Thursday, August 27, 2009

Writers Workshop-Doggone Crazy!

It's time for Mama Kat's Writers Workshop. The prompts:

1) My animals are making me nuts. (inspired by Jody from Take Me As I Am)
to be continued........................

2) List the 5 best things about the first day of school. (inspired by Lane from Sneaky Daddy)
I am longing for back to school like at an actual school! Back to school for me started on the 3rd, yes August, and it was really another day just more stressful because the YP and MP are harder to deal with this year. NOT FUN homeschooling with two toddlers around. They just don't understand that sis and mom are busy and can't play.

3) Tell us about your crush. (inspired by Lisa from Just Lisa, No Filler)
The only one that matters is my current crush, the hubs, and no one wants to hear about that.

4) How did you break it? (inspired by Brandy from Not Your Average Soccer Mom)
Knock Knock on wood I have never broken a bone and I hope my kids never do. I am sure the MP will -she is just THAT kind of kid.

5) Show us a favorite summer craft (inspired by Kristin from The Way It Is)
I wish I had time for crafts this summer. I HAD big plans but those plans changed and then summer was over. I'm sad.

Make sure you go visit the originators they have some great posts.

Let's see back to number 1. My pets.
They, actually she, is driving me nuts even as I type. Do you remember that I got the crazy idea to buy a dog while on vacation? Remember this post? So cute she was. She is still cute but such a pill. The hubs just shakes his head and says, "why is it that you manage to find a dog that is just like the MP?" Lady Di already informed you here that she shat in my room. I wish I could say it was the first time, it wasn't. It was however the LAST! I don't do doggie doo! I don't. I gag - like really gag. It isn't pretty. I can handle kid throw up , kid dirty diapers even of the worst kind but I can't handle dog doo. I can't. I want to gag right now. I am feeling nauseated as I type. I 'm done. Moving on. I almost forgot - she peed on me! Well she peed on the bean bag I was sitting on. That was the last straw. We haven't had accidents since but I have to watch her like a hawk. Did I mention I home school. I do.

She chews on every kid toy in sight. There's a lot. Most of all she really likes the girls coveted lovies. It isn't pretty. There is lots of screaming. Girl screaming. It hurts the ears kind of screaming. every time. Then there is the shoes, the furniture, the carpet. She bites my kids and me- I have since learned that you are not supposed to buy a dog under 10 weeks because between 6 and 10 they learn from there mothers not to bite. I got her at 6 weeks. FAN FRIGGIN TASTIC!

{break while I go check on her - oh wait she is chewing on my computer cord}

However here is the number one reason she is DRIVING ME NUTS (and the hubs): she is up at 4:30 AM. IN THE MORNING ready to play. She yelps, she crys, she whines, wakes me up, wakes the hubs, wakes the princesses. Every morning I am ready to sell the dog. I don't do mornings and that combined with a grumpy husband and three grumpy princesses is not pretty. It's just not! I hid this morning. The hubs left early and put her outside. I knew she would be at our bedroom door whining in a matter of minutes so I propped up pillows so she couldn't see me. The OP came in and I told her to hurry and get behind the pillows. She was like, "what?" Me: "HURRY HURRY BEFORE SHE SEES YOU!" It worked until the OP stretched.

I surrendered. I got up.

I let her in thinking that she would just be happy. Oh no! she wants to play and she whines and yelps and cries until you play.

What was I thinking? I was captured by those cute little eyes and those curly droopy ears. I have a thing about those eyes.

See our basset hound:

droopy eyes, long ears. He is great except he gets up at 4 am which isn't a real problem because he just goes outside. Except - he wakes the pup! He doesn't stay in much.

Now excuse me while I go get a cup of coffee and find the dog. It is way too quiet.

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*UPDATE* Look what was happening while I was blogging. I told you it was too quiet.

You so don't want to know what this was.


Lisa Anne said...

I have a great story for how did I break it. I'll probably write this for my friday post.

shortmama said...

Yep went through that one a couple years ago. I have a basset too!

Erin said...

OMG aren't puppies fun? Oh I feel for you! I will definitely remember about the 6-10 week thing...oh wait, I have a baseball bat in the garage for any moment that I might even entertain the thought of another pet LOL!!!

Good Luck!!

Trudy said...

They are both adorable dogs. Hope the new one gets out of that puppy stage soon so you don't have to hide from her anymore, LOL!

Jody said...

Oh the joy of puppyhood. Chewed corners on coffee tables. Chewed everything for that matter.

And Yes! I gag over dog poo too.

sheila said...

Sweet puppy! lol

Unknown Mami said...

She is awfully cute. I'm sorry you got peed on even if I am chuckling just a little bit.

Lady Di said...

Hey, life is not complete until you have been peed on by a dog, and yes my life is complete. I feel for you Aim. I feel myself laughing real hard that is. Just remember I laugh WITH you, not AT you.

blueviolet said...

And that is why I live a pet-free life. Kudos to those of you who can deal with it~! :)

monica said...

Yes what were you thinking getting such a cute dog? They don't ever stop chewing. Diesel is still chewing on everything - adnd he is 5!

Amy said...

hang it there it will be okay...

Dr.John said...

Maggie , our dog, seems better by comparison. She never bites. She does destroy any toy she gets her teeth into. Since there are no kids and the toys are hers I suppose thats okay.
She is smarter than we are.
But not as bad as your dog. Reading blogs can so lift the spirit.

Stephanie Faris said...

Your doggie is adorable!!! Their precociousness is what makes them so fun, but yes, it can be annoying at times.

Lane said...

Cute dogs. I wish they came pre trained. We used to have a couple of outside Collies and they REALLY drove me crazy. So, the K9 factor on possible cause of insanity in humans I think is VERY high.

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