Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Five: diapers, dryer lint, skinned knees and more

Amy's Friday Five: This is where I share with you five things I learned this week because there is always something to be learned. In the process you might learn a little something about me.

I learned:

1. That you actually CAN use practically a whole box of wipes on a dirty bottom. BLECK!

2. The only thing worse than having a skinned knee, is your child getting a skinned knee. Poor thing she can't even walk without crying. Whatever happened to Bactine? I always remember my mom breaking out the Bactine when I got a skinned knee.

3. My MP has a serious aversion to dryer lint. She literally starts gagging if she touches it. I thought she was going to toss her lunch and I ran over to see what the heck was the problem and she was holding dryer lint. She barely could make it to the trash can. Strange. The OP has never liked it either, wouldn't touch it if I asked her to throw it away but she never gagged!

4. I have a problem. I dreamed my purse was snatched while shopping at Walmart and right after I broke out my karate moves on the perp. I started thinking about my blog post.

5. Buying a house is scary business. I am a little overwhelmed. What is up with the mile long list of fees? Holy crud! It is just a tad ridiculous.

There you have my Friday Five. Did you learn anything this week?

I hope you have a fabulous friday and a wonderful weekend.



ModernMom said...

Gross Alert!!
I learned you can use baby wipes on the butts of white kittens too!
Ewwww..had to be done.

Lisa Anne said...

You can still by bactine, infact I use it everyday (I just pierced the top part of my ear) I love bactine, it works so well and doens't even sting.

Okay that's just nasty, it must have been a huge blow out to use a whole box of wipes.

I will never buy another house, especially a short sale. I put in an offer in May and it didn't close until October 30th last year. Nightmare, imagine expecting to move in in August then getting a phone call saying you need to put 12k into your inpound account by tomorrow or the house goes back on teh market. So you rush to find 12k like I just keep 12k in my bank account and put it in the impound account only to not hear a word back from the bank and I had given notice to my place and had to be out by sept 1. I was gonna be homeless, but the agent let me move into the house without the bank knowing, what a stressful 2 months from setp to Oct 30 not knowing if i was going to get a house I was already living in. Not to mention i lost my loan 3 times due to the lock rate expiring during the whole process. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE. thats just the ahlf of it. SO I'm NEVER MOVING AGAIN!! good thing i love my house!! Dang I talk alot sorry!!

shortmama said...

I have experience having to use a whole "butt load" (haha get it!) of wipes too

Trudy said...

Wow, the dryer lint thing...crazy. Either they are going to have to figure out a way to overcome that or find some laundry-loving men!

Good luck with all the house stuff, I've never been there but I can imagine it is quite the ordeal!

The Cranford Family said...

Dreaming about Bogging! I don't see any problem there!LOL! That about as bad as my balancing my checkbook in my sleep!

BTW I would love to see those karate moves!! Keop!

Amy said...

I learned that a grilled cheese is grilled not burnt. My husband burnt my grilled cheese and when I said it was burnt he said it was grilled.

blueviolet said...

Everything turns into a blog post, doesn't it? It's the way we have to live.

I don't like those forever poops. Those are bad.

Theta Mom said...

Oh, when you have to use a whole box of wipes, that's bad. And I've been there many times. So nasty!

Life with Kaishon said...

Laughing so hard about the karate chops in your mind and the blog post : ) Funny!

Skinned knees are the worst. I think you can still get Bactine.

heather said...

#1. gross.

#2. ouch.

#3. interesting.

#4. i do this all. the. time. (minus the ninja moves.)

#5. congrats on your new house. good luck.

monica said...

Using a whole box of wipes - that is not good! Good luck on the house. I blog post in my head too - so addicting!

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