Saturday, August 15, 2009


This is AMY typing (Lady Di isn't going anywhere):

I mentioned a while back that I might be moving. Well I know I have to move but I just don't know where. I thought I new, but can't seem to find a place to rent. So what does that mean? If I analyze it too much I think it is a sign that that is not the right direction but that is where my family is and everyone wants me to come so badly. I haven't lived close to family in 10 years. It would be good for the girls to get to know some of there relatives. I thought this was it but like I said - no house. So what to do? I am at a crossroads. Which direction do I go? What is best for the girls?

The hubs will be traveling for awhile. So it doesn't matter much where we live. We just need a place for a couple of years then we move to California (the hubs is following a passion.) We could buy a house in Montana (closer to the fam) as an investment and then turn it into a rental when we leave. We could stay in Arizona and rent a place closer to town, the OP could go to public school. We could go ahead and move to Cali but it's expensive to rent. In the meantime I had to start school with the OP (I home school since we live in the Land of Nowhere) since we don't know what we are doing. Public school already started in Arizona, Montana starts next week and California is soon too. I am looking forward to her going to school and at the same time I am going to miss her not being home and so are the younger two princesses. I do however need to spend some more time with my other girls.

My brain if fried. FRIED! I am tired of thinking about this 24/7. It causing me to stress. Stress causes me to have panic attacks. Panic attacks make me irritable and scared.

So there you have it my rants for today. Sorry. I just needed to get it all out before I explode. This I know -we have to be out in October. Well actually we could stay our employer wants us to stay. Here's the catch: they want us to work for FREE! (we would get to stay in the house)What? Yep that's right, free! Um.......let me think about that............................................... THAT. WOULD. BE. A. NO. Can't do that! I think we need something called.............oh, that's insurance, and food. Food costs money last time I looked.

Anyhow that's my drama. Lovely huh? Yesterday I posted about being HOME. I love my HOME. I will miss my HOME. I need to find a new HOME. Help!

So what do you do when you have a tough decision to make and how do you know when you've made the right one?




i made the decision to move to california four years ago....i dunno if you can ever say whether you made the "right decision." whatever choice you make, you have to be confident that it is the right one. trust your instincts.

Unknown Mami said...

Take a deep breath and just sit with it for awhile. Remember that they are just choices, one isn't inherently better than the others it's just different. Good luck.

blueviolet said...

Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed with a decision, I just force myself to take a step back and not think about it for a while. When I come back to it, I often see it with a new perspective and clarity. Fresh eyes sometimes can be just what we need.

John Deere Mom said...

Wow, I've never faced a tough decision like that. I have lived within a 30 mile radius my entire life. Good luck in your decision!!!

Kristin said...

When in doubt, take a deep breath, have a glass of bubbly then do your pros and cons. : )

shortmama said...

Hey I didnt realize you were in AZ! Me too!

ModernMom said...

Oh dear, sounds like you are in a pickle.
I am a list maker. I do the whole list of paper..pros on one side cons on the other. Sounds like you need three columns! Stay, move closer to family, forge ahead to California? Write out your list and then go with your gut.
Best of luck and know that your heart is never wrong.

Lisa Anne said...

I live in california about 45 minutes from San Francisco, in a really beautiful place and you can rent out for under $1000 for a nice new condo. My morgage is about 1500 and I have a semi brand new house. I love california, so my vote is to come out here.

Amy said...

That is kind of hard. I think if you are going to be by yourself with the children you may want to move closer to home. Then you have extra help that my work. Or could be hard. I say do what you really want this could be an adventure.

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