Thursday, July 30, 2009

Writers Workshop- On Fire!

This week for Mama Kat's workshop I chose prompt #1: Who made you red hot this week?

I'm on fire this week! {I just glanced over at the T.V. and no kidding there was a Smokey the Bear commercial putting out a candle - he is 65 this year apparently} Anyways. ON FIRE! Three things happened this week to set me on fire. I am only going to talk about two.

As some already know I am in Montana visiting family. My mama and I went shopping and I started without her while she got a new card (my mama is a power shopper). We only needed a couple of items, eggs being one of them. I had pretty much got everything we needed except the eggs because I couldn't find them. In my Costco they are in the refrigerator case at one end. Anyhow I couldn't find them and while looking my mama calls me and asks my whereabouts. I say, "I am trying to find the eggs." When I hear someone say, "You looking for eggs!" I turn, still on the phone, expecting to see a friendly face and I see her - Turkey Burger Lady looking at me like I am an idiot! In the process of turning I hung up with my mama because I am expecting to be graciously directed in the correct direction. Instead I get this:

Turkey Burger Lady: You can't find the eggs! {not so nice look - I happen to be the master of looks. }
Me: No {with smile on my face}
Turkey Burger Lady: There with the milk! Don't you KNOW where the milk is! {said with major attitude}
Me: { Oh no you just didn't - you most certainly didn't look at me like I'm an idiot and give me attitude. Miss Turkey Burger Lady!} As a MATTER OF FACT. I DON'T! I am not from HERE and this is the FIRST TIME I have been in this Costco! {Thank you very much}
Turkey Burger Lady: Oh. Well they are IN the DAIRY section. {said again with attitude like I should still know this} Behind me where it says, DAIRY!

By now I have already completely shut her out, ignoring her. Actually by the first "Dairy" I was already past her and walking away. I wish I had been thinking on my toes because I would have said what I thought a few seconds later which was, Really last time I checked chickens are not related to cows! %#@&*! Oh I was on fire I was so flipping mad. The nerve - first she interrupted me then she throws attitude and treats me like I am stupid. I didn't even ask her! Rude!

Then a day later. A person who is much younger and has not had near as much reality in her life nor life experience than me is at my computer and wants me to take one of those stupid Facebook quizzes. You know, the What State Should You Live In?, quiz. I agree and she starts asking the questions and, thinking she knows me, answering them too. She gets to one that asks, What personality type are you? (or some sort of crap like that) Then I notice that she has highlighted NAIVE. I think to myself surely not and I say, "Well what do you think?" She says, looking at me like I am an idiot as well, "Naive."

I DON'T THINK SO! Are you flipping kidding me! These amongst other things ran through my head and I said, "Um no if anyone is naive it is you." I know I shouldn't have but I was beyond flaming red hot. I am talking breathing dragon flames hot. I just couldn't believe that someone totally insulted me to my face. It burned, it hurt and I am still hot!

For more Writer Workshop participants visit Mama Kat:

Thanks Mama Kat for the prompt. I needed a good vent.


The Redhead Riter said...

You were ranting and raving girl! LOL

Enjoy a Totally Tremendous Thursday!!!

JennyMac said...

LOVE it...Turkey Burger Lady? Priceless. And ummm, even I your invisible friend in bloggy world know you are not naive. LOL. Tell her to read your blog and next time she will pick Kick Ass.

Jen said...

Well, that Turkey Burger lady needs to sit down and shut up!

Trudy said...

I think Turkey Burger lady needs a little red meat in her diet or something to temper that ridiculous attitude. The nerve!

ModernMom said...

Oh , most excellent vent. What was up the Turkey lady's butt anyway? Weird!

June Freaking Cleaver said...

Turkey Burger Lady and your relative need some sensitivity training...are you sure one or both of them isn't autistic?

My son insults family and strangers all the time like that.

And ModernMom? Most turkeys have stuffing up their butts.

monica said...

People need to keep thier ears to themselves! I can't believe turkey burger lady. You are anything but Naive...I am glad that you got mad at her for that. Have a great Thursday!

shortmama said...

Oh me and turkey burger later would have been exchanging some not so nice words!

Allyson said...

Oh.My.Gawd. Turkey Burger Lady needs to mind her own burgers!! Some people just don't need to talk. Period.

Hope you are cooled off now! Those two things would have made me on fire too!

Kimmy said...

Oh! No! Those would have burned me also. I'm a hot head so I can TOTALLY understand your being hot about those two things! I just don't understand WHY people have to be so rude these days! Where does that lady get off and interrupt you on the phone and then have attitude? She was looking for a fight and I would have given it to her...LOL! Kuddos for you keeping your cool. :O)

Hopefully after reading everyone's comments, it will help you cool down. *hugs*

Erin said...

I would have been looking for the Turkey Burger lady after her shift! I would have been beyond ticked as well!

And the LAST thing I would think about you is Naive...HMPH!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

It sounds like they have GREAT service at that Costco!

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