Sunday, August 9, 2009

Let 'em think you are a pastry GODDESS-Lady Di's Recipe book

Well, it's Sunday and after spending ALL day at a swim meet (snore, snore) yesterday, my is brain is fried. Although, you'd think I would be well rested because if you have never been to a swim meet here is the gist of it: You sit around ALL day under a pop up tent in the HOT sun, if you're lucky (which praise be to God, I was) you're small children will behave and keep themselves occupied with the toys you brought for them to play with, while you sit and wait for your kid to swim in her event you read every tabloid magazine and find out more than you ever want to know about that @$$ clown Jon Gosselin's new love life (tiny bit of vomit in mouth), then FINALLY after 3 hours of waiting you watch your kid swim in her event for a WHOPPING 30 something seconds. Then you repeat for another 2 hours except this time you're reading about a different @$$ clown while waiting for the next round of events.

So, needless to say, I have NOTHING of spectacular importance to contribute today. While I was in the kitchen making the kids breakfast. Well, I mean getting them breakfast, I wouldn't consider pouring Lucky Charms into a bowl "making" breakfast. Anyway, being in the kitchen inspired me to share a recipe today. I am all about the easy recipe where the finished product looks like you spent a lot of time and skill in making it. This recipe can be what it is which is SUPER EASY or you can add a few minor touches to dress it up and make it look you are a gourmet pastry chef.

Chocolate Crescent Rolls OR (if you want to be fancy) Chocolate Croissants

1 tube crescent rolls (can use regular size, I like to use the larger crescent rolls)

butter softened at room temp

chocolate chips (can be semi-sweet or milk choc.)

This is the "I've got all the stuff in my pantry and I just want to make something delicious that is quick and they don't have to be fancy because I am going to eat them ALL anyway" Recipe.

**Unroll crescent rolls. Brush with butter. Place a handful of chocolate chips on each crescent triangle piece. Roll up from wide (just like you would for regular crescent rolls). Place on baking sheet and bake according to directions according to package. Let cool slightly. Eat while still warm.

This is the "Make them OOH and AHH and think you are a pastry GODDESS"

Extra ingredients needed for fancy recipe

egg (beaten)
sliced almonds
powdered sugar
chocolate chips (melted)

Follow directions above for regular recipe. Beat one egg and brush onto rolled crescent rolls, then place a 2-3 sliced almonds on top of each roll before placing in oven. Melt chocolate chips in microwave at 10-15 sec. intervals until creamy. Stir to prevent burning. Or, you can melt chips in a pan over boiling water ( I prefer this way because the chocolate melts creamier and doesn't burn). Place the chocolate rolls on cooling racks, put wax paper under cooling racks (for the mess that is about to ensue). Let rolls, cool for about 10 minutes. Put melted chocolate in a bag. I use a pastry bag only because I have them around for my cake decorating, but you can use ziplock bags and cut the corner to squeeze the choc. out. Squeeze and squiggle choc. back and forth all over rolls. Dust with powdered sugar for the final touch. They'll look like you bought them at a fancy schmancy bakery, I promise.


Amy said...

Sounds yummy to me...

John Deere Mom said...

I'll opt for the easy version...sounds yummy!

blueviolet said...

I'm pretty sure I'd eat them all too!

I used to go to the swim meets in high school all the time. Those guys were the hottest in the school.

shortmama said...

ooooooooo those sound delicious!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet...I am so going to try these!

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