Saturday, July 18, 2009

Things that Annoy Lady Di

Okie Dokie this post is inspired by Design It Chic. She participates in Aloha Fridays over at An Island Life. Design It Chic's question was: What are the three things about you that people find annoying?

So Lady Di and I are IMing on Facebook and I asked her about what I should post and she rattles on about all these things that annoy her about me. What is that all about? I think she is holding a grudge. WHATEVER!

Here it goes:

1. Lady Di has a huge fear of knives and her wrists being cut. Sooooooooooo I like to run a butter knife over my wrists and sometimes my neck in front of her. I am not sure why she finds that annoying?

2. She also has a fear of her exposed achilles tendons under a bed. In college she would position her bed close enough to her light switch so she could climb in bed and shut off the light. You would never find her sitting on her bed with her feet on the floor. She was also the first to show me the leprechaun door, which is the door to the attic or crawl space usually in a closet. This would never be in her room because she was afraid of the leprechaun and it getting her achilles tendons. Sooooooooooooo I can do a leprechaun voice and I would call her name from my bedroom once we went to bed and all the lights were off. Again, not sure why this would annoy her?

3. Lady Di's favorite part of taquitos and burritos are the ends. Sooooooooooo every time we would find ourselves eating one or both of those I would come on over to her plate and bite off the ends. What? I like them too. Learn to share Lady Di. Even now i am cracking myself up writing these. I can so remember doing these things.

I am going to add another one.

4. This one I really don't understand. I mean what does she have against my pillow? She hates it. It annoys her. I think she said something to the tune of "that rag you carry around that is a sorry excuse for pillow." Seriously not a rag! It is a Scandinavian Down pillow. It was expensive and it is comfy. Yes I could probably shove it into a green bean can but it is MY pillow and I LOVE it so LEAVE it alone, Lady Di! My pillow is off limits!

I think there might be more. I am sure she will leave them in the comments. Looking back I was pretty onry (and I wonder where the MP gets it from - oops!) I would say I am sorry but really it cracks me up and if I was on the phone with her I might have to dust off the Leprechaun voice and say, "Love you, Di. " Hee hee.

Oy Vay! It's Late. I am supposed to be on Vay Kay! Have a great day. (Look at that! Ha! It's late, actually early! I'm tired.)

Sorry Amy but this post just begs to be crashed...

Oh, I'm am SOOOO feeding your kids Coco Puffs and soda for breakfast next time we visit, and don't "claim" they don't like it. One week with Auntie Di and they'll be begging you for donuts every Friday morning, and what are you going do about THAT??, chick that lives in the middle of nowhere without a donut shop in sight!!

Oh yeah, and I've had some time to think about it, that're right I am mistaken it's not a rag...that would be attributing it too much. I believe I used to call it a tissue. One of those dirty tissues you keep in your pocket so long they practically become a little "poof" of lint when you pull them out. But again, you're right I shouldn't knock the pillow, I'm sure it was expensive, when your mom bought it for you...back in the 70's!!!

I just couldn't resist, I WAS going to make my rebuttal in comments, however crashing the post meant I would have a guaranteed audience :) LadyDi


Reviewer11 said...


Thanks for posting your comment at my blog. :)

From a SITSta. :)

Dan River Mama said...

LOL Funny post! Stopping by from SITS

James ~n~ Amber said...

Funny, I'm reading this and wondering why I'm up so freaking early. Now, I need to eat something and then I'll probably fall back asleep. Great, that's healthy.

I dont know what annoys my sister currently, but when we were kids I used to love to get a popsicle, ask her if she wanted a bite, she'd say yes, then I'd lick all over it and say "here you can have it". Wasn't that the meanest !!!

Dreamgirl said...

Haha... very funny! I can't understand why all these things would annoy her... she must be very sensitive!

Have a Happy Saturday Sharefest!

Jen said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest!

The Blonde Duck said...

Love it!

And PB cookies for breakfast is a brilliant idea.

Amy said...

What a great post. She really misses you Amy she told me so. I do not like knives either. My brother use to run them on my arm and legs just to scare me. Yes, the blade was up so I did not get cut but I do not like knives. I guess if someone came charing in my house with a knife they would win.

Lady Di said...
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Amy said...

Watch out Di. I might just have to crash a post soon. Ha! You would be happy to know that I retired that"tissue" I mean pillow this year. The hubs made me - I said a little tribute and we burned it. It was time your right it was about as old as me. I do have a new one. It is nice and I will probably have it when we are two old hags living together with all our cats and dogs. I will sneek in your room at night and switch your pillow with mine. Hee hee.

Lady Di said...

You mean after you make me pee my bed by doing the Leprechaun voice...thanks I can't wait. That's alright if we still have our sight I will read the endings of all the latest books and tell you what happens before you read them. Ha Ha

Melissa said...

This is hilarious! But I'm confused, are you guys sisters?

Stopping by from SITS

monica said...


The Redhead Riter said...

Way fun!

Stopping by from SITS.
◄Happy Saturday Sharefest!►

The818 said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest!

Trudy said...

Great two are so funny!

supah ~d said...

OMG.. the leprechaun.

Achilles heels also took a hit in Pet Cemetary. Don't forget that one.
And dont' name your kids Gage either. I didn't.

Love the format...
Need to get someone on my blog to dual with daily....*thinking.. thinking..*

Sits.. sharefest..
sounds like a disease we're sharing..


The Cranford Family said...

You two are defiantly Sisters by Choice!! Love the post!

Amy said...

Hey Lady Di - I think you shouldn't drive. What if there is a leprechaun under your seat in the car? Your Achilles heal is exposed there too! T agrees with me - it is JUST PLAIN WRONG to read the ending of a book first.

Mom of Three said...

You guys gave me a good laugh. Following you.

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

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