Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunday In My City: Rain Rain Don't Go Away

It's Sunday - I love Sunday. I do. I always have but I love them even more because I love participating in Unknown Mami's, Sunday In My City. So fun. So here is a little shot of my corner in the Land of Nowhere. It's been raining and there is nothing better than a desert rain. It is just so cleansing and wonderful. I hope it stays for awhile.

and I had to include this little guy. He is one of many hanging around these parts these days.

Hi all, Lady Di here. I am also sharing a few pictures of my little corner of the world today. Amy always says she lives in the land of nowhere, well, I live in the "salad bowl". The Salinas Valley in California is a rich agricultural area where much of the produce you find in the local grocery store is grown. It's not just salad stuff growing around here though. If you have eaten a few Lay's Potato Chips ('cause you just can't eat one!) you probably consumed a chip made from Salinas Valley potatoes. What? You say. Aren't potatoes grown in Idaho? Yes, they are. However, they are also grown right outside my town. Believe me, I know. My husband manages all 2000 acres of them. They are right in the middle of harvesting right now, which means I am a married-single mom until about November (so I hope you are enjoying those chips). He grows potatoes for Frito Lay and In-N-Out Burger (yummy fries). So here are some pics of the fields and the surrounding valley where we live.

One of the potato fields with a center pivot (essentially it is a giant sprinkler)

The second picture is a better picture of the center pivot in the potato field. They are automated and even send text messages to my hubby to tell him when they shut on and off at 2 in the morning and what not (lucky me).
Harvested potatoes being processed.

I hope you enjoyed.
Be sure to visit Unknown Mami and take a peek at her city and others who are participating.


Amy said...

I love road runners..

Mrs4444 said...

He's a cutie!! Not nearly as obnoxious looking as the cartoon version :)

ModernMom said...

I've never seen a road runner! How adorable!
Oh and we are fans of your chips! :)

Life with Kaishon said...

I love Farmers : ) They are my most favorite kind of people! So glad your husband works so hard to provide our country with food to eat!

I have never been to an In and Out. Can you believe that? We don't have any around here!

Happy Sunday!

Unknown Mami said...

I love the contrast in these photos of the different places. The colors in the sky in the Land of Nowhere are stunning.

Oh and I love In N Out fries. Next time I'm there I'll feel like I have a sort of connection to the potatoes.

ymk said...

oh wow, I agree with unknown Mami. Now when I eat Lays, I will feel a connection.
I love your pictures, esp. the first one and the road runner's. Beautiful. I'm glad I found your blog through Sundays in my City.

Anonymous said...

Great shots and lovely to see the contrast in the two areas. My favourite has to be the road runner. I too have never seen one for real. :)

blueviolet said...

Your little friend is very cute! We have those watering contraptions around here too. We have a lot of local produce here. Summer is tasty!

thatgirlblogs said...

road runner! love.

Melissa B. said...

These are all such Superior Snaps! We had ooodles of rain yesterday...quite a welcome onslaught, 'cause it's been dry here for 2 months.

Dr.John said...

The last pictures took me back to Upper Michigan. We grow lots of potatoes and one sees a lot of those sprinkler systems. Brought back memories of my childhood and picking potatoes for the local farmer. I guess they do that by machine now.
So that's what a Road Runner really looks like.
Glsad I found your blog.

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