Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Five: Just Things

Amy's Friday Five: This is where I share with you five things I learned this week because there is always something to be learned. In the process you might just learn a little something about me.

*Something strange is happening with Blogger today - I apologize
for the way this turned out. I can't seem to fix it. I must have done something
that I am unaware of.

I learned:

1. That when I leave my girls home with a non - English speaking babysitter. One who
doesn't like to say 'no' to such cute little princesses, they (the princesses) take advantage
in a BIG way. For some reason they take this opportunity to everything that is normally
not allowed. Even the OP forgets that she has a brain. and........

2. When leaving said OP home with above mentioned babysitter - We (the hubs and I) will no
doubt get at least 10 phone calls for things like "the YP is eating too much turkey", "Auntie Kj
called and is looking for mom", "the bug man is here and needs to spray". I guess it is better
she calls too many times than not call that one important time. That would be my luck the one
time the YP eats a peanut or something and she decides not to call. I don't keep peanuts in
my house for that reason.

3. Taking a step back from a pending situation to just let what happens happen is a bit
liberating. For a control freak like me that is saying a lot.

4. I have bought a dog that is just like my children. She doesn't listen and gets into things when
she knows it's wrong and then looks for forgiveness with her sad little puppy eyes.

5. I am a pushover. A PUSHOVER when it comes to nap and bedtime. My girls know it too.
They take advantage every time, "But MOOOOMMMMM we are playing so good together, just
a little longer. pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase." I cave. Bedtime daddy is here to set me straight but for
nap time I am left to my own devices - not good. I lose. I NEED nap time to get school done
with the OP.

That's what I learned, what did you learn this week? Please do tell.
Have a fabulous Friday.



Amy said...

I learned that a Wasp sting can be kind of itchy even though I got it a week ago. It was not fun..

shortmama said...

I learned that parents at the school dont follow the rules of the pick up circle and it makes me insane!!!

Erin said...

I've learned not to take a shower for granted...EVER! lol

I'm a pushover for the oldest one at bedtime too...and I'm the one that says "But daddy, we are cuddling"

Trudy said...

I learned that sleep is really underrated! *yawning*

ModernMom said...

I learned that kittens are so freakin expensive!! Toys, food, shots, ear meds? Huh? I need a medical plan for my pet.

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