Friday, May 22, 2009

Hmmmm. Sometimes there just isn't anything else to say?

Amy's Friday Five: This is where I share with you the 5 things I have learned this week and you just might learn a little something about me at the same time.

1.  Next year for the girls dance recital I will remember some good advice from my Mom and will buy two pairs of tights - just in case.  When I was old enough to attend school dances she would buy me an extra pair of nylons: one pair to wear and one pair for my purse just in case I got a run. Great advice, Mom! Next year I will keep this in mind so that when one of my girls gets a hole I can look totally organized and pull out an extra pair.  I did rock - I just turned them around. It worked!

2.  Did you know there is such a thing as "Insulated Situations"?  I didn't. This, according to my husband, are situations in where he can leave out the truth (um lie)  in order to insulate me from a stressful situation.  Apparently I am supposed to be grateful for these so called "insulated situations" because he is sparing me from my own anxiety. Hmmmmm!

3.  That big girls can fight like little ones.  Yep I got in a huge argument with a friend (not my Lady Di). It was ugly!  It was strange! There was yelling! I was shaking! and it was ridiculous! We are talking still but it left a scar.  I think we were both tired and needed to let off some steam.  All I know was I hadn't planned on it and it just flared out of control.  Ask Di I am better off giving the silent treatment until what ever blows over not a confront and yell kind of person.

4. That there are people out in the blogosphere that think Lady Di and I are the same person. Multiple personality maybe? Um No. We would be indeed two separate people, I promise. Although that would be interesting! Could you imagine?

5.  I was able to get through my first year of homeschooling without causing irreversible harm to myself or my children.  The insane asylum will just have to wait.  Yay for me and Yay for the Oldest Princess. We did it!!

There you have it - my Friday Five.  Did you learn something this week? Do share.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend. I'm making my Great Great Grandma's potato salad. Yum!


Life with Kaishon said...

CONGRATULATIONS on getting thru the school year! Way to go! I love your list! Sorry about the fight. I do that too sometimes. And kick myself for days afterword! Hope your Friday is FANTASTIC!

Jenni Jiggety said...

I hate arguing with friends! It is such an uncomfortable feeling and all I really want in PEACE...and for my friends to just always agree with me and know that I am right without my having to argue with them about it. Is that really so much to ask? ;-P

Amy said...

Hey Amy,

I have learned it is okay to call the vet several times to make sure they got you back in the system. That they are still holding your dogs heart worm pills.

Everyone is having a ruff time with their children and you are not the only one.

My Mom has to have more surgery. At least I will be there in a fews days to help her.

Kristin said...

Ahhhhhh, the husbands. The jewels they come up with. Sometimes we just need a good fight. I usually use the hubs for that but it has been known to spill out on other people. If you guys are close you'll get past it! My fellow blogger and P.I.C. have been known to duke it out a time or two. Have a fab weekend!

Design it Chic said...

Oh i remember my mom having that habit of wearing a pair of nylons in her purse just in case.. latter on .. seems like this crazy habit of her saved my wedding day:)))
Go figure.. mom was right.. just this time.:)

Happy Memorial Weekend!
(fellow SITS girl here, you know)

Taryn said...

What an adorable blog you have here, Darling! Such a good post too.
Stopping by from SITS to wish a fellow SITSta a WONDERFUL MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!
Enjoy it!


J. Leigh Designz said...

I had a huge blowout a month ago with a friend. Sadly I decided it was time to walk away :( Big girls can fight like little girls, but some big girls have to start acting like big girls at some point...

Luke & Erica said...

I found your blog and I love it, had to respond to this post, I so get this.
1. I always buy a new pair of tights for recitals. Avery is not allowed to wear the new one until showtime.
2. My husband has something very similar, it is called "Hassle Prevention".
3. Similar situation with a friend/co-worker, we were in San Fran for a work conference and I just lost it. Got over that fast, we were sharing a hotel room for four days.
4. That is pretty funny, having met you now, and to think of you having conversations among your multiple personalities.
5. I am so impressed. I would totally go crazy. I was home with my three for an entire week and was in tears by the end.

Lady Di said...

I learned I have to check HRH's bag for contraband before heading out to day care. Turns out she has been pilfering fruit snacks and stashing them in her bag, then eating them when she gets to daycare. Lil' stinker!!

Amy said...

I can so picture that little turkey doing that! Hilarious!

monica said...

It is so cool that you and Ky finished onto 2nd grade!! I am sorry for the fight. Hope everything turs out alright! Great Friday Five!

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