated to the MJ funeral (I just think we have been watching too much T.V. lately), I have banned television watching today. OH MY!! What are three kids ages 13, 7 and 3 to do?? Well, they certainly didn't ask mom because they know the answer they will get. It will involve some tedious cleaning task and be no fun at all. Instead, the 13 yr old decided to reorganize her room (good choice), the 3 yr old went upstairs to play with her dolls (again..good choice), and the recently turned 7 yr. old decided to "farm" with his tractors downstairs (no problem). He asks if he can listen to satellite radio on T.V. He posed the question very carefully: JD Boy: Um, mom I know you said no watching T.V. BUT (pause), can I listen to music while I farm?? Me (after doing the obligatory sigh): OK, but ONLY music. JD Boy: Oh sure, no problem. And it was no problem.

Everybody went about their business, the kids doing their own thing, me cleaning and doing laundry. I decided to take a little break and do some blogging. JD Boy was still "farming" and listening to his music on the T.V. Everything was quiet and peaceful....until Miss Thing came down stairs. Miss Thing is the 3 yr. old who I have yet to settle on a "name" for when I write because she is so many things. Some days she is HRH (Her Royal Highness), some days WW (wild woman), and other days I refer to her as my angelic baby faced girl (which means she is ANYTHING but). So, in walks Miss Thing and on comes a Kelly Clarkson song and this is the great debate that ensues between the great minds of my JD Boy and my angelic baby faced girl:

HRH: Ooh, this is Kelly Kirsten

JD Boy: Kelly Clarkson


JD Boy: Kelly CLARKSON!!

I can know see the little devil horns sticking out of the curly hair

JD Boy (completely took the bait, hook, line, and sinker): KELLY CLARKSON!!!!!! you misunderstand, MOOOM tell her

Me-no response, just kept working on computer.....however HRH doesn't know when to stop while she is ahead and had to have one last jab

HRH (in her sweetest girly voice): See, I told you it was Kelly KIRSTEN

JD Boy (now with pillow in hand walking toward HRH): NO, IT'S KELLY CLAR.....did not finish sentence because mom had to intervene and stop immenent pillow beating of lil' sis. Trust me if she had not had an eating utensil in her mouth, I would have considered letting her get what was so well deserved. Trust me again when I say she knew exactly what she was doing and deserved it. This wasn't a case of 3 yr. old mispronounciation. By the time this little tiff was over so was the song, to which she then declared, "I don't like Kelly Clarkson." JD Boy just let out a big "UGH" and walked away. Well, I just had my entertainment for the day. How's yours going?


monica said...

Oh my goodness ... LOL! She is just too clever and just knows when to push her big brothers buttons! What fun...what fun!

Erin said...

HRH HAHA That's a good one. A friend of mine has an almost 4 year old and we call her LMSR, Little Miss Spoiled Rotten!

Oh and you mean it's not Kelly Kristen? LOL

kathleen said...
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Amy said...

That is funny, I just love those two! I am glad your back - I am in a blogging slump or a life one who knows.

Lady Di said...

Uh oh, life's got you down right now? I called earlier today, talked to your mom. Call me when you are not busy.

Amy said...

My day went pretty well. My little one fell a fews times and now wants some ice cream. Hey Ladies I am having my round robin this Friday. Yes, Amy this Friday if you want to join in.

Anonymous said...

Hehee...That's a little smartie you've got there!

Jessica and Michael said...

That is too funny! Sounds like something my sisters and I would have done when we were younger!
Stopping by from SITS and love your blog!

JennyMac said...

hahaha. This would remind my mom of me and my older brother at that age. And yes, I didnt know when to quit either. Great post.

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